Day 244: Tuesday 29 December

December 29, 2009

Well. I have searched all of the Sunshine Coast’s op shops high and low and have come away with 2 new denim jackets (which CANNOT be worn here now coz you’d melt into a pool of denim like the wicked witch of the west), a Dolly Parton gate fold album with 3 incredible boobie corsetty pictures of her on it, and 2 books.

Oh, and the denim hot pants I am wearing today. That’s hot as in I’m sweating like crazy in them, not hot as in check out my arse cheeks.

Tomorrow I start heading south to The Wok.

Here’s my adventure in denim today…

Me and the tree

Top: Supre sweat filled vest. I know I’m soaking in it

Bottom: ‘Off Limits’ denim fisherman pants with rather labia like folds in the front

Accessory 1: Denim visor

Accessory 2: Denim birkenstocks slowly getting more and more sodden

As part of my op shop tour of Nambour today I came across quite a Christmas display, especially if you like Santa drunk and lying on a bench with a sexy lady elf off-sider…

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum ... Santa has a lie down

Meanwhile Santa’s perky Lady Elf takes command of Christmas…

Sexy Lady Elf with bonus cape looks on disapprovingly

I was trying to figure out exactly WHAT was going on with Santa, so I moved in for a closer look, which wasn’t very enlightening…

Santa really looks like he's sleeping one off. This is enhanced by the life-like booze blooms all over his face


Day 239: Thursday 24 December

December 24, 2009

Having completed a haul through Noosa’s  charity shops I must say I am underwhelmed. Very.

I only managed to buy a single denim item, culottes, after sitting in a change room trying on a pile of half-priced jeans.

Sometimes a Size 10 is waaaay too small. In fact sometimes a Size 12 is just too snug for comfort.

A pile of too tight denim. Sometimes I'm fatter than I think

The girl with the digital camera

Top: Ivy Australia chambre vest, so light so airy

Bottom: Cotton On (or mutton on?) denim shorts

Accessory: See denim bag in the first pic, you can just glimpse the strap in the mirror

Day 204: Thursday 19 November

November 19, 2009

Back to work today after a week around the house. I’m relieved as it is gunna get super hot today. No air con at home, but always a sublime bordering on freezing 22 degrees at the coal face.

So I’ve dressed light in a nice new (thanks Lifeline) chambre neo 80s style zippered vest. Ahhh denim. There’s always something new out there waiting for me to buy it.

In another denim first a kindly interstate YoD watcher sent me some lovely denim court shoes, so beautiful they are only on loan.

So special are these shoes I will be building an outfit around them, breaking one of my self imposed rules of no embroidery, cos these litle numbers have a sweet embroided flower motif. But first I have to buy that certain outfit that will bring these shoes to life.

Back to the charity shops for me, hurrah!

Backyard deadly denim stare. Be afraid

Top: Brand new on this blog never seen before Ivy chambre vest. At last cham-fucking-bre! I can stand wearing!!

Bottom: Denim Co. short legged, long crotched, weirdly waisted jeans

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag, no brand but completely awesome

Day 181: Tuesday 27 October

October 27, 2009

I have denim plans today. More so then usual. Proactive creative denim plans.

I’m going over to Mum’s to make a denim jacket, maybe even a suit.

Mum can sew. I can’t. Mum understands a sewing pattern. I can’t. Mum’s got patience. I don’t. Mum’s got loads of patterns. I have three.

Year of Denim gets creative

Grey days are good days for sewing... I imagine

Top: I didn’t think I’d get another chance to wear this lovely donated South Seas Bubble C0. denim bomber jacket

Bottom: They are new (to me), they are black, they are Gap jeans. Too long of course

Accessory: Denim no name shoulder bag/ carry-all

Day 175: Wednesday 21 October

October 21, 2009

I have had a request for ‘collar popping’. So today I did it. I popped my collar and the look is so sensational I am certain I’ll be doing it again sometime soon.

Collar poppin' pout

Collar poppin' pout

Top: Cheap ‘n cheerful Supre denim vest. Just don’t ask me to do it up because I can’t

Bottom: Tight ‘n taut Sportgirl denim things with zips up the calf, I don’t know why

Accesory: After yesterday’s accessory overload I’ve reined it in to a single item,  a shoulder bag

Today the Year of Denim has been entirely dressed by St Vincent de Paul. Thank God there’s still a little charity left in the world.

Day 159: Monday 5 October

October 5, 2009

I’ve eaten breakfast. For the first time in days. Hurrah!

Still got some bile issues, and let’s wait and see how the food settles.

Off to work now…

Demented in denim

Demented in denim

Top: Levi’s denim jacket

Bottom: Brand new from the op-shop Paris Blue mega bell bottoms

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots cunningly concealed by huge flares

Day 154: Wednesday 30 September

September 30, 2009

Once again the blog is a little late in getting off the ground due to illness.

Although I’m still very husky I do feel a little perkier today. I can imagine leaving the house and doing stuff, and who knows, I might actually LEAVE the house and Do stuff. Maybe even a visit to a charity organisation as it’s been a pretty lean couple of weeks on the new denim front.

With the YoD half way mark approaching I need to reinvigorate my wardrobe, maybe get into some handicrafts and sewing, do a bit of vernacular denim fashion rather than relying on what the shops have.

Denim + frangipani = weird shadows

I gaze into the future, or is it the past?

Top: MSK denim vest

Bottom: Just Jeans flared jeans, too long of course

Accessory: Dark denim cap to match the vest