Day 366: Thurday 29 April

April 29, 2010

YoD Picture Special

I’m back from the beach (glorious) and ready to up-date the second last day of the Year of Denim.

I have decided to wear all those clothes I DIDN’T wear through the year for various reasons. So here we go…

Baby beach hat + skirt. Why did I never wear these? Don't know, although the hat makes me look like a pinhead

I was hopeful when I bought these long legged, high waisted 70s jeans

They fit like a dream except in one crucial area...

I can't get close to doing them up

I have no idea why I never wore these super comfy high waisted, pleated, narrow ankled jeans. They are lovely and flattering

These jeans never made it into daily useage on YoD. I think the animal print details might have had something to do with that

Shirt over sized, white denim quite under sized

Cute cap but super hot, too tight shirt, way too big Fletcher Jeans all add up to quite a combination

Yowsah! Cute shorty black dungarees. Nothing wrong with these! Or is there...

Nothing wrong except a severe case of camel toe

Mum found this nice denim detailed jumper... in the middle of summer and even now it's still too hot to wear

And this is what I am wearing out and about today

Top: JeansWest lightweight denim jacket, pretend old style

Bottom: JJ’s jeans, shows off my package nicely

Accessories: Some items that never made it onto the blog cos’ I forgot to photograph them. On the right I am holding a gigantic denim print pencil case. Thanks Mum. And on the left is a lovely address book/pen/key ring gift set courtesy of AK. And o my head is that tiny beach hat gifted by my Auntie Cath

Early blog entry…

I CANNOT believe what a snobby place Sydney is.

I went to 4 bars last night, yes FOUR! And not a single one of them would or COULD serve me a blue cocktail of ANY description. One bar tender was down right hostile when I asked if I could have a blue drink.

So there has been, nor will there be, any blue cocktail taste test prior to Saturday night’s celebration of the end of The Year of Denim. In the poll so far its neck and neck between the non blue Bosom Caresser and the most definitely blue Blue Margarita.

So I’m putting the poll in again…. vote for the blue cocktail I should serve on Saturday night…

And I am not putting up a picture just yet as I have a sort of mini extravaganza of sorts planned for later on today. So stay tuned…


Day 340: Sunday 4 April

April 4, 2010

Christ has risen, I think, and so have I, not from the dead just from bed.

A bit of a shock having to get up early and go to work, especially on Easter Sunday.

Anyways. I off to do and Easter egg run before the thrill of starting work.

Year of Denim

I contemplate life after holiday. I don't like it

Top: After warmth day and night Sydney is cool so I am wearing a Levi’s denim jacket, first time in denim long sleeves since I last went to work years ago (so it feels)

Bottom: Industrie jeans. Last wore jeans here… the day before my Hat Head holiday

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots last worn… I can’t remember and don’t care

Accessory 2: Mavi little tiny denim bag, useless on holidays cos’ it holds NOTHING

Day 339: Saturday 3 April

April 4, 2010

Whoops. I forgot to publish this last night…

So today we packed up and headed back to Sydney. Now I’m so sad.

Here I my final moments in Hat Head captured in time…

Year of Denim

What I wore to the club, PN won meat, my hair looks like Warren Beatty's

Year of denim

Last night's moon rising over the Hat

The Hat at 9am before my final surf today

As I type the rain has started coming down in Marrickville, it’s almost cold and my sand fly bites are really kicking in. The unpacking needs to be done, I have to fancy up the kids’ Easter eggs, make some dinner and mentally prepare myself for work tomorrow morning. As you can see, I’m loving being back home…

Year of Denim

Oh joy at my return... So much stuff for so little time away

Top: Filthy chambre vest

Bottom: New op shop stripy skirt purchase. I say it’s denim, 2 people today have challenged me

Accessory: Denim birkies, plus denim bag and wallet all used today in the car

Day 309: Thursday 4 March

March 4, 2010

I’ve done everything and now this week there’s nothing left to do.

