Day 363: Monday 26 April 2010

April 26, 2010

Yes, it’s the final days of denim. I am going through my wardrobe and wearing some stuff I promise I’ll never wear again. Although there  are many items too beautiful or ugly to give up.

This morning I WAS wearing one of the most loved donations and, in fact, a top 5 favourite piece of denim here at YoD… the denim bomber jacket. But it was too hot. I got sweaty simply standing around so I changed into something I love and something I hate…

Monday morning happy face.. just for show

Top: LOVE Dragstar denim vest. She changed her mind and I can keep the vests! I HEART Dragstar!

Bottom: HATE Denim for Sportsgirl jeans, although they are sort of concealed in this particular photo. What is hateful about them? Dunno. Just hate ’em

Accessory: LOVE denim gym boots

Accessory 2: LOVE Flaps loaned many zippered denim bag


Day 354: Sunday 17 April

April 18, 2010

Flaps Fashion Finale: Day 7

So the week of being styled by Flaps grinds to it’s conclusion.

I was at a loss as to what to wear this morning but some text messaging, a phone call and special bike courier denim delivery has got me an outfit. It’s a bit of a slobbing ’round the house on a Sunday style. But then it is Sunday and I am a slob…

And the Lord said let sleeping dogs lie and denim be worn on the sabbath

Top: Black denim vest almost invisible against the Mark Titmarsh art t-shirt. There are matching shorts

Bottom: Lee denim freshly couriered from the house of Flaps. They are well worn in and (sorry RO) I extended one of the knee rips by putting my foot through it this morning

Accessory: Denim birkenstocks. Mine all mine

Day 353: Saturday 17 April

April 17, 2010

Flaps Selection: Day 6

Today I am doing what I’m told. I received my clothing instructions via email and this is what I ended up wearing. Of course the poses are all YoD’s. Flaps doesn’t get the glory for my face pulling and modelling…

Flaps go back to their roots in this westie inspired outfit. I strike a pose

Grrrr, angry westie backyard face pulling pose

Top: Yep, three days in a row for the Wrangler denim jacket. I don’t care. I LOVE it

Bottom: Nice day for some red denim, ta Flaps

Accessory: Denim gym boots hidden in the grass. Somebody mow that lawn!

Day 352: Friday 16 April

April 16, 2010

Flaps fashions: Day 5

Check out my updated multi-media denim package

I must thank the awesome, talented, witty, charming and bolshie Vanessa Wagner for hosting her Unisex: Amateur Strip Night at the Oxford Hotel. Unfortunately last night was the final, which is very sad as it is a very funny adults only night, mid week too, meaning Oxford Street is a decent place to visit.

There’s a slight nudity warning on this video, nothing you wouldn’t see down at the beach, but a bit of boob action nonetheless. Extra massive thanks to Tx for his most excellent camera work too. So that’s my parental warning, here’s the vid!

The amazing suit in which I begin the ‘act’ comes from the Fashion House of Flaps. It is a spectacular example of high 1980s fashion: shoulder pads, pleated pants, narrow ankle, double breasted with a lace overprint to boot…

A tiny bit of watermelon flavoured lip gloss... that's why the lady is foxy

It’s also got an incredible lable…

Yes, this suit is GANGSTER!

I must point out the shoes too. They are denim, posted down by a very special lady in Brisbane…

There's nothing quite like a nice denim court shoe is there?

The only let down in the outfit, at this early stage, is my hair. I couldn’t decide which hideous old lady wig to wear so I wore none.

And I don’t think a revolting old ratted wig would have set off this particular item on which I spent days and days ‘studding’…

A big vat of of sizzling studded FAT!


nterim report… Check back later for a denim multi-media event


I have been grappling, wrestling, shouting at the dog to stop scratching (even though she is deaf and can’t hear a thing), yelling at my computer and generally raging against the (macbook) machine.

Why? I’ll tell you why! God-damn video!

As you all know (if you read this blog regularly) last night I stepped out of denim… literally. I stripped. I flashed. I wobbled. I grimaced and generally horrified a few people including myself once I viewed the video.

So this morning in an effort to move this blog into the realm of multi-media I thought I’ll just quickly edit that video and pop it up.

Harumph! Scream! Rage! Frustration!

But at last I succeeded.

Anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today…

I don't know whose wig I'm wearing this morning but I like it!

Top: That terrific Wrangler jacket I love so much. Thanks Flaps for letting me stink it up

Bottom: Levi’s flares with red stitching and nice crotch repairs

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag. It wasn’t in Flaps brief for this outfit, but I needed an accessory, and I needed a bag because I THOUGHT I’d be leaving the house early. Instead I have been sitting on the computer editing video for HOURS!

Day 350: Wednesday 14 April

April 14, 2010

Flaps Decides: Day 3

Help! Flaps! I can’t find the ‘skirt with the split’!

It was some time ago that Flaps came around with a pile of denim and sifted through my wardrobe to create The Week of Flaps. Now I can’t find one of the items I am supposed to wear, so I’m wearing something else that I have never seen before, don’t know HOW it got into my wardrobe or who put it there. But I think it’s akin to the ‘skirt with a split’.

Oh and  the YoD IS having a celebration to commemorate the end of the Year of Denim. It will be on Saturday 1 May from 8pm at my house. I will endeavour to create a beautiful denimful invitation tonight and post it tomorrow. Otherwise if you are reading this consider yourself invited.  There will be an enforced strict dress code of double denim, so start thinking of what to wear.

Here’s me today…

No that's not a beard on my face, it's a shadow

Top: Ladakh striped Mao collar jacket

Bottom: This is the unknown skirt I am wearing to replace the ‘skirt with a split’. I found it in a pile of denim n my bedroom floor

Accessory: Mavi small, sweet denim bag, hardly a carry all though

Day 349: Tuesday 13 April

April 13, 2010

Flaps’ Choice: Day 2

What a beautiful morning. So beautiful I thought I would snap the photo today down by the glorious Cook River. It’s magnificent waters rolling could provide a beautiful backdrop for Flaps second day of dressing YoD.

However. I took Taxi the dog with me, forgetting how decrepit and silly she is as she approaches her 15th year. She ambled off, I scrambled after her. So the photo wasn’t quite as scenic as I would like, and being a bozo I didn’t check my images. I just assumed they were awesome and beautiful when in act they were strangely exposed and one set was completely out of focus.

Perhaps I’m getting sloppy as YoD winds up.

Posing with a casuarina, swamp looms behind

Top: Spunky Fresh Jive denim jacket from the House of Flaps

Bottom: Gap skinny jeans, YoD’s own

Accessory 1: Very cute zippered denim bag provided by Flaps

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots. Scrappy

Day 348: Monday 12 April

April 12, 2010

Today is the start of a very special week: the week where I am Dressed by Flaps. Actually, it’s more a week of Flaps’ Choice, as some clothes have been carefully selected by Flaps from the archives of the Year of Denim, while others are supplied by the Flaps fashionistas.

FYI Flaps is a zine put together by Raquel Ormella and Regina Walter. You can read more about it here…

Dressed by Flaps: Day 1

Today’s Flap-tastic ensemble utilises peices from RaqO’s wardrobe, with a YoD Accessory…

Surprised at the bar... Me (in denim), a pineapple and two poodles

Top: Very cool, chic and sophisticated blast from the vaults, a vintage (I detetst that word) Blues Union jcket with lovely leather piping

Bottom: Levi’s flares with red stitching and bonus crotch sewing. Apparently there have been  chafing issues in the past!

Accessory: YoD’s very own America Holidays denim travel bag, tying the ensemble together with red detailing. Studded belt is also courtesy of Flaps