To tattoo or not to tattoo

So I have been prevaricating, squabbling internally, procrastinating about getting a tattoo to commemorate The Year of Denim.

A few people have waded in with their opinions. What to get, where to get it (on my body), where to get it DONE (tattoo parlour).

Some people have sent me suggestions like this one…

zipper tattoo

Did you know your fly is coming undone?

However I have really mentally committed to getting a jeans pocket on my bum. However it seems I’m not the first with that idea. Hopefully mine won’t be as ghastly as this one… (now removed).

I don’t know what is wrong with the tattoo above. All I know is that it’s truly nasty.

I do, however, quite like Amy Winehouse’s breast pocket tattoo, although I think she would have been better off leaving out her (ex??) husband’s name.

I have also toyed with the idea of getting creepy Baby Blue Jean tattooed on my arm. However any person with a child’s or baby’s face tattooed ANYWHERE on there body is a creep. The tattoos are really creepy too and can you imagine how horrible they will look once you get saggy at 60+??

IS this really the best way to prove you love your kids?

But I thought what the hell, there’s nothing wrong with trying before you buy is there? So here’s me with Baby Blue Jean (read more about BBJ here) embodied permanently in cyberspace on my arm. Revolting

I love you Baby Blue Jean. Forever. No really, forever. Truly, madly, ghastly

And now you are in for a real treat. It’s taken me quite some time, and a lot of fortitude, to reach this moment.

The other day I took a photo of my arse (ass if you are from the USA). Woah.

If I thought tattooing a child on your arm was ugly how little prepared was I to see my arse all up in my face. What a shock. Whose old lady buttocks are those?? They surely cannot be mine. There’s been some kind of arse swapping going on and somebody stole mine and subsituted it for whatever the hell you call this…

Year of Denim arse tattoo

Cunningly cropped cheek shot hides full horror of my behind

Anyway. That’s something like what I am thinking my arse pocket tattoo should look like.

Other tattoo suggestions include:

Carmelita’s thoughts…
Some well placed rivets or metal buttons or pearl snaps?
Or just the cuff of denim shirt round the wrist?
A bit of selvedge somewhere at the ankle, or double line of orange stitching?
Fave brand pocket stitching?
I am assuming you don’t want to go full back-job crazy?

Yes, Carmelita, you assumed correctly

HRH thoughtful proposition
Get a barcode on your bum!   
My response to that is I’m not a product or a brand (well ok, maybe YoD is a bit of brand)

Tattoo parlour suggestions include:

Illustrated Man as it’s “Go traditional, go old school, go The Illustrated Man on Elizabeth St. Walking distance from work, even.” Thanks FiGi

inner vision! inner vision! inner vision! Zoo, I assume the three times mention means I should go there?

Now there’s no excuse. Tattoo me here I come…


36 Responses to To tattoo or not to tattoo

  1. mayhem says:

    Wow. that’s dedicated. The current design is *perfect* and…. seriously – trust zoo and go to Inner Vision…

  2. beaver says:

    surely you should be exploring actual studding and not just a tattoo of studs miss, similar to where you were going with the pocket on the bum but press studs all round!
    Even actual stitching would be innovative, very cutting “edge”.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Ouch. All of that sounds incredibly painful and reminds me of the Jackass episode when one of them gets their arse cheeks pierced. Very very very painful, plus his bum crack was now united by a piece of metal.
      So thanks for the suggestions, but I’m ant pain enough to talk myself out of a tattoo. let alone any of the self mutilation you are talking about!

  3. spiegel says:

    i thought you had actually got it done and i was thinking “wow, that is so perfect, it is like someone photoshopped a jeans pocket to her bum.” and they did.
    is that an “actual size” jeans pocket? it looks kind of small (and i’m not saying your arse is enormous or anything). I feel you should get an actual-size one. and my vote is still for Illustrated Man, which is a way better name than Inner Visions, although it probably should be Illustrated Person. but then it loses some of the literary allusions.

    • Year of Denim says:

      The photo above of a full sized pocket tattoo on the bum is horrible, so I am thinking of a more petite sized pocket.
      The idea of a pocket rather than a surgically attached pocket ripped off a pair of jeans.
      As to the tattoo parlour that gets my business, how do YOU KNOW that Illustrated Man would be better than Inner Vision (although going on name alone Illustrated Man would definitely be first on my list).

  4. HRH says:

    Allow me… with a permanent marker… no pain… and you can change it regularly… once it wears off…

    can do AMCO label…
    Export Cola
    all the classics… I’ll cross out any mistakes I make… not that that would ever happen.

  5. holdend says:

    hello! maybe roman numerals or some other way of writing the date, or it will turn into an inky indecipherable blob. an awesome on your ass inky blob, but maybe one you could avoid?

    • Year of Denim says:

      Always there with the good, sage and nicely put advice!
      So you think 30/04/09 – 30/04/10 will look better?
      Or XXX IV IX – XXX IV X looks good or just weird?
      I tried it numerically but didn’t like it.
      And do remember that although I haven’t got a huge arse it IS wider than 400 pixels, so the words will be somewhat larger than the picture on the blog.

  6. holdend says:

    sorry toots. your ass is so perfecto would not want to damage it

  7. petenel says:

    I think a re-imagining of the K-Tel ‘Ripper 76′ album cover on your bum would work.
    Imagine how delightful the words “explosive hits’ would look coming from your crack.

  8. Goffers says:

    Mini-sized is the ticket in my opinion, cute.

  9. zoo says:

    I have been tattooed at both The Illustrated Man (once) and Inner Vision (at least a dozen different visits to get the huge work on my arms etc done). I just know that if I was getting my arse inked I would be getting the lovely, amazingly talented and rather funny Megan to do it (be warned though, she does have quite a waiting list as she is incredibly popular with the dyke community — and everyone else), in a nice, peaceful studio than taking my chances anywhere else… Trust me, there is a reason she has such a great reputation! And she will ‘get’ the project too, and I think having someone who understands where you are coming from is a really good thing.

    Just saying…

  10. anne says:

    That tattoo on the back is SCARY!! And I reckon the big pocket tattoo on yr behind would be mega ouchy!! And that baby on your arm idea is very disturbing. I reckon it wouldn’t be long before you completely regretted it.

    I reckon a small pocket would be the way to go—but how about on your arm, like those little sleeve pockets that some cool T-Shirts have?


    • Year of Denim says:

      That’s quite a good idea.
      But then I’m not totally INTO tattoos so having one hidden away on my arse means if I DO come to regret it I need never look at it

  11. HRH says:

    permanent marker…
    the you could do requests and see what looks best….

    what about a henna tattoo…? see how you go with that…

  12. HRH says:

    I could colour the henna in blue…

  13. helen says:

    the tatoo idea is truly terrifying!
    thank God you decided against baby blue jean!
    an exquisitly tiny pair of crumpled blue jeans could age well?

  14. HRH says:

    what about a blue jay?

  15. philT says:

    you really must add a new post: the first sight of vod should not be of a nasty semi-infected zipper tattoo

  16. […] by many of you from YoD’s massive readership (one comment), do people REALLY want to see an infected zipper tattoo every time they look at the Year of […]

  17. bob barker says:

    thank you for saying the pocket on my arse is nasty. i rather enjoy poking fun at it, har har. i got mine in 2007 and the idea came from someone else so you would be the fourth or more to get a pocket tattoo.

    note: i am bent over and the wide lens on my camera was meant to make the tattoo look larger than life.

    • Year of Denim says:

      I BET you enjoy poking fun AT your arse pocket!
      Good on you.
      I am still arse pocket free a YEAR after I said I’d get an arse pocket attoo!

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