Dean Vegas spectacular

Now it’s night time and it’s the right time for the The Seventies Show starring … DEAN VEGAS!! Who you might remember was the first ever Elvis I kissed, EVER.

Anyways, on with the show. I thought it was great.

Schmaltzy, cheesy, idolatry, reverent glamorous and mildly spectacular. There were showgirls after-all, Deans’ own showgirls. And NOT the only showgirls in town cos there are the supertastic Broadway Showgirls too who were used by every Elvis Tribute Artist in Parkes over the weekend.

Mr Vegas would slip from the peculiar Elvis-lite accent many of the ETAs use into his regular Aussie voice. But as I have said before, don’t the girls love him? And I do too…

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes, Dean Vegas show

The show got under way with a bang, showgirls and a red jumpsuit

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes, Dean Vegas show

Dean sizzling on-stage at the Pakes Leagues Club

Before we knew it it was half time, so I went downstairs to use the facilities…

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes, Dean Vegas show

Not sure why this sign needed elaboration, but just so we are clear THIS IS THE FEMALE AND THE LADIES TOILET!!

And I also popped into to see what entertainment was on offer in the cocktail lounge. It was none other than this fellow…

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes, Steve "Elvis" King

Dead ringer Steve "Elvis" King struckdumb by his rousing reception

Back upstairs for the second half of the show. By now Dean had whipped the crowd into a frenzy with moves like this …

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes Dean Vegas

White jump suit, Elvis moves, sex on legs

Let me just reiterate this point… the ladies love Dean…

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes Dean Vegas

Getting down and dirty with the girls, Dean swaps saliva

And I love Dean. He set off the whole chain reaction of kissing Elvii and it all started here…

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes Dean Vegas

JamElvis in raptures watching Dean. Moments later I enticed him with my woMANly ways and snagged a kiss

2011 Elvis Festival Parkes Dean Vegas

Dean cocks an ear as the crowd screams "WE LOVE YOU!!!"

Phew.  So exhausted were we after the incredible entertainment that P.Nelvis and I decided to head back to Tent City around 10.30pm for an early night.

Bad idea. Even though I swallowed a mouthful of valium, by 3am I am screaming SHUT UP, SHUT UP!! (yes twice like a mad lady) at my Tent City neighbours.

Through the night there were waves of people coming back to their tents, the flip flop of thongs wandering to and from the toilet, the chattering as people bedded down, every fart, a symphony of snoring.



18 Responses to Dean Vegas spectacular

  1. beaver says:

    will we see you up there next year?

    • Year of Denim says:

      You have heard me karaoke, so somehow I don’ think I have quite the voice to do an entire show.
      I can pose though…

  2. Lisa says:

    what a performance…can’t quite visualize you screaming
    during the wee hours of the morn…..

  3. beaver says:

    You have the Energy and Passion to pull off a whole show though Jane

  4. holdend says:

    i freaking love this

  5. beaver says:

    Well that hot, hot kiss he gave you is a great marketing tool that is for sure!

  6. P.NElvis says:

    Dear Jamvis
    So many happy memories, cant WAIT for the (spoiler alert) Sat night Silas show recap.

    I do have to dispute one error of fact – these showgirls werent The Broadway Showgirls that appeared at every other envelope opening in Parkes 2011. Frankly Dean’s two didnt have the same pizzaz as the BS gals (ooh that GI Blues shimmy). I put the error down to your simpleton-like behaviour in the face of big DV’s hot lips.

    • Year of Denim says:

      All showgirls look the same to me.
      And yes I was hypnotised by big DV’s hot lips, hair, legs, Elvis moves etc.

    • Parkes Broadway Showgirls says:

      Thanks P.NElvis you are right we didn’t dance at The Dean Vegas Concert although we did dance with him in the park while the elvis record attempt was happening so you are correct when you say we danced with all the ETA’s in Parkes lol. Also Thanks for the vote of confidence we love the GI Blues dance too. We had a very busy but amazing weekend resulting in us being asked to dance on The King Tribute Cruise in November. Hope you can Join us.

      • Year of Denim says:

        Actual Broadway Showgirls commenting on this blog!!!
        I am overwhelmed with excitement.
        You girls were awesome.
        Thanks for bringing some sass to Parkes!

  7. Spiegel says:

    I reckon the female ladies toilet thing was put there by someone a little bit like me (read: cranky pedant). I always find it vaguely annoying when toilets say “female toilet”. It sounds as if it is being ascribed a gender, as in female duck, female echidna etc. For some reason, this annoyance particularly strikes me at the toilets at Central station. Anyhoo, hooray for womens/ladies/anything but female toilets.

  8. […] what a tribute it was! He took on young Elvis faithfully, with no cheese ala Dean Vegas. His performance was incredibly sincere and but not too hung up on doing Elvis vocalisations, which […]

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