Day 5: Suit & Tie challenge

January 3, 2011

It maybe a public holiday here in Australia but that’s no reason to let dress standards slip.

So yes, I am well suited up today. Although I like to dress it down with a collared t-shirt and sneakers.

This is the suit that had the fly blow out. It has now been repaired now but too much Christmas chub means I can’t quite fasten the waist button if I also want to breath.

Never fear, I say. Don’t let a little Christmas pud hold you back!

Day 5: Suit & tie challenge

Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed (wo)man

By the way for all you tie aficionados out there, today’s’s little ripper is a brown and orange checked seersucker made under the label of Grand Park. I washed it as it was quite revolting with food stains and then I had to iron it!

The suit is DEFINITELY made in Hong Kong, it says it inside. The nice lady who repaired the blown out fly told me it was a ‘Cheap suit’. But it looks worth every one of the 2000 cents I spent on it.

Day 5 suit and tie challenge

If you can't read it the label says Yangtzekiang Garment Mtg.Co.Ltd

I don’t think the fluoro work lights give a good indication of the weave of this nicely tailored suit…

Day 5 suit and tie challenge

The suit may be 'cheap' but I like the cut of it's jib


A new challenge

December 29, 2010

Well who’d have thought it?

Somebody has issued me with a new sartorial challenge: Wear a suit and tie every day to work for a week. And they’ll pay me $100 if I do it.

So yes, I am prostituting myself for filthy lucre, anyways…

What a fool! This person is well aware of the Year of Denim. Were they thinking I couldn’t possibly wear anything as dull and boring as a suit? Well if that’s what they thought they were wrong….

Week of suit & tie: Day 1

To kick it off I thought I should start the challenge with not quite my most ghastly suit, but it has to be close

red ICU zoot suit

Watch out media tycoons, I'm dressed for success and I'm much better red than dead

Can you believe I bought this incredible slice of fashion for a mere $8??

I KNOW! it’s unbelievable the bargains out there. The label on this suit is also amazing…

ICU red suit label

And it's even made in Sydney! 100% viscose!

Kicking the habit

June 13, 2010


It sure is hard to break that denim addiction.

Since the Year of Denim concluded I have fought a constant battle to NOT wear more than one piece of denim at a time. And I have failed frequently, with my denim cravings usually getting the better of me.

I not only struggle daily with my desire to WEAR double denim (and TRIPLE) the other day I made myself change after I put on jeans, a vest AND denim gym boots. I am wrestling daily with an over whelming urge to BUY denim.

Since YoD finished I have controlled my unnatural urges enough to have limited my denim purchasing to a pair of jeans, and a few days ago I splashed out and bought a coat.

While in the Salvation Army shop I convinced myself it wasn’t denim. On closer inspection by a third party I was forced to admit that, yes, it actually IS denim. But then I thought just a little taste of the jean fabric WASN’T giving into cravings. It was merely purchasing something awesome by anyone’s standards. Yes, anyone’s.

After some consideration I think I am deluding myself and may have to enter denim rehab, no no no…

Year of denim cravings

A good look at my hairy legs AND my new coat

So there it is, another (yes I already own that Levi’s denim trench coat) trench coat. This one is by Tigerlilly, and I’m shocked it fits cos’ anything vaguely label-like is usually waaay too tight for my buxomness. And I am still unconvinced it’s denim.

Anyways, here are the jeans I bought. I NEEDED them. I don’t own  pair of black skinny leg ‘painted denim’ style jeans. And now I do…

Window posing is all the rage in fashion shoots right now

After the shakey classiness of the Tigerlilly purchase these Dotti jeans are welcome return to cheap label denim. And I like the way the socks casually match the jumper. Unintentional I assure you.

So now I have some new denim I am still procastinating over the old denim currently STILL piled up on my bedroom floor.

Piles of denim making me guilty

I have pulled one or two pieces out o the pile (I have no idea why) over the past 6 weeks but really it’s not ben touched sine I dumped it all there after YoD’s party. I need to jam it all into a one of those op shop bins that lurk around the place. But that would mean action on my behalf and right now I’m all about inactivity.

Fashion when nobody’s watching

June 4, 2010

Due to all the demand (one comment) I thought I should refresh the blog.

As it was pointed out to me by many of you from YoD’s massive readership (one comment), do people REALLY want to see an infected zipper tattoo every time they look at the Year of Denim?

However, without the Year of Denim to give my shallow and empty life meaning and purpose I have nothing to say.

So I thought I’d show how bad fashion gets when there’s nobody watching…

Year of Denim: aftermath

No it's not Justin Bieber, just little me proving red and pink really stink even when there's booze to drink

So I got home from work, wet, cold, got changed, read the one hundreds of comment saying how I needed to update the blog and thought 2 things:

1. Show the seam marks embedded in my flesh from my too tight jeans (yes I wore jeans today)

2. It’s been confirmed by a professional (my physiotherapist) that I have no arse. Yes he really said that

From those 2 thoughts I then thought, nah, I’ll photograph what I’m wearing. My arse has now been deemed officially insignificant and will not be seen here again until it’s tattooed, or for some other really, really good reason.

