Day 364: Tuesday 27 April

April 27, 2010

Today I look back at yesteryear for denim inspiration. Yes I am going the other way from contemporary fashion. I have turned my back on the skinny leg jean and instead have embraced the bell bottom like there’s no tomorrow.

While there IS a tomorrow here on YoD and a day after, and another day after and a day after that, after that day (Friday) there is NO YEAR of DENIM! Although I MIGHT have to embrace a LIFE of denim…

I had promised some special edition blogs this week that somehow have yet to occur. The final day there is an extra special photo shoot with guest blogger, and I also have a small treat planned for tomorrow and maybe the day after that too.

So chin up, here’s today…

Showing off some op shop handi-crafts, my flares and my new bag

Top: From way back before the dawn of the Year of Denim comes this incredible slice of vintage denim.  It’s mine

Bottom: Bell bottoms are the new skinny legs, you saw it here first. No more will you have to look at men’s skinny legs I predict

Accessory 1: Denim cap sent down from QLD in the early days of YoD. I still like it and will be keeping it

Accessory 2: My mum made me this denim bag from stripy denim I was given waaaay back with plans to do a little sewing. Once the sewing machine left the building I was stranded. Luckily Mum stepped into the breach and whipped this up for me. Thanks Mum. For everything

Don’t forget the end of YoD on Saturday night…


Day 363: Monday 26 April 2010

April 26, 2010

Yes, it’s the final days of denim. I am going through my wardrobe and wearing some stuff I promise I’ll never wear again. Although there  are many items too beautiful or ugly to give up.

This morning I WAS wearing one of the most loved donations and, in fact, a top 5 favourite piece of denim here at YoD… the denim bomber jacket. But it was too hot. I got sweaty simply standing around so I changed into something I love and something I hate…

Monday morning happy face.. just for show

Top: LOVE Dragstar denim vest. She changed her mind and I can keep the vests! I HEART Dragstar!

Bottom: HATE Denim for Sportsgirl jeans, although they are sort of concealed in this particular photo. What is hateful about them? Dunno. Just hate ’em

Accessory: LOVE denim gym boots

Accessory 2: LOVE Flaps loaned many zippered denim bag

Day 262: Saturday 16 January

January 16, 2010

Change is hard I think the cliché goes, and don’t go changing is another. I’m stuck somewhere between these two greeting card homilies. Luckily I have denim to keep me on track, and watching flies fuck while I blog always passes the time.

Backyard sulk with football, tomatoes and passionfruit

Top: Black denim vest courtesy of mum

Bottom: Gap jeans, donated

Accessory: Forgot to carry it into the photo. Never fear I’ll use yesterday’s bag again

Day 205: Friday 20 November

November 20, 2009

I bet you didn’t know that I’m a lady.

Granted I have hairy legs, and as my niece pointed out to me, short hair (in her eyes that makes me a boy). My general demeanour, heightened fashion sensibility, a sparing use of make-up and an incredible range of ladylike accessories all scream She’s a LADYYY!!!!!

And my denim do today just confirms the lady prognosis because I’m dressed in …

See me…


From the top of my head to the tips of my toes I'm a lady



Top: VG jeans press stud shirt

Bottom: Recently donated denim ‘n lace skirt courtesy of Pipes, it’s French! Brand called Sinequanone

Accessory 1: Chanel loaner handbag. See I really AM a lady

Accessory 2: Gifted denim sandals, spotted and half purchased by DaHo

Thanks for all the donations and denim gifts. Denim really does bring out the best in people and I really AM a lady…

Day 204: Thursday 19 November

November 19, 2009

Back to work today after a week around the house. I’m relieved as it is gunna get super hot today. No air con at home, but always a sublime bordering on freezing 22 degrees at the coal face.

So I’ve dressed light in a nice new (thanks Lifeline) chambre neo 80s style zippered vest. Ahhh denim. There’s always something new out there waiting for me to buy it.

In another denim first a kindly interstate YoD watcher sent me some lovely denim court shoes, so beautiful they are only on loan.

So special are these shoes I will be building an outfit around them, breaking one of my self imposed rules of no embroidery, cos these litle numbers have a sweet embroided flower motif. But first I have to buy that certain outfit that will bring these shoes to life.

Back to the charity shops for me, hurrah!

Backyard deadly denim stare. Be afraid

Top: Brand new on this blog never seen before Ivy chambre vest. At last cham-fucking-bre! I can stand wearing!!

Bottom: Denim Co. short legged, long crotched, weirdly waisted jeans

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag, no brand but completely awesome

Day 193: Sunday 8 November

November 8, 2009


If you feel uncomfortable seeing me with not a lot on then do not read this blog. I promise no nudity, but I don’t promise good taste… back to the blog

Today was very drizzly and humid up at Mangrove Creek.

After yesterday’s mega exertion I was taking it pretty easy today. Just a quiet bit of pruning, a bit of a wander around, then resting, some more eating (and drinking) before packing up and heading back to Sydney.

When I got home I collapsed, before finally rousing myself to hit the blog.


Dog tired and the dog is too

Top: Fletcher Jeans jacket. I guiltily admit it was first time today I had worn a denim top… it was 5.30pm!!

Bottom: From where I’m sitting the ‘Love Your Denim’ jeans are disgustingly filthy with food, smoke and sweat

Accessory: Aaaah, my feet luxuriate in the comfort of the denim birkenstocks

If you look closely at the picture above you will see my head resting on something. Something denim, something in 3 parts, something long promised and threatened. Something I needed and finally received.


This denim-in-three-parts gift looks better from behind, IMHO

What do you think friends are for?

There are times I suspect the role of friends is to make fun of you, tease you, perhaps even humiliate you and laugh at you. Why else would a friend give me a denim thong?

I acknowledge the thong is well crafted but does anyone honestly think I’d be caught dead on Bondi Beach, or any other beach,  with 90% of my arse hanging out???

One of the other parts of this 3 part gift is a beautifully made pair of denim shorts, so useful, so cute.

The final part, which you can see from the picture above, is a denim bikini top.

Having spent my entire adolescence with scabs on my chest from where my bikini strings chafed I am not sure how frequently or for how long I can wear the denim bikini top.

It’s exquisitely made in an incredibly thick, inflexible, non-stretch denim. Just looking at it makes my nipples wince.

However I have promised a giver of the gift, that I will get a picture of me in this outfit, on my surfboard ASAP, scabs or not! Chafed or smooth, irritated or just plain uncomfortable, it’s the giving that counts and while it is provocative, this is one of the most thoughtful YOD gifts I have yet to recieve.

So thanks to all those who contributed: the unknown (to me) seamstress, Monsieur BB and of course HRH.

Day 188: Tuesday 3 November

November 3, 2009

The word on the street is that today, like me, is going to be hot hot hot.

I will be spending most of the day immersed in air conditioning set to an icy 22 degrees. I suppose I am lucky I have decided that it’s the Year of Denim rather than the Year of Chiffon or the Year of Polyester (although some might say I have lived many Years of Polyester).

But the hot weather does give me the chance to bust out a new short sleeved shirt. Nice


I pose just so, Taxi admires my shoes

Top: VG (Very Good?!?) denim press stud buttoned short sleve shirt. Who said summer is going to be tough??

Bottom: Gap loaners or donators? I can’t recall

Accessory: Mavi shoulder bag, just out of view