I miss going to the Opera House every day. I miss being nude in the Concert Hall. I miss John Waters, Andy Warhol’s Screen tests and I miss the view of the harbour bridge.

Luckily I have work to fill that void.

Here’s a good shot of yesterday’s photo shirt. It has cars on it! Broommmm! It’s like wearing a shower curtain!

Here’s what I’m wearing today. Casual, invisible commuter styles…

Year of Denim: Day 310

Me, piles of denim, t-shirts, leopard skin painting

Top: White denim jacket itching to get filthy

Bottom: Gap skinny legs

Accessory: Lightfoot Studios hand crafted denim bag loaner

Day 279: Tuesday 2 February

February 2, 2010

Nobody has noticed how late today’s blog is. This means either nobody is reading it or nobody cares, or both!

The reason I am so late in blogging is my action packed day I, and I haven’t even made it into work yet!

So I got up super early to hit that 6am yoga class. Probably a little ambitious as I didn’t get back from work till well after midnight, but I made it! And I enjoyed it!

Covered with post-yoga slime I met up with Goffas and we made the early-ish trek down to Bondi for some surf ‘n snorkel.

I surfed , she swam. I got hit by a deadly wave of blue bottles, she didn’t. The sting itself wasn’t too bad. Stingy, a bit sharp, but manageable. It’s the aftermath that was horrible.

At first my leg got a little hot, then a ghastly achy pain made itself known in my groin (I needed a cold compress and a firm hand!). My whole leg was hot and I felt waves of heat running up my body. Then as we sat down to breakfast it felt as if I had the most excruciating hip, pelvis, back and groin injury. The Australian Winter Olympic team’s entire injury list was being made apparent on the right side of my lower body.

I felt sick with pain and had waves of nausea. I couldn’t sit still it was so uncomfortable. I writhed, grimaced, moaned yet somehow managed to still eat my toast.

About an hour later the muscle pain subsided and in another hour had completely vanished. So weird.

Of course after all that drama I was shattered and had to have a little lie down to recover…

Still haven't mastered new camera's exciting features such as focus

Top: Moji shirt from last night casually worn over a red singlet

Bottom: I have really taken to wearing these particular Xmas gifted jeggings to yoga. They actually cover my crack, a miracle in leggings!

Accessory: The bed is surrounded by denim. Strewn across the end of the bed, around the bed, on the floor, the hanging wardrobe is overloaded, bags everywhere. And to the beach I took a denim shoulder bag, denim wallet, denim yoga mat, blah blah blah

There was another outfit change after the bed wear, but being silly I forgot to photograph  me in my mow-the-lawn gear. I looked great. Honestly. I always do.

Off to work gear…

And now I have to rock into work with just the faintest burning sensation around my leg where the blue bottle draped itself.

Sometimes I think I'm headless. Now I know it's the truth because fancy new cameras don't lie

Top: Cute VG denim shirt. Yes, this new camera is taking some mastery. I keep forgetting to set the focus, set the aperture, set the self timer. By the end of YoD  should get some decent images

Bottom: Gap jean loaners or donators, I’m not sure

Accessory: Goffas given denim Japanese bag, red wine spillage completely invisible

Day 272: Tuesday 26 January

January 26, 2010

Happy White Riot day everyone.

What an action packed morning I have had so far.

I got up extra bonus early, especially for a public holiday, and did a 6am yoga class. I then thought what better way to mark ‘Straya Day than by going to the beach. Bit of  mistake…

I get to Bondi just after 8am and it is packed. Not just packed with people but packed with giant inflatable thongs boldly emblazoned with ‘Stryan fags (true typo!) flags. Yikes! Anyways, I had a swim to wash off the slimy yoga juices then met up with one of the YoD’s commentariat Mr PeteNel.

