I poo in blue

Thanks to the reader of YoD who pointed out this rather strange ad for Huggies. Really, it is most disturbing. From the adults ‘checking out’ the toddler to the very special lyrics, which include the title of this post “I poo in blue” (or is it that Americanism poop?) and “My diaper is full of chic”.

It’s a disturbing piece of poopie/ borderline pedo propaganda…

So whaddya think?

Will you be dressing your kids in the special edition denim diaper? Or yourself for that matter….


15 Responses to I poo in blue

  1. t.f. says:

    also the pouch, the swagger, and that is a fag losing his balloons isnt it?? If I needed them I would buy this brand!

  2. HRH says:

    Oh dear…
    From Done to doodoos…

  3. raquel says:

    bizzare- I poo in blue? does the inside have a print of the inside crutch of denim trousers?

  4. lol hard core baby! he’s a natural born rocker

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