Day 325: Saturday 20 March

March 20, 2010

Day 6: Week of skirt, skort and dress

Things to do, things to do, so I’m rushing le blogue through this morning. No blathering on about rock ‘n’ roll, what band is better than what, hairy women, etc etc etc.

But I WILL say that going to the toilet in a short tight skirt is both a struggle and incredibly annoying. So I’m sort of doing it again today…

Posing in a pinnie in the backyard, play spot the snake bean

Top & Bottom: One Teaspoon pinafore dress overall fusion

Accessory 1: Denim birkies

Accessory 2: Denim cap

And I forgot to mention: Jeggings as an extra bottom. They are hot but not the sexy hot


Day 308: Wednesday 3 March

March 3, 2010

Although it’s been an early start the day has begun with quite a bang!

No, not those kids in the street smashing bottles and laughing hysterically (were they on DRUGS?). Something even more exciting than that happened to me this morning.

After months assuming it was stolen, lost, gone, I found as I always suspected, my iPod in the pocket of the jacket I am wearing today!

As I said, a very exciting start to the day.

Last night I went to see John Waters (not the Australian actor, but the American director) give his one man show ‘This Filthy World’. He is quite the raconteur. A very funny man. Funny even though he is STILL using the same material from his book ‘Shock Value’ which came out in 1981!

How do I know? When I was getting ready to go to the Opera House for my first of 3 visits in 3 days on Sunday night I got a bit confused and packed ‘Shock Value’ hoping Mr Waters might sign it. OnceĀ  I was on the train I realised it was the wrong event but glanced through the book anyway

Sunday night was nude times. No, that’s wrong. Sunday night was ’13 Most Beautiful’.

But still, a very funny man with a very twisted sensibility. I just wish his last few movies had been a bit better, cos they’ve been rubbish.

Did anyone see ‘Dirty Shame’. So not funny. ‘Cecil B Demented’? Ditto (not Beth). And it’s a shame, because the casts for those films are great.

But I must focus on the positive. After all the man is a genius. Female Trouble (my personal fav I think), Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living, Polyester, Cry Baby, Serial Mom and even Hairspray all have an unlaboured joyfulness at their core.

Here’s THAT scene from Pink Flamingos….

Those later movies are just laboured. I think Waters should try his hand at an Arthouse movie. Something serious, Bergman like, even Fellini-esque, or even more serious just plain boring art films.

Anyways, it’s early, I have to go to work. Here’s a picture of me with my rediscovered iPod…

Year of Denim: Day 309

I feign mock surprise, because I was REALLY suprised

Top: Knockout super tight, but with give, denim jacket

Bottom: Cheap n’ nasty Jay Jays Jeans jeans

Accessory 1: Denim bag with red piping

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots

Day 288: Thursday 11 February

February 11, 2010

The other day at work I was bored. I know many of you will find that statement difficult to believe, but it is true.

In an effort to stave off this boredom I perused ebay to see what special denim items were up for sale.

I came across some beautiful denim shoes….

Wearing these boots means you don't have to wear jeans!

Bedazzled, bejewelled, rouched, studded, stone washed, distressed, crocodile skin… these boots have it all.

And so do these ones…

A darker shade of denim makes these boots the choice of more serious denim wearers

A little more buccanner in style, these particular boots adhere closer to the jeans leg look, but also manage to combineĀ  number of different trimmings to really muttonise any look.

And these shoes are special just because they are….

Nasty photographic style almost conceals the heart of gold beating inside these wedgies

I particularly like the nicotine stained heels of the foot model. She’s just gunna get prettier the further up her body you go. And I DO think these shoes are quite practical for doing the cleaning, washing and baking in. Don’t you?

Now my own footwear today is very underwhelming. I have a bit of walking to do and unlike, Mariah Carey who claims to ONLY be able to wear super high shoes, I cannot really get around comfortably on anything more than a comfy low heel.

Having breakfast at the bar. Does this mean I'm an alcho'?

Top: Other smaller ill fitting Supre denim vest

Bottom: Denim culottes

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag with distressed edges

Accessory 2: Denim yoga bag, cos’ I’m going to yoga straight from the office