Kicking the habit

June 13, 2010


It sure is hard to break that denim addiction.

Since the Year of Denim concluded I have fought a constant battle to NOT wear more than one piece of denim at a time. And I have failed frequently, with my denim cravings usually getting the better of me.

I not only struggle daily with my desire to WEAR double denim (and TRIPLE) the other day I made myself change after I put on jeans, a vest AND denim gym boots. I am wrestling daily with an over whelming urge to BUY denim.

Since YoD finished I have controlled my unnatural urges enough to have limited my denim purchasing to a pair of jeans, and a few days ago I splashed out and bought a coat.

While in the Salvation Army shop I convinced myself it wasn’t denim. On closer inspection by a third party I was forced to admit that, yes, it actually IS denim. But then I thought just a little taste of the jean fabric WASN’T giving into cravings. It was merely purchasing something awesome by anyone’s standards. Yes, anyone’s.

After some consideration I think I am deluding myself and may have to enter denim rehab, no no no…

Year of denim cravings

A good look at my hairy legs AND my new coat

So there it is, another (yes I already own that Levi’s denim trench coat) trench coat. This one is by Tigerlilly, and I’m shocked it fits cos’ anything vaguely label-like is usually waaay too tight for my buxomness. And I am still unconvinced it’s denim.

Anyways, here are the jeans I bought. I NEEDED them. I don’t own  pair of black skinny leg ‘painted denim’ style jeans. And now I do…

Window posing is all the rage in fashion shoots right now

After the shakey classiness of the Tigerlilly purchase these Dotti jeans are welcome return to cheap label denim. And I like the way the socks casually match the jumper. Unintentional I assure you.

So now I have some new denim I am still procastinating over the old denim currently STILL piled up on my bedroom floor.

Piles of denim making me guilty

I have pulled one or two pieces out o the pile (I have no idea why) over the past 6 weeks but really it’s not ben touched sine I dumped it all there after YoD’s party. I need to jam it all into a one of those op shop bins that lurk around the place. But that would mean action on my behalf and right now I’m all about inactivity.


Day 358: Wednesday 21 April

April 21, 2010

What a surprise! I don’t have a hangover this morning. Not that I wake up EVERY day with a hangover and so that NOT having one is cause for remark.

No. It’s that I went out on the town (if you can call Petersham ‘The Town’), had a pretty delicious Portugese dinner, which kindly shredded the roof of my mouth, drank a fair bit. Then decided, no, we need MORE drinks! So off to Newtown for a few nightcaps at The Bank (boring), then a couple more at the Town and Country (where the atmosphere is great (thanks to Slim Dusty)). Then finally home.

As I first said, what a surprise I am NOT hung-over. In fact I look down right perky this misty morning.

Misty hippy apparition in the front yard

Top: Thanks Supre for all your cheap denim, including this distressed style vest

Bottom: Cut-offs, hell yeah

Accessory 1: Denim birkies singing into the grass

Accessory 2: Denim head scarf

I’m off to walk the dog and go for a snorkel, and who knows I might even change my outfit for my movie date this afternoon.

Oh and quick reminder….

Day 347: Sunday 11 April

April 11, 2010

It’s HOT out today, which makes the denim selection that bit much harder. I am also off to my friend Jacqueline Millner’s launch for her book Conceptual Beauty today at Glebe Books so I can’t be too scrappy, although, honestly I do look pretty scrappy. But then denim can both  be smart and scrappy, and I hope I fall into the smart scrappy, not crappy scrappy category today…

Rocky scrappy crappy haired style

Top: Supre pre-distressed vest, freshly laundered so the collar is currently not yellow

Bottom: Jay Jay’s skinny Jeans also pre distressed, which takes all the stress out of aging your denim. I also have give this sideways perspective because front-on was simply too bulgy today

Accessory: Lightfoot Studio denim bag, awesome

Day 257: Monday 11 January

January 11, 2010

Would you believe it’s still 40+ degrees here in Adelaide? I am almost relieved to be heading back to Sydney today. Yes, it means the end of my summer holiday and back to the intellectual and physical stimulation of work. But it also means moderate temperatures in the high 20s where you are aren’t forced to go to the cinema to see Avatar to stay cool only to find it’s sold out because everyone else in Adelaide had the same idea.

So yesterday after being rejected by Hoyts we went to the beach again. Although Adelaide’s beaches are really just the same long flat hot stretch of sand yesterday we went to a section called Brighton. It was definitely more 3D than Avatar, and I bet Avatar hasn’t got a jetty.

