Kicking the habit


It sure is hard to break that denim addiction.

Since the Year of Denim concluded I have fought a constant battle to NOT wear more than one piece of denim at a time. And I have failed frequently, with my denim cravings usually getting the better of me.

I not only struggle daily with my desire to WEAR double denim (and TRIPLE) the other day I made myself change after I put on jeans, a vest AND denim gym boots. I am wrestling daily with an over whelming urge to BUY denim.

Since YoD finished I have controlled my unnatural urges enough to have limited my denim purchasing to a pair of jeans, and a few days ago I splashed out and bought a coat.

While in the Salvation Army shop I convinced myself it wasn’t denim. On closer inspection by a third party I was forced to admit that, yes, it actually IS denim. But then I thought just a little taste of the jean fabric WASN’T giving into cravings. It was merely purchasing something awesome by anyone’s standards. Yes, anyone’s.

After some consideration I think I am deluding myself and may have to enter denim rehab, no no no…

Year of denim cravings

A good look at my hairy legs AND my new coat

So there it is, another (yes I already own that Levi’s denim trench coat) trench coat. This one is by Tigerlilly, and I’m shocked it fits cos’ anything vaguely label-like is usually waaay too tight for my buxomness. And I am still unconvinced it’s denim.

Anyways, here are the jeans I bought. I NEEDED them. I don’t own  pair of black skinny leg ‘painted denim’ style jeans. And now I do…

Window posing is all the rage in fashion shoots right now

After the shakey classiness of the Tigerlilly purchase these Dotti jeans are welcome return to cheap label denim. And I like the way the socks casually match the jumper. Unintentional I assure you.

So now I have some new denim I am still procastinating over the old denim currently STILL piled up on my bedroom floor.

Piles of denim making me guilty

I have pulled one or two pieces out o the pile (I have no idea why) over the past 6 weeks but really it’s not ben touched sine I dumped it all there after YoD’s party. I need to jam it all into a one of those op shop bins that lurk around the place. But that would mean action on my behalf and right now I’m all about inactivity.


15 Responses to Kicking the habit

  1. spiegel says:

    i say embrace the denim. if you want to wear denim, wear denim. if you want to wear double, triple, quadruple, denim, DO IT. as i did not really know you before the year of denim, it just seems right for you to be in denim, and frankly it’s been a bit weird these last few weeks when you turn up in, well, other stuff.
    also, i have news for you: that tigerlilly coat is totally denim.
    also, do NOT put your things in an op shop bin – at least until i have had a good squiz. you could bring them to work and have a denim sale, like the book sales and make-up sales…or you could take them to karaoke and people can dress up before they sing…the possibilities are endless.

    • Year of Denim says:

      You’ve been saving up your blog comments haven’t you?
      Come over anytime and rummage through the denim piles before they’re back where they came from… Sydney’s charity fashion network.

  2. goffers says:

    I tell you, my attitiude towards denim has changed as well, I am always aware of it when I am wearing it, and always think of you as I slide my long lovely legs and tiny arse into jeans…
    One thing: why can’t you continue wearing whatever you like, were you truly hoping to kick the dd habit by overindulging over YOD?
    The trenchcoat is mad! And your new skinny jeans look great. Just celebrate the blues, thats what I say.

    • Year of Denim says:

      You DO have lovely long legs!
      And yes you’re right!
      Everyone can get fucked!
      Especially the people inside my head telling me denim is passe, ugly and O-VER!!

  3. petenel says:

    I do like that coat, its a winner.
    But i don’t like that pile of denim rejection.

    I do understand, being a resident of the Procrasty Nation myself, but its time to purge.
    Perhaps a 12 Step program, as in twelve steps to the recycle bin.

    My name is petenel and I am an advice-aholic.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Perhaps it is time for an intervention.
      Please come and intervene,pick up all that denim and get rid of it.
      Just out of my bedroom (and my head, which BTW, has too much in it and doesn’t need any space taken up with double denim).
      OH, nd yes! You ARE an advice-aholic.

  4. anne says:

    petenel, do we need to arrange an intervention do you think??

  5. philT says:

    how could you not buy that coat – no matter what material it’s made of. i bought some lightweight jeans today for my short trip to india. it’s 47 degrees with 70% humidity over there so i don’t think the trench would be much use to me.

    • Year of Denim says:

      “Lightweight jeans”?!?
      Isn’t that contradiction?
      No doubt Mr NoNightSweats, you WILL be sweating during the day.
      CAn I come too?
      India sounds like just the ticket to break the dangerous double denim cycle…
      Maybe I’ll get into saris instead.

      • philT says:

        i may seek out a sari shop in old vadodara – they may have denim, you never know. and, yes, i will be sweating no doubt about it.

      • Year of Denim says:

        A nice fake denim patchwork sari would be just the ticket.
        Preferably made out of polyester

  6. HRH says:

    You can start by getting rid of those slip on denim doobies…. they are just down right dangerous… unlike your new coat which looks dangerous but in a good way.

  7. raquel says:

    I love the new jeans and trench coat! wonderful!
    As a denim collector myself I say, wear what you want and store wonderful items to wear once a year cause you can’t get rid of them. Although I am now having problems with double denim- just as it comes back into fashion… and can’t really find a way to wear my denim jackets- as i am always wearing jeans- I am getting nervous about going to back to hot steamy Japan- what am I going to wear on the bottom!

    (also have you seen the satorialists recent denim dress posts)

    you could always do what i do – which is op-shop for others! you know my size and if you find another pair of skinny blacks- painted or otherwise i will race over with the cash!

    • Year of Denim says:

      Okay, gotcha.
      Skinny is in and you want to be too, wear skinny jeans that is, cos truly what’s the fun in skinny???

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