Day 2: Suit & Tie challenge

So easy!

Today I have gone for a more straightforward office look. In fact my colleagues gave it a resounding rating of three fingers! That’s good right?

Chirpy and Dick give my suit a peace sign AND the bird

This suit has no label, so it’s no challenge to yesterday’s ICU, made in Sydney, Earth red spectacular. However, I suspect it’s a Hong Kong made suit for a small man (I’m no giant) as it fits me too well.

Same place, same pose, different suit, different hair (note the denim shoes)

With a suit it’s all about the detail. The well tailored, the nice collar, the oh-just-so vent, the broken pale blue zipper replaced with a brown one (truly), and of course the shirt and tie combination.

Well today was all about the tie. Innocuous from the front, the public side, racy when flipped (aren’t we all?).

Behind this tie’s late 1970’s geometric exterior beats the heart of a girlie tie…

The saucy secret that lies hidden within my tie

Anyways, almost halfway to $100!


12 Responses to Day 2: Suit & Tie challenge

  1. Brett says:

    Silliest bet I every made…

  2. fiona says:

    i can’t believe i have to rely on photos for the rest of the week.
    love the tie. it looks even racier in the pic. something about the hand

  3. birdmonkey says:

    hey lady- love the shoes and suit and *blue* tie.

    I had a delightful find of a peek-a-oo recently myself

  4. holdend says:

    the way your hand is opening the tie makes it way ruder.

  5. Goffers says:

    So good! You could have a nice little side line, accepting challenges from the public…

  6. Rich Ploeg says:

    Solid Gold !!!

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