Day 249: Sunday 3 January

January 3, 2010

Another hot and steamy day is well under way up heree in the Northern rivers region. 

My shorts are paradoxcally too long an making my legs sweat in a nasty way, plus having to wear a vest at all times means I always have 2 layers on top. Grossly over dressed!!! 

Anyways… This morning I have been lurking around the Lsimore car boot market, and what a joy it was! I bought a camphor laurel bread board for $20, a lovely pink chenille bed spread for the bargain price of $25, some nice orange plastic salad servers, a choc-nut slice but NO damn denim! 

There was a rack of excellent bargin priced ($3) deim jeans, but every single one was way too small for my beer enhanced gut. 

Oh well. Not everyone can be supermodel thin. I am supermodel fat instead… 

Looking hot next to Graeme's amazing West German lamp


Top:  Ivy brand chambre vest in need of some deep cleansing 

Bottom: So hot they hurt TopGirl blue denim long shorts 

Accessory: Maki denim bag just the right size for a tiny bag to be 

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution to make the blog more of a travelogue here’s a couple of shots that might give you some idea of what I have been up to in Lismore… 

Me being savaged by Rubie, Taxi oblivious


The above action shot was taken yesterday before we went out to an extraordinary evening of adult oriented entertainment called “Freak Out”. It was hosted by the extraordinary Stan Monroe, a local drag veteran from the lovely town of Kyogle. He/she is quite the card and hosted with aplomb and humour. 

Of course being mildly brain damaged from New Years Eve meant I didn’t bring my camera, so you are ging to have to use your mind’s eye to conjure up images. There was some pole dancing, one act being 2 girls on the pole at the same time, but they weren’t quite as good as Scarlett, who sure knows how to work a pole. 

One of the acts was a drag cover version of Hole’s song Celebrity Skin. I can’t remember ‘her’ name, but I think she could do with some movement classes to giver her routine a bit more pizzazz. A pretty young plump girl stylishly mimed to a Lily Allen song “Fuck you very much”. 

Ummm.  Another lady sung Johnny Cash’s famous ‘Ring of Fire’ while she lit matches. There was a best dressed segment and then one of our party was suddenly overcome with drunken paralysis and we had to head home. But for $10 it was a good night out at the Italo Club, although we did have to eat out of date chips for dinner. 

And here’s a picture of some artful mince meat from Lismore square… 

Mince mountains with green interiors


Day 248: Saturday 2 January 2010

January 2, 2010

I had  lovely evening catching up with Sue and her family in the very beautiful Suffolk Park. Luckily for the holiday death toll I stayed overnight there.

Tody I have bounced back! My brain has settled into it’s normal wave patterns, I have a good 8 hours sleep under my belt, I had quite a nice surf at Broken Head and now I’m hitting the Lismore op shops in a search of denim glory.

My outfit is a subtle variation on yesterday’s denimness… I changed my singlet, but not my undies. I’m travelling you know!

Denim variation with a slight return

Top: Supre vest getting some heavy duty wear. Collar is looking rather manky I must say

Bottom:  Rusty chambre shorts, not too filthy … yet

Accessory: Denim birkies. I am hoping they won’t chafe in the tropics of Lismore

Day 237: Tuesday 22 December

December 22, 2009

It’s so dark and it’s only 7.30pm. That’s Queensland for you.

But I AM blogging on the day which is me sticking to the denim rules.

My trip north was marked by great restraint. I only stopped at one charity fashion boutique between Sydney and Peregian. And I only bought one item so far.

I almost bought a revolting fake denim twin set… Luckily it’s the brand I vowed never to buy. Miller

Yeees.... but no

But I did buy something else. I had to buy it coz it ‘s brand is ‘Leisuremaster’, but you’ll have to wait and see the whole piece.

Such a label cannot be left behind on the op shop racks

After the mini op-shop event yesterday afternoon I cruised into a charming little camping ground called elegantly ‘Delicate Nobbys.’

Taxi liked it…

Taxi expresses herself on the beach at Nobbys

YoD and dog slept in the car last night. It was quite cosy, not too uncomfortable, lights out by 9.15pm.

As a result I was up at 5.30am and saw the most incredible sunrise. Alone. On the beach. Spectacular colours, lights, clouds, rocks. Forgot to take pics of camping and sunrise and denim this morning.

I eventually remembered at Woolgoolga, but it’s no surprise as I wore it all yesterday…

Taxi shows off her best asset

Top: fake denim + banana shirt

Bottom: Filthy chambre shorts

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag

I just remembered I DID take a photo at Maxville.

Taxi's best assett gets another view

Day 197: Thursday 12 November

November 12, 2009

Looks like a good day for the beach, which is exactly where I’m heading.

Lucky for me I got given those beautiful denim thongs/slip-ons yesterday (forever in your debt DaHo). What else should a girl wear to the beach on her feet but a pair of thongs?

