Post Denim Party picture fest


Thanks for coming to my end of the Year of Denim Party. You all looked amazing, filling my house to over flowing with denim.

I got up this morning (shattered) to find every surface smeared with either bright blue icing or blue curacao. Everything sticky, and food EVERYWHERE! So much food! Too much food. Cakes all over the place everywhere, denim climbing the walls, bottles strewn around the place (inside and out) and me feeling not right. At all.

But what a night! I had a great time all because of YOU!

Special thanks to Schappylle Scragg for bringing her beautiful self all the way from Smellbourne (her word not mine).

Don’t think I am capable of writing much more today. On to the party picture fest…

Year of Denim cakes, after the party

This is what the cakes looked like today

Once again, I thank you all for your hard work eating and drinking etc last night. And FYI FiGi is a party ANIMAL!!!!


19 Responses to Post Denim Party picture fest

  1. holdend says:

    figi does loooovveeee to party – I think she’ll appreciate the shout out. awesome party toots – thank god I left when I did piper was awake at 6.30 and ready for action. blerg. shanks, shanks, shanks!

  2. spiegel says:

    what’s a shout out?

    excellent night. haven’t had so much fun dancing in a long time. tequila. it’s a party in a glass (or a jelly shot)

    don’t suppose you found that tie i was wearing early on in the night?

  3. holdend says:

    shout out – acknowledgment.

  4. charlottelucas says:

    I’m loving those cakes!

  5. […] Year of Denim bash being too busy carousing or pretending I was a noted fashion photographer (see yesterday’s blog) I didn’t take any general party scene photos. I didn’t photograph any of the lovely […]

  6. spiegel says:

    year of denim: the tie was not black, it was vaguely denimish in tones, with small spots. i was wearing it in early shots. no matter if you can’t find it.

    holdend: i’m far too neurotic for acknowledgements. my brain immediately goes: was i TOO much the party animal? What did i do? Why am i being singled out? Why me. Then i tell myself, what they hey, it was a hoot, party in a glass, it matters not. that’s a little insight into my psyche for you.

    • Year of Denim says:

      It’s busy in your head.
      The only foreign tie in the house is dark grey/black with whitey spots.
      My assumption is it’s yours.
      I’m putting it where you can’t miss it

  7. Stef says:

    Thanks for the fun party! The denim-coloured Lamingtons were very yum. Love your blog, the pictures and styling. Very dedicated!

    I think those of us in Sarah’s jeans circle are still trying to work out why the backwards somersault didn’t work. 🙂

    • Year of Denim says:

      I wish I had gotten into Sarah’s pants (I just like writing that phrase ‘getting into Sarah’s pants’).
      So glad you made it, what a great surprise!

  8. petenel says:


  9. anne says:

    Thanks for all the fun, former Miss YoD.

    That cake J made was outa sight!!

  10. spiegel says:

    got the tie, thanks. why did i think it was blue? i really was looking at the world through denim-tinted glasses that night.

    • Year of Denim says:

      I loved your mega denim outfit.
      You should embrace the double denim way of life.
      It suits you.

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