Day 3: Suit & Tie challenge

I was knocked off course this morning when I put a suit on and the admittedly rather tight fly blew out. Yep, it ripped apart in a busted zipper  explosion.

So I had to get back into yesterday’s suit, with a snazzy new (old) tie and a different shirt giving the  entire outfit a completely fresh look.

Take a look…

Day 3 Suit and tie challenge

Nice carpet square arrangement as photographed by Mr Toby Zerna, pro-photographer and all round nice person

Get a closer look at the tie. It tells the story of Swan Lake, or is that Leda and the Swan?

Swan Tie, Day 3 suit and tie challenge

My swan-like physique is the perfect backdrop for the Swan Tie

You all have a happy new year, keep on being super fashionable and highly intelligent by reading this blog.



2 Responses to Day 3: Suit & Tie challenge

  1. Goffers says:

    Hot to trot! The photo is beautiful, very Time mag, person of the year.

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