Compare it to what I was wearing  a year ago… It’s hardly height of fashion!

Day 366: Thurday 29 April

April 29, 2010

YoD Picture Special

I’m back from the beach (glorious) and ready to up-date the second last day of the Year of Denim.

I have decided to wear all those clothes I DIDN’T wear through the year for various reasons. So here we go…

Baby beach hat + skirt. Why did I never wear these? Don't know, although the hat makes me look like a pinhead

I was hopeful when I bought these long legged, high waisted 70s jeans

They fit like a dream except in one crucial area...

I can't get close to doing them up

I have no idea why I never wore these super comfy high waisted, pleated, narrow ankled jeans. They are lovely and flattering

These jeans never made it into daily useage on YoD. I think the animal print details might have had something to do with that

Shirt over sized, white denim quite under sized

Cute cap but super hot, too tight shirt, way too big Fletcher Jeans all add up to quite a combination

Yowsah! Cute shorty black dungarees. Nothing wrong with these! Or is there...

Nothing wrong except a severe case of camel toe

Mum found this nice denim detailed jumper... in the middle of summer and even now it's still too hot to wear

And this is what I am wearing out and about today

Top: JeansWest lightweight denim jacket, pretend old style

Bottom: JJ’s jeans, shows off my package nicely

Accessories: Some items that never made it onto the blog cos’ I forgot to photograph them. On the right I am holding a gigantic denim print pencil case. Thanks Mum. And on the left is a lovely address book/pen/key ring gift set courtesy of AK. And o my head is that tiny beach hat gifted by my Auntie Cath

Early blog entry…

I CANNOT believe what a snobby place Sydney is.

I went to 4 bars last night, yes FOUR! And not a single one of them would or COULD serve me a blue cocktail of ANY description. One bar tender was down right hostile when I asked if I could have a blue drink.

So there has been, nor will there be, any blue cocktail taste test prior to Saturday night’s celebration of the end of The Year of Denim. In the poll so far its neck and neck between the non blue Bosom Caresser and the most definitely blue Blue Margarita.

So I’m putting the poll in again…. vote for the blue cocktail I should serve on Saturday night…

And I am not putting up a picture just yet as I have a sort of mini extravaganza of sorts planned for later on today. So stay tuned…

Day 365: Wednesday 28 April

April 28, 2010

The End of the Year of Denim celebrations are being readied right this minute. The big questions is exactly WHICH blue cocktail should be served at the function?

When I think blue cocktail Blue Lagoon is the first, in fact, the ONLY cocktail that springs to mind. So I thought a little research was necessary and I reached for my trusty cocktail book…

Year of Denim presents.... Cocktails for Two

And you know what? There’s more than one blue flavoured and coloured cocktails…

Blue lagoonVarious blue cocktailsBlue HawaiianBlue Margarita

And last but not least, especially as it has an awesome accompanying image….

Blue Star

Although I am quite partial to this particular cocktail, even though it’s not blue it just sounds, I dunno, nice and something I might enjoy…

Cocktail: Bosom Caresser

So which cocktail should I serve to mark the end of the Year of Denim and to stain my guests’ tongues? I’ll be out tonight ‘test driving’ a few myself. Vote in my poll for what YOU want to drink…

In the meantime I today I am rocking the rock’n’roll tracksuit ala the Canadian Tuxedo, a look so ghastly not even irony will help it. I used a fancy handbag to trick it up, but I don’t think it works. And honestly I don’t know whether I can remain in this combo. I’ll walk the dog and decide…

Is that a bum on your head or are you just an arse?

Top: Classic and genuine Levi’s jacket blending almost seamlessly into…

Bottom: Ben Sherman straight leg jeans, sloppy

Accessory: Chanel (fake??) handbag, not helping this look at all

Nup. That outfit is horrible. I’ve changed in more ways than one. As someone I work with always says “You’ve changed, you used to be cool”.

Here’s my new look, much more appropriate for test driving blue cocktails…

Elegant and stylish is my name

Top: Target, uh huh, suit style jacket

Bottom: Dragstar fully amazing new high waisted flares, still so high waisted I can’t actually do up the the top button

Accessory: I’m sticking with the Chanel handbag. It’s a winner

Day 341: Monday 5 April 2010

April 5, 2010

I am bravely heading out in the world today wearing jeggings. No shirt, short or skort to cover up muffin, camel toe or arse issues.

In this final month of the Year of Denim I figure I must be fearless,.I must do all those denim looks I swore I would do or swore I wouldn’t do. Not that I remember swearing to show off my lower half in nothing but a bit of 2 way stretch.

Year of Denim

Jeggings from behind, courtesy of Supre's $5 rack

Year of Denim

Jeggings from the side, too scared to give the full frontal

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket, a keeper I think

Bottom: As I said, Supre pretend stone-wash jeggings, with printed stitching, pockets and a fly

Accessory: Denim bag in motion