I can hear the waves crashing and calling to me, so I’ll finish up. Just look at the pictures, cos there’s something special down below…


White denim on it's way to being dirty denim

Top: High class expensive Supre denim vest

Bottom: High cut (as in short) Jay Jays white denim skirt

Accessory 1: Sportsgirl denim bucket hat

Accessory 2: Those glorious denim thongs

Want to see them a little closer? Here you go…


My view of denim thongs nicely combined with hairy legs

What’s wrong with my toe? Want to see it a little closer? Here you go …


My signature toe, also known as 'The Spaceman'

YoD started out all nice and crisp white denim and has ended up a freak show. Oh well.

Day 193: Sunday 8 November

November 8, 2009


If you feel uncomfortable seeing me with not a lot on then do not read this blog. I promise no nudity, but I don’t promise good taste… back to the blog

Today was very drizzly and humid up at Mangrove Creek.

After yesterday’s mega exertion I was taking it pretty easy today. Just a quiet bit of pruning, a bit of a wander around, then resting, some more eating (and drinking) before packing up and heading back to Sydney.

When I got home I collapsed, before finally rousing myself to hit the blog.


Dog tired and the dog is too

Top: Fletcher Jeans jacket. I guiltily admit it was first time today I had worn a denim top… it was 5.30pm!!

Bottom: From where I’m sitting the ‘Love Your Denim’ jeans are disgustingly filthy with food, smoke and sweat

Accessory: Aaaah, my feet luxuriate in the comfort of the denim birkenstocks

If you look closely at the picture above you will see my head resting on something. Something denim, something in 3 parts, something long promised and threatened. Something I needed and finally received.


This denim-in-three-parts gift looks better from behind, IMHO

What do you think friends are for?

There are times I suspect the role of friends is to make fun of you, tease you, perhaps even humiliate you and laugh at you. Why else would a friend give me a denim thong?

I acknowledge the thong is well crafted but does anyone honestly think I’d be caught dead on Bondi Beach, or any other beach,  with 90% of my arse hanging out???

One of the other parts of this 3 part gift is a beautifully made pair of denim shorts, so useful, so cute.

The final part, which you can see from the picture above, is a denim bikini top.

Having spent my entire adolescence with scabs on my chest from where my bikini strings chafed I am not sure how frequently or for how long I can wear the denim bikini top.

It’s exquisitely made in an incredibly thick, inflexible, non-stretch denim. Just looking at it makes my nipples wince.

However I have promised a giver of the gift, that I will get a picture of me in this outfit, on my surfboard ASAP, scabs or not! Chafed or smooth, irritated or just plain uncomfortable, it’s the giving that counts and while it is provocative, this is one of the most thoughtful YOD gifts I have yet to recieve.

So thanks to all those who contributed: the unknown (to me) seamstress, Monsieur BB and of course HRH.

Day 192: Saturday 7 November

November 7, 2009

After a night of massive food and alcohol consumption we did manage to get up quite early and make it to Brooklyn in time for the 8:37am train. Which was cancelled.

Not to worry, there’s a courtesy bus, which Jack politely and foolishly tried to pay for once we arrived at Cowan.


I started out looking perky, I finished looking pruney

Top: Lee denim shirt. I wore it from about 7am till about 9.30am, then from about 2.30pm until bedtime

Bottom: Love Your Denims looking quite clean at this stage

Accessory: Denim visor, worn ALL day, guaranteed

Somehow we negotiated the trickiest part of the walk: how to get across the train tracks at Cowan while there’s track work in progress.

Then we were off over the freeway and down into some lovely gullies and valleys and rocks and trees and flowers and and and… leeches. Bluech.

Eventually we made it down to Jerusalem Bay, where we had a swim, some of us Sirens style, some of us more modestly clad.


The call of the siren is irresistable

Then the real walking began. Up, up, up and up, eventually onto a fire trail that we followed all the way back to Brooklyn, some 5 hours after we started from Cowan. The last part was a bit boring, not helped by all of us running out of water (stupid) about 1-1/2 hours from the end.

We staggered into the Angler’s Rest at Brooklyn and each downed about a litre of water and a beer before heading back to Mangrove Creek for more food and booze.

Geez some of the walk was lovely. Lots of wild flowers were still out. It was green from the rain, not too hot, and there weren’t many others on the trail. One bloke coming back the other way told us he had run most of the way to Brooklyn, and was taking it a bit easer on the way back to Cowan. Braggard.


Some wild flowers and a dead bug, all beautiful

Day 165: Sunday 11 October

October 11, 2009

We made it back! Alive!

It was very average weather at Mangrove Creek today. Drizzling, cold, boring, miserable.

We had a very brief morning wander before the weather turned. So we watched many episodes of The Wire instead. I’m not sure that a remote river side location, with no phone, no traffic, no people, definitely no urbanity is the right or wrong place to watch a show about the corruption of a city. However, I was engrossed…

Pretending to twitch in an unflattering outfit

Pretending to twitch in an unflattering outfit

Top: Wrangle loaner now in need of a good soak

Bottom: Rider jeans. Yikes, they really are pouchy in a horrible way, so bad they are staying at Mangrove Creek for good

Accessory: Although the sun didn’t shine at all I wore a hat simply so I could fulfil my denim destiny