Day 3: Suit & Tie challenge

December 31, 2010

I was knocked off course this morning when I put a suit on and the admittedly rather tight fly blew out. Yep, it ripped apart in a busted zipperĀ  explosion.

So I had to get back into yesterday’s suit, with a snazzy new (old) tie and a different shirt giving theĀ  entire outfit a completely fresh look.

Take a look…

Day 3 Suit and tie challenge

Nice carpet square arrangement as photographed by Mr Toby Zerna, pro-photographer and all round nice person

Get a closer look at the tie. It tells the story of Swan Lake, or is that Leda and the Swan?

Swan Tie, Day 3 suit and tie challenge

My swan-like physique is the perfect backdrop for the Swan Tie

You all have a happy new year, keep on being super fashionable and highly intelligent by reading this blog.



Day 2: Suit & Tie challenge

December 30, 2010

So easy!

Today I have gone for a more straightforward office look. In fact my colleagues gave it a resounding rating of three fingers! That’s good right?

Chirpy and Dick give my suit a peace sign AND the bird

This suit has no label, so it’s no challenge to yesterday’s ICU, made in Sydney, Earth red spectacular. However, I suspect it’s a Hong Kong made suit for a small man (I’m no giant) as it fits me too well.

Same place, same pose, different suit, different hair (note the denim shoes)

With a suit it’s all about the detail. The well tailored, the nice collar, the oh-just-so vent, the broken pale blue zipper replaced with a brown one (truly), and of course the shirt and tie combination.

Well today was all about the tie. Innocuous from the front, the public side, racy when flipped (aren’t we all?).

Behind this tie’s late 1970’s geometric exterior beats the heart of a girlie tie…

The saucy secret that lies hidden within my tie

Anyways, almost halfway to $100!

A new challenge

December 29, 2010

Well who’d have thought it?

Somebody has issued me with a new sartorial challenge: Wear a suit and tie every day to work for a week. And they’ll pay me $100 if I do it.

So yes, I am prostituting myself for filthy lucre, anyways…

What a fool! This person is well aware of the Year of Denim. Were they thinking I couldn’t possibly wear anything as dull and boring as a suit? Well if that’s what they thought they were wrong….

Week of suit & tie: Day 1

To kick it off I thought I should start the challenge with not quite my most ghastly suit, but it has to be close

red ICU zoot suit

Watch out media tycoons, I'm dressed for success and I'm much better red than dead

Can you believe I bought this incredible slice of fashion for a mere $8??

I KNOW! it’s unbelievable the bargains out there. The label on this suit is also amazing…

ICU red suit label

And it's even made in Sydney! 100% viscose!