Day 146: Tuesday 22 September

September 22, 2009

Last night I dreamt about Elvis…

While that is a Gillian Welch song lyric  it’s also the truth. Yesterday I finished reading Careless Love by Peter Guralnick. How depressing. Poor Elvis pilled himself to death surrounded by people yet lonely, in a state of depression  and constipated. Apparently when you are famous doctors can’t say no to you. So just like Michael Jackson,  Elvis had many willing suppliers of a range of uppers, downers, anti-depressants, laxatives and pain killers. And like Michael jackson Elvis semed very very sad. American Trilogy? More like American Tragedy.

Here’s Elvis in his last concert, six weeks before he died on the toilet,  singing/ straining Unchained Melody…

Anyway. Moving right along to today’s stellar outfit…

Moody early morning pose down

Moody early morning pose down with giant red ceramic butt plug

Top: JeansWest ‘1970’s revival’ pale denim jacket, lightweight for the warm day ahead

Bottom: Denim Company ankle freezers, turned up to make that seem intentional

Accessory 1: Denim tie belt

Accessory 2: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 3: Denim Birkenstocks


Day 8: Thursday 7 May, 2009

May 6, 2009

It’s the start of  week 2 in the Year of Denim. And feeling the pressure to be new fresh and exciting, yesterday, after enjoying the bath like temperature of Bondi’s surf, I hit the eastern suburbs op shops. It had been at least 18 months since Bondi St Vincent de Paul’s had the pleasure of my company. And it was quite good. I did buy a little something, perhaps too little. You can be the judge of that when I wear the item in the coming days, weeks, months.

After Bondi St Vinnies I wandered up the road to what is possibly the best St Vincent de Paul’s in Sydney… Charing Cross. How good is it? HOW GOOD?!?
 Well let me tell you, it’s very good. I had to put clothes back on the racks simply because I didn’t have the money to buy them all. Remember this is a charity shop, so nothing as over $10. Plus I didn’t want to O.D on denim too early. I have weeks and months of buying, borrowing, stealing denim ahead of me. Why rush into purchases in week 2? I have 50 weeks of denim buying to go.

I am turning into a denim junkie. It’s invading my dreams.
Last night I dreamt I was camping in a denim tent.Enough about my internal life and onto the day’s outfit…

Denim, The Green Lady and a little ray of sunshine

Denim with a dash of polyester, The Green Lady and a little ray of sunshine



Top: a very fashionable denim shirt by Moji

Bottom: denim slacks (!) by Levi’s. Older than the hills, but being polyester they still look brand new

Accessories: very cute denim shoulder bag bought from the local Salvos, and something every house needs a print of  Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl, also known as The Green Lady. 

See, they really are Levi's + sweet bag

See, they really are Levi's + sweet bag