Being a true blue Ozzie guy of generous spirit he bought me breakfast cos’, also in the true spirit of ‘Straya, I was too lazy to walk to the car to get my (denim) wallet.

Breakfast was quite pleasant until a table of true blue South African middle aged Aussies sat down to discuss wealth and their incredible jet setting lifestyles all at full volume turned up to 11..

Do I really have to listen to somebody shouting about how many fly-buys they earn allowing them to take the whole family around the world once a year?

Well yes, apparently I do. Alongside that fascinating information I also had to listen to how great Haviana are for making so much money out of flogging inflatable thongs at $30 a pop to the great Ozzie public, who think it’s an awesome idea to celebrate the Spirit of Australia (which I always thought was Bundaberg Rum) by lying in the water on a huge blow up Brazilian thong.

I had to scull (another great Austrayan tradition) my coffee to escape their true blue money obsession. I jumped back in the car and headed home.

As I headed west back to Marrickville I made the ultimate ‘Straya Day gesture, celebrating one of modern Australia’s gretest triumphs. I killed some wildlife.

Yep. A bird flew headlong into the grill of Ugh the Camry, sacrificing itself so that I could fully realise the greatness of this country and it’s incredible achievement of having one of the highest rates of animal extinction in the world.

Oi oi oi.

And really I should have saved yesterday’s t-shirt for today. But I didn’t, so I am wearing this instead. I may change later for early dinner round the corner. We’ll see…

After such a busy morning what shall I fill the rest of my day with, I contemplate

Top: Mum’s hand crafted denim vest, black

Bottom: Abercrombie & Finch, I’m celebrating Straya by wearing American

Accessory: And further celebrating Ozzieness by wearing German denim birkies

Day 263: Sunday 17 January

January 17, 2010

Yesterday started off miserable, but through the efforts and sage advice of other people, friends and professionals, it improved quite considerably through the day.

I met Fattyboombsticks at Eveleigh Markets, checked out the reasonably interesting and very moving work by Lynette Wallworth at Performance Space.

While I was in the dark, quiet, somber installation I get a phone call from Mayhem. She’s at the Love Hotel. Shooting porn. With her close personal friend Schappylle Scragg, with Nana Scragg also in attendance, although I don’t think Nana actually lived through her photo shoot.

Anyways. Schappylle was kind enough to do a double denim spread. I managed to catch a few photos of her in action with some beautiful ladies, LaDonna and Sonic Yootha.

I also grabbed some video footage very like the Lynette Wallworth installation.  Moving, somber, meaningful, emotional. But I can’t get it to load, so it might have to wait till tonight. In the meantime, here are some touching photographs from a very lovely, heartfelt experience…

Wild at heart, pretty as a picture. From left to right: LaDonna, Schappylle Scragg, porn photographer Uncle Kev and Sonic Yootha

I read my new denim covered book (thanks heaps LaDonna), Schappylle acts as double denim footrest

Actually Schappylle works better this way, then I have something to rest my beer on... her arse nicely wrapped in jeggings

So after the Love Hotel, which, by the way, was a pretty amazing place. An empty motel in the heart of Sydney, weeds everywhere, weird empty rooms, weird people roaming around, a lot of dress-ups, make-up, nudity, faux nudity, and a certain scuzziness you just don’t come across too often in Sydney anymore, what with our renovation, urban upgrade obsessions.

Then I went to the Indian Bollywood extravaganza out at Parramatta. A very family friendly contrast to the Love Hotel. Except for the huge number of police.

What were they expecting? White supremacists? Anti-Australian riots?

A popular sight at the A.R.Rahmen concert, police

That was yesterday, and really I should stick it in yesterday’s blog. But I couldn’t be arsed. Here’s today’s stunning picture…

I prepare myself mentally for the bike ride to work

Top: Not worn in ages Moji denim shirt, blending seamlessly with…

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans which blend seamlessly with…

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 2: No blending needed with the Hannah Montana denim bike helmet. Safety first I say