Day 327: Monday 22 March

March 22, 2010

Today I bid farewell to the Week of Thigh Chafe. Whoops, I mean the Week of Skirt, Skort and Dress and thankfully, gratefully, return to a nice pair of legged, crotched jeans.

In other news I am also beginning to pack up for a mid North Coast holiday. Yep, I  will be pushing the boundaries of YoD’s telecommunications set up by blogging from the remote(ish) holiday destination of Hat Head.

I’ve bought a wireless modem, I’ve bought some credit and I’m hitting the road, but not until Wednesday. In an effort to be organised I am trying to pack early.

In the meantime I’m wearing this…

Year of Denim: Day 327

Toilet paper - check; cossie - check; denim shorts - check; gimp bear - uh no

Top: Streeetch denim shirt, rides up nicely to reveal the fat sitting on my hips

Bottom: JJs skinny leg jeans

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots, unworn for the past week

Accessory 2: Small denim shoulder bag by Mavi

And can SOMEONE do SOMETHING about my damn hair???

In a little diversion, I am pleased to note that even celebrities where jeggings. Not just aging denim bloggers like me. Check out Dannii Minogue rocking a jeggings + fluoro maternity top.

And compare that with me wearing jeggings here, here and here


Day 263: Sunday 17 January

January 17, 2010

Yesterday started off miserable, but through the efforts and sage advice of other people, friends and professionals, it improved quite considerably through the day.

I met Fattyboombsticks at Eveleigh Markets, checked out the reasonably interesting and very moving work by Lynette Wallworth at Performance Space.

While I was in the dark, quiet, somber installation I get a phone call from Mayhem. She’s at the Love Hotel. Shooting porn. With her close personal friend Schappylle Scragg, with Nana Scragg also in attendance, although I don’t think Nana actually lived through her photo shoot.

Anyways. Schappylle was kind enough to do a double denim spread. I managed to catch a few photos of her in action with some beautiful ladies, LaDonna and Sonic Yootha.

I also grabbed some video footage very like the Lynette Wallworth installation.  Moving, somber, meaningful, emotional. But I can’t get it to load, so it might have to wait till tonight. In the meantime, here are some touching photographs from a very lovely, heartfelt experience…

Wild at heart, pretty as a picture. From left to right: LaDonna, Schappylle Scragg, porn photographer Uncle Kev and Sonic Yootha

I read my new denim covered book (thanks heaps LaDonna), Schappylle acts as double denim footrest

Actually Schappylle works better this way, then I have something to rest my beer on... her arse nicely wrapped in jeggings

So after the Love Hotel, which, by the way, was a pretty amazing place. An empty motel in the heart of Sydney, weeds everywhere, weird empty rooms, weird people roaming around, a lot of dress-ups, make-up, nudity, faux nudity, and a certain scuzziness you just don’t come across too often in Sydney anymore, what with our renovation, urban upgrade obsessions.

Then I went to the Indian Bollywood extravaganza out at Parramatta. A very family friendly contrast to the Love Hotel. Except for the huge number of police.

What were they expecting? White supremacists? Anti-Australian riots?

A popular sight at the A.R.Rahmen concert, police

That was yesterday, and really I should stick it in yesterday’s blog. But I couldn’t be arsed. Here’s today’s stunning picture…

I prepare myself mentally for the bike ride to work

Top: Not worn in ages Moji denim shirt, blending seamlessly with…

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans which blend seamlessly with…

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 2: No blending needed with the Hannah Montana denim bike helmet. Safety first I say

Day 235: Sunday 20 December

December 20, 2009

YoD is blogging from the backyard this morning, although it is very difficult to see the computer screen.

If there are even more spelling and grammatical mistakes than usual I am blaming that. I’m not blaming myself for  being a slack illiterate moron. That’s for others to judge.

Me, a magpie and a dog blog

Top: Aaaah Supre, where would YoD be without you? New old looking Supre denim vest, purchased NEW not second hand. Another miracle at Christmas time

Bottom: Gap jeans, so short I roll ’em to make them look knowingly short

Accessory: Denim birkies. Gunna get a whole lotta wear over the next few weeks

Day 203: Wednesday 18 November

November 18, 2009

As I cast my eyes around the house I get a little bit panicky.

So much shit to do, and all I want to do is plant Mr Borderi’s beautiful basil, walk the dog, stick some zucchini seeds in the garden, go op shopping, enjoy myself.

Instead I have to clean, drag shit around, do marking (bane of a teacher’s life), sort through crap, rearrange bullshit and generally have a very tedious time.

Oh well. Life can’t always be g-strings and frolicking on the beach like yesterday’s peak experience at Shark Bay surf (cough) spot.

Me and my stuff have got work to do

Top: Moji denim shirt. I hope I don’t get to sweaty in this with all the labours I have scheduled today

Bottom: A nice light weight jean from the fashion House of Jay Jays

Accessory: One of my fav and most heavily used denim bags, feeling not quite so stiff since I washed Beaver’s sweat out of it

Day 198: Friday 13 November

November 13, 2009

No surf. It’s a pond in Manly. It’s nice for a swim apart from the weed.

So no surf for me. I might hit the op-shops instead. You know, research for the Year of Denim, cos you never know what you might find out there.

I was hoping to wear the new black denim vest Mum and I made yesterday. But I didn’t plan ahead and brought a black t-shirt with me so the spunky new look vest is invisible against it.

Maybe tomorrow, or even Sunday to mark 200 days of denim.


Rooftop denim vista

Top: Dragstar distressed vest

Bottom: Ben Sherman ever so slightly distressed jeans

Accessory: Not distressed in the least denim cap

Day 196: Wednesday 11 November

November 11, 2009

As Loverboy sang so poetically…

Everybody’s working for the weekend.

And today is my Friday. Hurrah! Drinks after work, sleeping in tomorrow, schlepping around the house. Oh wait. I do that every day.


I gaze stage right as E.T peeks over my shoulder

Top: Howard Showers ruffled shirt, smart, and who according to have ‘revamped their look for summer with an emphasis on youthful casual attire’. Hah

Bottom: Cheap as Jay Jay’s lightweight jeans

Accessory 1: Dragstar denim sack bag

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots

Afternoon celebrity denim spot

Gee some people are nice to me. So supportive of the Year of Denim. Out there spotting items in denim or the creative use of jeans.

Today at work DaHo delivered a denim care package containing an hilarious pair of denim slip ons and sundry items of white denim.

Office celebrity JMo thought they were so revolting gorgeous he simply HAD to model them off. He pranced all over the office, showing them off, which means when I wear them tomorrow they’ll be old news.


JMo models jeans slip-ons... the very latest in office wear

Day 182: Wednesday 28 October

October 28, 2009


Can you feel it? The excitement is building as we gallop towards the Year of Denim’s half way mark on Friday.

Join me in celebrating this incredible landmark of human endeavour.
Come to Echo Point Karaoke dive in the basement of 262 Pitt Street Sydney, just around the corner from Park St.
I’ll be there from 9pm -12, possibly alone, singing my husky heart out.

And in other news, today the sun is shining.

Year of Denim + sunshine = funshine

Green Lady and me admiring the sunshiney day

Top: Saba denim shirt. I wish my boobs weren’t so big then it wouldn’t flare out so strangely

Bottom: Cos they got wet before I documented me wearing them I thought I could ride the Amcos again. So soft, so velevety, so airy around the crutch because the zipper heads south at any opportunity

Accessory: Denim gym boots