Day 366: Thurday 29 April

YoD Picture Special

I’m back from the beach (glorious) and ready to up-date the second last day of the Year of Denim.

I have decided to wear all those clothes I DIDN’T wear through the year for various reasons. So here we go…

Baby beach hat + skirt. Why did I never wear these? Don't know, although the hat makes me look like a pinhead

I was hopeful when I bought these long legged, high waisted 70s jeans

They fit like a dream except in one crucial area...

I can't get close to doing them up

I have no idea why I never wore these super comfy high waisted, pleated, narrow ankled jeans. They are lovely and flattering

These jeans never made it into daily useage on YoD. I think the animal print details might have had something to do with that

Shirt over sized, white denim quite under sized

Cute cap but super hot, too tight shirt, way too big Fletcher Jeans all add up to quite a combination

Yowsah! Cute shorty black dungarees. Nothing wrong with these! Or is there...

Nothing wrong except a severe case of camel toe

Mum found this nice denim detailed jumper... in the middle of summer and even now it's still too hot to wear

And this is what I am wearing out and about today

Top: JeansWest lightweight denim jacket, pretend old style

Bottom: JJ’s jeans, shows off my package nicely

Accessories: Some items that never made it onto the blog cos’ I forgot to photograph them. On the right I am holding a gigantic denim print pencil case. Thanks Mum. And on the left is a lovely address book/pen/key ring gift set courtesy of AK. And o my head is that tiny beach hat gifted by my Auntie Cath

Early blog entry…

I CANNOT believe what a snobby place Sydney is.

I went to 4 bars last night, yes FOUR! And not a single one of them would or COULD serve me a blue cocktail of ANY description. One bar tender was down right hostile when I asked if I could have a blue drink.

So there has been, nor will there be, any blue cocktail taste test prior to Saturday night’s celebration of the end of The Year of Denim. In the poll so far its neck and neck between the non blue Bosom Caresser and the most definitely blue Blue Margarita.

So I’m putting the poll in again…. vote for the blue cocktail I should serve on Saturday night…

And I am not putting up a picture just yet as I have a sort of mini extravaganza of sorts planned for later on today. So stay tuned…


18 Responses to Day 366: Thurday 29 April

  1. Goffers says:

    Sydney, City of Drunks.
    I am so excited about Saturday! And it’s your birthday!!!
    But who is going to get into my pants???

  2. spiegel says:

    those high-waister 70s jeans are way cool. but how ridiculous of them to make them in such a small size.
    i can’t help noticing you’re actually on day 366. I know you’re probably just doing it till the partay but i live in hope you’ve just turned over into another year…

    • Year of Denim says:

      I will REALLY be doing A Year and Day of Denim as I started on my birthday and I’ll be finishing on my birthday.
      And perhaps I have done some bad mathematics along the way and added a day somewhere… It’s possible, despite all the signs, I’m not a genius

  3. HRH says:

    Nice legs in the jumper shot…

  4. tim h says:

    can’t get over the haughty expression in pic 1 – PRICELESS!

  5. Sir says:

    Love love LOVE the camel toe. Reckon there shud be more of these mayte.

  6. petenel says:

    Hey Lady YoD, Happy Birthday. Todays special pre-climax edition is the MOST eye popping YET!
    The patchwork backdrop and the hi fashion poses come together in an Arts AND Crafts jeantastic sexplosion. Thanks YoD

  7. holdend says:

    fuck you are funny polkers

  8. HRH says:

    where’s the cheeky white denim skirt?

  9. white tie says:

    (OMG) with a brazilian wax or oh my god if you are over 20. I can’t believe a year has past and I have only been able to use those denim undies on two occasions. Well one really because it all got a bit messy after the first outing at that new club with the very cute blond. Still when it’s so dark no one really notices and so I might wear them at the big good bye to the YoD!

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