Massive waves smashing into Brighton jetty, not

The beaches are so strange here. Absolutely no swell and you have to walk about 100m to get water above your knees. There are no headlands to look at just a vast expanse of sky and sea meeting with barely a ripple to tell you yes, this is the ocean.

And the architecture in Adelaide is interesting too, like this beauty at Brighton…

Giant cactus + blonde brick + no trees = beachside vernacular

On a more interesting note here’s today’s stunning sun and heat repelling outfit…

Puffy eyed Bush Boxer takes a walk in the scrub

Top: Supre heavy duty denim vest, pre-aged and super hot to wear. Why did I bring it into a heatwave? I don’t know

Bottom: Jeggings Christmas gift. When I wore them to Viv’s party on Friday I suspect the tightness of their ‘cuff’ caused me to get kankles, which I have never had before so I was horrified and thought I had deep vein thrombosis

Accessory: Little denim dilly bag, perfectly sized for a denim wallet, mobile phone, camera and glasses

Day 254: Friday 8 January

January 8, 2010

Happy 40th Viv!!

Off to the exciting metropolis of Adelaide today to help Viv celebrate her milestone (millstone). But first I really do have to pull down some Christmas lights.

I packed away the crochet nativity scene the other day. Here are exciting photos of that activity…

Little baby Jesus safely wrapped up in denim swaddling

Mary without her denim veil but with a touch of Bethleham belly

As I was carefully packing the Holy Mother away I noticed an apparition on the back of her veil/hijab. Was it the face of God? Aaah, no. I think poor Mary has had the squirts. I didn’t wash her though, just put her in the plastic bag with all the others. Is that disrespectful?

Bearing gifts of frankinscense, denim and myhrrh

You will know him by his denim crown

Bored with all the craft? Well here’s my in-flight outfit, front and back view today just because…

Do I look like a model? Naah pose all you like, you're not model material

And from behind….

Lots of behind but not much arse

Top: I am really into the cheap denim now that I have discovered the Supre outlet store, nothing over $15! This pre-aged denim vest looks the works

Bottom: More cheap denim, both in price and label. JeansWest ‘Skinny’ jeans. What I like is how they sort of look like jeggings

Accessory: Lightfoot Studios loaner bag. High fashion not low. I have a funny story about Lightfoot Studios but I don’t think I should put it in writing…

See you all tomorrow with an exciting blog from Adelaide.

Day 240: Friday 25 December

December 25, 2009

Friday 25 December.

I do believe that’s Christmas Day, which you should be able to tell by the new page header image.

I have eaten and drunk a lot so it must be true coz normally I wouldn’t do either of those things… drink OR eat heaps, or blog after eating and drinking a bulk.

However I am blogging with a beer in a stubby holder next to me while the plum pudding is bubbling away on the stove.

Christmas had been good to me. I got more JEG-fuk’n-GINGS!!! Yes jeggings for Christmas.

These ones are top quality. They have REAL pockets, not those pseudo stitched pockets. I can put my wallet in these pockets, or my hand or someone else’s hand, or my ciggies or you know… whatever.

So you know, have an ace Christmas Day, although it is nearly done here on the Sunshine Coast, enjoy everything and try to wear a shade of denim cos you know you’ll feel better.

As you will see below I feel better for wearing denim in 30 degree heat. Truthfully, I think I look a little dazed and confused, but honestly compared to everyone else, I really don’t look too bad. Really, I don’t. No honestly I look awesome.

Me + jeggings + crochet Xmas decorations + tinsel = good times

Top: Chambre Supre Xmas vesty

Bottom: Brand new jeggings, only a little crotchey and hardly camel toe-y at all

Accessory: Denim birkies

Day 235: Sunday 20 December

December 20, 2009

YoD is blogging from the backyard this morning, although it is very difficult to see the computer screen.

If there are even more spelling and grammatical mistakes than usual I am blaming that. I’m not blaming myself for  being a slack illiterate moron. That’s for others to judge.

Me, a magpie and a dog blog

Top: Aaaah Supre, where would YoD be without you? New old looking Supre denim vest, purchased NEW not second hand. Another miracle at Christmas time

Bottom: Gap jeans, so short I roll ’em to make them look knowingly short

Accessory: Denim birkies. Gunna get a whole lotta wear over the next few weeks