Day 7: Suit & Tie Challenge

Well I reckon I absolutely breezed it in.

The only struggle I have had with completing the challenge of wearing a suit and tie everyday is getting into the pants of toady’s suit. The same suit whose fly I caused to reupt a few days ago.

So far the new one is holding up and doing the double task of containing my beer belly.

Someone today suggested I try wearing ‘normal’ clothes. I’m not even sure what that means. She suggested I dress like her or another work colleague.  As SHE is a fully blown denim aficionado I reckon that means a week of wearing  …..



Anyways, for my last outfit for this particular challenge I am wearing this…

Smooth moves in the office are hard to do seamlessly when your pants are very very tight


And the tie is special too. It’s made from some incredibly slippery material and the knot keeps sliding down, but it IS designer…

Pierre Cardin's smooth fabric tie is slippery when wet

See you all in Parkes! I’m heading out there tomorrow for the annual Elvis Festival and will be competing in the world record attempt for The Largest gathering of Elvis Impersonators.

Elvis impersonating? Another feather in my hat I hear you ask? I’m going all out… fake sideburns, a quiff and a leather jacket. As I only decided to participate yesterday I haven’t had time to source an Elvis jumpsuit which would be my (and anyone’s) preferred Elvis attire.

So adios, Elvis has left the building….



9 Responses to Day 7: Suit & Tie Challenge

  1. holdend says:

    you don’t do normal

  2. pb says:

    bland,unstimulating, insipid

  3. Mayhem says:

    ARGH! Elvis festival! WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE???? I think that really, you should have a week of jumpsuits just to honour the King. ps – love the natty sockless/red shoes matching the red short effect. With the slippery tie it gives a bit of a louche femme effect.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Which was JUST what I was aiming at, so pleased it comes through the screen effectively!
      And Scragg needs to get to Parkes!
      She could be Trash Pricsilla!
      Or next year en-masse lady Elvis impersonators!

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