I kissed an Elvis (or four)

I kissed an Elvis and I liked it. In fact I liked it so much I went and kissed a few more.

Why did I kiss Elvii (the plural of Elvis)? Because I went to Parkes for the 2011 Elvis Festival and saw Dean Vegas, performing…

Dean Vegas steaming up the ladies at the 2011 Parks Elvis Festival

Dean Vegas on stage steaming up the ladies

You don’t believe Dean Vegas was making the ladies pants dance? See the evidence here…

The girls wetting themselves over Dean Vegas

The girls wetting themselves over Dean Vegas ... note the redhead on the right having a MOMENT

And I too was a little overcome and rushed the stage demanding a kiss.  He hesitated weirdly but let me peck him on the cheek which, FYI, was salty. I suspect he hesitated because the entire weekend I looked like this…

Year of Denim does Elvis drag

Me dressed and coiffured in an ode to the King in Jailhouse Rock

I’m not accusing Mr Dean Vegas of being homophobic. However I suspect he thought he was kissing a man as he peered down through the lights at me with my stuck-on sideburns.

After getting my rocks off kissing Dean Vegas I made a dedicated attempt on Saturday night to kiss some more Elvii…


The second Elvis I kissed, known as the Bearded Elvis and also the Bondi bus driver Elvis. He is very ugly and hilarious

Elvis Festival 2011

The third Elvis I kissed ... 'Black Elvis' (his suit, not his skin)

Elvis Festival Parkes

The fourth Elvis I kissed ... 'Big Nose Elvis', also known as Undercover Elvis (I think he's in the LAW enforcement business)

Big Nose Elvis liked my kiss so much he went back for seconds. I much preferred kissing one of his female entourage


I loved the Elvis Festival SO FREEEKIN’MUCH!!!  I’ll do a full breakdown right here in the next few days, but for now enjoy me and Mr PN doing Elvis on the hill above Parkes’ notorious Tent City.

What happened when a tall Elvis and a short Lady Elvis walked into a bar?


8 Responses to I kissed an Elvis (or four)

  1. Goffers says:

    Any tongue? Hot hot hot!

  2. beaver says:

    I can only repeat Goffers hot, hot, hot!!!!

  3. Mayhem says:

    Brilliant! love the genderqueer aspect…. love the tongue action on big nose elvis – that’s almost a screen kiss!

    • Year of Denim says:

      You are right! The second kiss WAS a screen kiss. We both opened our mouths wide and essentially gave each other mouth to mouth.
      I also thought Elvis kissing Elvis was a sexy homo act.

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