Day 170: Friday 16 October

October 16, 2009

See the morning sun, aahh ah ah ah aaaah
And I’ve got work to do.

Which is why I have decided to step back into the stonewash dungarees that so horrified folk months ago. What are dungarees good for if not physical labour? That garden is in need of some TLC, some lawn mowing and some horse pooh. All of which I can do and I’m going to do today.

So I’m a gunna TCB and give the garden some TLC

I don’t care how bad I look in these frightful overalls, because farm work is blue collar/ stonewash work and farm clothes shouldn’t be the height of fashion. Admittedly the look is more the depths of fashion but I’m willing to climb out on a skinny lonesome fashion limb in this instance.

Cos I’m TCB baby, yeah TCB. And if anyone feels like getting me a TCB pair of sunglasses or a TCB pendent do so right here…

Ding dong dell, the farmer's in stonewash

Ding dong dell, the farmer's in stonewash

Top & Bottom: Horrific stonewash dungarees. The only other time I have worn these a work colleague told me they had never seen anything so horrendous. Thanks for the vote of confidence Jimbo!

Bonus top: Levi’s jacket paired nicely with 80’s fashion

Accessory: A farmer needsĀ  a hat, so my ‘stetson’ is a denim bucket hat, with bonus sparkles

I promise to update later with my white collar look for work. No stonewash. Maybe…

Afternoon delight…

Hi ho, hi ho... It's off to work I go

Hi ho, hi ho... It's off to work I go

Top: Benetton denim jacket

Bottom: Jeans West jeans

Accessory: denim look-alike black bag

But check out this kid. He puts me to shame. Somehow he’s managed to get people to donate 1700 pairsof jeans, jackets and denim hats.
The horror of it is that all those denims are going to be shredded and turned into insallation. It’s a crime against denim! Somebody needs to stop this! I’m sending a letter to Barack Obama right now!