Fashion when nobody’s watching

Due to all the demand (one comment) I thought I should refresh the blog.

As it was pointed out to me by many of you from YoD’s massive readership (one comment), do people REALLY want to see an infected zipper tattoo every time they look at the Year of Denim?

However, without the Year of Denim to give my shallow and empty life meaning and purpose I have nothing to say.

So I thought I’d show how bad fashion gets when there’s nobody watching…

Year of Denim: aftermath

No it's not Justin Bieber, just little me proving red and pink really stink even when there's booze to drink

So I got home from work, wet, cold, got changed, read the one hundreds of comment saying how I needed to update the blog and thought 2 things:

1. Show the seam marks embedded in my flesh from my too tight jeans (yes I wore jeans today)

2. It’s been confirmed by a professional (my physiotherapist) that I have no arse. Yes he really said that

From those 2 thoughts I then thought, nah, I’ll photograph what I’m wearing. My arse has now been deemed officially insignificant and will not be seen here again until it’s tattooed, or for some other really, really good reason.

Compare it to what I was wearing  a year ago… It’s hardly height of fashion!


17 Responses to Fashion when nobody’s watching

  1. holdend says:

    you can’t dis trackies, man.

  2. beaver says:

    reckon, all i hear in the media now is double denim, double denim, your way ahead of yourself and the rest of the world babe……you need to start a new trend now……this could be the start of a new “triny and susanah” career for you…..setting Sydney trends. God knows Sydney needs help in that regard.x

    • Year of Denim says:

      Yes, the double denim thing has become ubiquitous, and in fact, I was on Radio National a week ago chatting with Richard Glover about double denim, and the blog.
      The Sydney Morning Herald 2 weeks ago had 2 double denim stories!
      So double denim is OVER.
      As to being a trend spotter ( I know there’s a special phrase for trend spotters) I’m so far ahead of the curve I’m behind it.

  3. spiegel says:

    ok, so it’s not quite as nifty as your outfit of a year ago – a particular fave of mine as you seriously look about 9 years old, especially in the inset pic – but i betcha it’s comfy. i’m just off to put my trackies on now.

  4. anne says:

    I’ve been in mine since the moment I got in from work—can’t beat ’em. Perfect for watcing the footy on the couch!


  5. raquel says:

    glad the zipper is gone it was really creepy. Not quiet sure why you want a tattoo. Especially one you will have to give the back story to every time you take your dacks off for the hordes of young ladies who throw themselves at you every time you leave the house.

  6. philT says:

    phew – much better

  7. liz says:

    Your hair looks good, is it a new do?
    I’ve been seeing all the reports of double denim on the catwalks too. So now! Yet so last year…
    The lack of an arse is due to the yoga we do, I reckon. I used to have one before I started yoga. A physiotherapist told me a few years ago that I lack an arse, and gave me exercises to build it up, which I don’t do.

  8. goffers says:

    You look so cute! There is nothing wring with trackies, nor pink and orange which literally sing together. I am so glad you are posting, it justifies my procrastinating!

  9. HRH says:

    What do you mean no one will see your arse…. the pollies in Canberra will be in for a surprise in July….

    • Year of Denim says:

      I’m taking my arse to the Capital and showing it around.
      It’s a political statement… as you well know.

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