Day 350: Wednesday 14 April

April 14, 2010

Flaps Decides: Day 3

Help! Flaps! I can’t find the ‘skirt with the split’!

It was some time ago that Flaps came around with a pile of denim and sifted through my wardrobe to create The Week of Flaps. Now I can’t find one of the items I am supposed to wear, so I’m wearing something else that I have never seen before, don’t know HOW it got into my wardrobe or who put it there. But I think it’s akin to the ‘skirt with a split’.

Oh and  the YoD IS having a celebration to commemorate the end of the Year of Denim. It will be on Saturday 1 May from 8pm at my house. I will endeavour to create a beautiful denimful invitation tonight and post it tomorrow. Otherwise if you are reading this consider yourself invited.  There will be an enforced strict dress code of double denim, so start thinking of what to wear.

Here’s me today…

No that's not a beard on my face, it's a shadow

Top: Ladakh striped Mao collar jacket

Bottom: This is the unknown skirt I am wearing to replace the ‘skirt with a split’. I found it in a pile of denim n my bedroom floor

Accessory: Mavi small, sweet denim bag, hardly a carry all though


Day 345: Friday 9 April

April 9, 2010

Anyone for roller derby next Saturday? Those bitches look tuff! Chicks, violence, wheels, I’m there.

Ready to roll

Of course I am much too demure, feminine and ladylike to get involved with anything so rough ‘n’ ready.

Year of Denim

I've got style, I've got grace, I'm a lady

Top: Sweet little denim press studded shirt

Bottom: Levi’s denim mini, look out thigh chafe here I come!

Accessory 1: It’s very hard to point your toes in denim Bireknstocks

Accessory 2: Denim cap imported from Queensland

Day 339: Saturday 3 April

April 4, 2010

Whoops. I forgot to publish this last night…

So today we packed up and headed back to Sydney. Now I’m so sad.

Here I my final moments in Hat Head captured in time…

Year of Denim

What I wore to the club, PN won meat, my hair looks like Warren Beatty's

Year of denim

Last night's moon rising over the Hat

The Hat at 9am before my final surf today

As I type the rain has started coming down in Marrickville, it’s almost cold and my sand fly bites are really kicking in. The unpacking needs to be done, I have to fancy up the kids’ Easter eggs, make some dinner and mentally prepare myself for work tomorrow morning. As you can see, I’m loving being back home…

Year of Denim

Oh joy at my return... So much stuff for so little time away

Top: Filthy chambre vest

Bottom: New op shop stripy skirt purchase. I say it’s denim, 2 people today have challenged me

Accessory: Denim birkies, plus denim bag and wallet all used today in the car

Day 323: Thursday 18 March

March 18, 2010

Day 4: Week of Skirt, skort and dress

What is up with Sydney’s weather right now? How beautiful are the mornings? Am I starting to rant like a maniac on this topic? Do I have nothing else to talk about?

I could regale you with my drinking and eating tales over the last week, just don’t ask me how many times have eaten Vietnamese. Oh what the hell, I’m on a roll now.

I ate Vietnamese at my favourite local restaurant Hanoi Quan three times in 4 days. All of it was sensational. One night was marred by a post-eating visit to the ghastly local pub. Why doesn’t Marrickville have a decent pub? Why??

And last night, still nursing a slight hang-over from the night before I met the girls at a place I hope NEVER becomes my drinking den of choice, The Establishment.

After an expensive vodka, lime and soda we went upstairs to eat at est. on a $33 + glass of wine deal. My food was delicious but not quite enough.

So we left there and went next door and up 47 storeys to one of my favourite places in Sydney’s CBD The Summit for another cocktail.

Phew. Liver cleansing for me over the next week. I’m exhausted.

Year of Denim: Day 323

As the song goes, sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

Top: Part 1 of my Dragstar twin set today, the distressed denim vest

Bottom: Part 2 of the twin set, Dragstar denim skirt

Accessory: Mambo two-tone denim bag full of denim bits & pieces: my denim diary, my denim wallet, my denim jeggings for yoga this evening, my denim tampon baggie


I have just read the comment that suggest I look like a school girl. At 42 (nearly 43!!) I suddenly felt like Jerri Blank from that awesome television show starring the beautiful and amazing Amy Sedaris,  Strangers With Candy. She’s an old lesbian who goes back to high school after a 20 year break…

What do you think? Am I jerri or not?

Day 321: Tuesday 16 March

March 16, 2010

Day 2: Week of Skirt, skort and dress

I’m rushing the blog through today as I have a beach to get to.

It’s the same beach I went to yesterday afternoon for some sublime sun and snorkelling. Surprisingly it’s not any of the beaches you think of when you think of snorkelling in Sydney. It’s Bondi.

Yesterday afternoon there were thousands of fish off the rocks at the north end of the beach. Yes, thousands. I was flabbergasted. I could not stop looking at the sheer quantity. Then I got nervous and began thinking of those fish balls with sharks circling them.

I’m brave though and giving it another go this morning…

Pussy looking up my short skirt - rude pussy

Top: Black vest

Bottom: White mini skirt

Accessory 1: Sparkly denim bucket hat

Accessory 2: Denim travel bag

Day 320: Monday 15 March

March 15, 2010

Day 1: Week of Skirt, Skort and Dress

Today begins an exciting new venture to the Year of Denim… The Week of Skirts, Skorts and Dresses!

Yes. I vow to wear a skirt, skort or dress every day this week.

Why am I doing this? Because I have been under representing the legless and apparently legless versions of the jean. Plus I have been given a couple of denim potato sacks dresses that I haven’t worn yet here on YoD.

So get ready to see my legs, my rather hairy legs!

And while I am on the topic of legs what about the hoo-hah in regard to the actress Mo’Nique’s hairy legs? Been a hairy legged, non-shaving type of bitch myself I was all ‘You go hairy sister!’.

Sheez the gossip web sites think hair on the legs of a woman is the most repulsive thing they have ever seen. It still amazes me that a few strands of hair out of place anywhere on a woman (remember Julia Roberts and the stink about her unshaven armpits a few years ago) is so outrageous, horrifying and repulsive.

Even I, proud wearer of hairy legs and arm-pits, get a shock when I see another woman unshaven where normally she’s plucked. How frequently do you see women proudly sporting a bit of hair on their upper lip? Rarely and those women are usually old, homeless or messing with gender. No normal woman would be seen with THAT kind of hair.

I’m running out of steam with my hirsute ranting and I’m unsure what point I am trying to make, so here’s today’s denim do…

She's got (hairy) legs and she knows how to use them

Top: Moji denim shirt. I admit I will be in the garden for the next few hours so I’ll be in my work denims. No Moji shirt and no denim skirt then!

Bottom: JeansWest denim skirt

Accessory 1: Denim birkies

Accessory 2: Plaited denim belt concealed by skirt fold, but definitely there

Day 287: Wednesday 10 February

February 10, 2010

I’m off to the beach for a surf because the day is so lovely.

Looking pensive, feeling sweaty

Top: Dragstar vest, in need o a good scrub around the neck

Bottom: Levi’s little denim skirt, tight, too tight

Accessory 1: Sportsgirl faux patchwork denim bucket hat

Accessory 2: Denim travel bag cos I got places to go. Yes really