Day 362: Sunday 25 April

April 25, 2010

Being ANZAC Day I suppose I SHOULD be doing a tribute to our troops, but being a pacifist I find it problematic to glorify and celebrate war, killing and invasion of other people’s countries.

Instead I’m doing a tribute to Justin Beiber!

Who? He is the new Lief Garret, David Cassidy, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Yes, he’s a teen pop prodigy he is 16 but looks 12. And he has excellent hair brushed forward very artistically.

Only listen to this if you want your ears to bleed. It’s the most nothing piece of contemporary pop I’ve heard in a very long time.

But check out his shiny shiny hair…

Hi my name is Justin Bieber. I've got shiny hair

I have tried to emulate Justin Bieber, but it’s difficult when you are a 42 year old woman and he’s a 16 year old boy yet to hit puberty…

Back off paparazzi, mind my hair

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket. Don’t know if Mr Bieber does double denim, but as he’s from Canada you would have to think he rocks the Canadian Tuxedo

Bottom: JayJays skinny jeans. Bieber tends to wear his baggy to hide jut how weedy he is

Accessory: Lightfoot Studio bag, gotta give it back soon. I have yet to see Justin Bieber with a denim bag, but you never know


Day 275: Friday 29 January

January 29, 2010

Gee it’s easy to spend money if you try.

I have decided that the Year of Denim deserves better documentation and have purchased a new bigger, brighter, heavier, larger, more expensive, digital camera.

Of course the battery has no charge so I can’t actually break USE it today. But stay tuned for a noticeable improvement in image quality. But then again, this is a web page so there will probably be no difference at all.

The blog entries will stay as low brow as normal, so no need to worry about whether you will need a dicyionary book to check words with in order to read YoD.

Today’s look harks back to the good old days of peak denim wearing (in my mind), of the 1970s. Back when everyone rocked the double denim because let’s face it it’s a rockin’ good look!

Marvin Gaye, very good looking in double denim

And it wasn’t just cool good looking black folk who could give the double denim both street and fashion cred. Check out these celebrity whities and tell me how awe inspiring their denim outfits are…

The legendary Frank Sinatra blasting fashion outta sight in a pale denim suit as Australia's own Olivia Newton John struts in a patchwork denim ensemble

The legendary Frank Sinatra blasts fashion outta sight in a pale denim suit as Australia's Olivia Newton John struts in a patchwork denim ensemble

While I have aimed high today, somehow I don’t know that I am quite as significant culturally as those denim celebrities. Maybe once I have attained the one year landmark of constant denim wearing I too might have my own Wikipedia entry…

Does my _ _ _ _ _ _ look big in this camera? Taxi gives a rat's arse

Top: Once again in a Dragstar vest. That label is getting a heavy workout this week

Bottom: Ahhh, old favs, Landlubber vintage denim high waisted flares. Lovely if only the waist wouldn’t roll down

Accessory: Glamour Girl denim cap. I’m pretty certain it’s a 1970s original all the way from Japan