Day 361: Saturday 24 April

April 24, 2010

After Thursday’s shocking football revelations (that I didn’t find out about until well into Friday hence no mention yesterday) that some players get paid out of paper bags and not through the electronic banking system (shocking) you would think I would be too upset to even consider footy.

But no. It’s simply directed my interest elsewhere in the league code… The Toyota Cup! (that’s reserve grade).

This afternoon I am off to watch a local derby between the Newtown Jets and the Balmain Tigers over at Leichhardt Oval. And I’m dressed in blue to support my team, the mighty Jets…

Outdoorsy hip-cocking, brim snapping type of gal

Top: I doubt I’ll ever wear this again in my lifetime, Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: Top Girl shorts. I like ’em enough to keep ’em

Accessory: I love my Glamour Girl denim cap purchased for 20c in Kempsey. Mine for life


Day 319: Sunday 14 March

March 14, 2010

I have been busy since I last blogged.

In Canberra I went to CCAS  and I got lost and confused in the Museum of Australia before heading back to Sydney. The exhibition at CCAS was pretty good, taken from their emerging artists residency program from 2009. I didn’t get anything at the markets there though as I have been winding down the denim purchasing unless it’s something spectacular, and truly , there wasn’t anything spectacular.

Me and the girls fanged it back up the Hume Highway to Sydney and as soon as I got home I got straight back n the car and drove to watch the opening footy game of the season for the Newtown Jets at Henson Park.

And it was a pretty good game. Lots of tries, the Oh Errol girls were working the crowd doing vox-pops, the sausages were sizzling, the KB beer was cold and the company was witty.

Then it rained and we watched the last 5 minutes of the game from the comfort of the car. Yes! At Henson Park you can park around the edge of th oval and watch the game FROM YOUR CAR!!!

Then there was a North Sydney Bears streaker!

Then the Jets opponents, the Tigers, scored a drop goal meaning the score went to Jets 30, Tigers 31. Then the game was over.Phew I’m exhausted just writing all that.

But wait, there’s more. I rushed home to entertain a couple of friends for the John Waters tribute night at my house. After fuelling up on super delicious garlic chilli explosive Vietnamese food we settled down to watch 2 of the most… I can’t fond the words… hilarious? awful? ghastly? appalling? fantastic? revolting? films ever made: Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble.

Both starring the amazing (R.I.P) Divine, the edgy Mink Stole and the bizarre Edith Massey. After watching those films again last night, for probably the 10th time, it really struck me that Divine was an actor. Out of all the people in the film she is the only one who is acting. The rest of them shout at the camera.

So. Who wants to be famous and who wants to die for art?

In no way can I match John Waters’ vision, Divine’s beauty, Mink Stole’s anger or Edith Massey’s kookiness. So haven’t even tried…

I've got lots of trouble, female trouble, and so does Taxi

Top: Made in Australia denim vest

Bottom: Junk cut-offs

Accessory: Dark denim cap

Day 144: Sunday 20 September

September 20, 2009

The house is being over run by footy fever… true or false?

There’s a tiny bit of interest, and quite a bit of watching on the tele, although I preferred watching the Wallabies getting smashed by the All Blacks. By the end I wished I hadn’t bothered. Too much televised sport is making me very passive. I used to play sport, for  real on the oval, getting sweaty, getting injured sport. Now I barely ride my bike.

However today, we have decided to head down to the park for a bit of a kick with the football I got when I bought  a case of VB recently. I am turning over  a new sporty leaf… maybe.

Lady Gnome watches me throw a dummy

Lady Gnome watches me throw a dummy

Top: MSK denim vest

Bottom: Red Jeanswest jeans

Accessory: Denim sun visor

Lady Gnome I hear you all say, what Lady Gnome? My response is  this semi-nude Lady Gnome…

Topless gnome still-life in backyard

Backyard still-life with topless lady gnome

Day 143: Saturday 19 September

September 19, 2009

Gosh my life is exciting. Last night I went to watch one of the footy semi-finals with 2 teams that I don’t really give a stuff about (I know, how tragic) Parramatta vs Gold Coast. However it was very exciting, particularly the parochial crowd of about 28,000 extreme Parramatta supporters all screaming their lungs out, wearing face paint and waving their blue and yellow flags.

To recover from the emotional high of watching a game where you are not particularly fussed about the outcome (I WAS pleased Parra won) I am spending the day round the house doing some exciting chores: cleaning, tidying, dusting, amybe even washing the car. But I did take Taxi, the itchy arsed dog, to the park first.

A tree, a girl, a dog

A tree, a girl, a dog

Those Moreton Bay fig trees are such an amazing size and shape that I got AK to photograph me against it. You can’t really see what I’m wearing however, which I SUPPOSE is the purpose of this blog, so here’s we are close-up…

Denim house-frau attire with dog and poo bags

Denim house-frau attire with dog and poo bags

Top: Supre (nothing but haute couture for me!) pale denim vest

Bottom: Donated Gap jeans, thanks Holden

Accessory: Denim head skarf/ tourniquet

Day 94: Saturday 1 August

August 1, 2009

A new month! This Year of Denim is racing by. It’s the third month of me being drenched in denim, awash in the fabric originally used for sail cloth, then miners’ clothes in the Californian gold rush and now to the dizzy fashion heights of me!

It’s also Day 94, which means I am coming up for my first century. It’s a bit like cricket, my first tonne. Hopefully I’ll go on to make a big score of 352, probably a record for someone on debut.

And I am looking for an appropriate way of celebrating my first 100. Send me an email if you have bright idea:

On Day 100 I’ll do a blog listing all the incredible suggestions you made on how to celebrate 100 days, 100 nights. If I can afford it I may DO the best suggestion. So cheap n cheery is the mission!

Here’s today’s blue do…

Just me and the tree, a hint of sun and a touch of class

Just me and the tree, a hint of sun and a touch of class

Top: Benetton dark blue denim

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, also dark blue

Accessory: Dark blue denim cap

I would also like to point out that y t-shirt says Miss Teen USA Pageant 1992. Was I a contestant? Whaddya reckon? Time to go, see you at the Jets game this arvo.

Evening update:

I’m going out, not coming out, GOING out.  I thought today’s outfit was a little scrappy for the evening, so here’s what I am wearing into the night…

I'm not paranoid but I feel as if someone's looking over my shoulder

I'm not paranoid but I feel as if someone's looking over my shoulder

Top: Ladakh striped denim jacket

Bottom: Industrie skinny jeans

Accessory: Dad’s denim Levi’s belt. Needs fixin’. Anyone know a good bootmaker/ leather worker?

Taxi doesn’t like footy

July 20, 2009

I went to watch the mighty Newtown Jets play their special version of rugby league last weekend. It’s such a local experience that you can both park your car right in front of the oval so that you can watch the game from the driver’s seat, AND bring your dog, for NO extra charge!

So I brought my dog Taxi, not knowing that, apart from the steak and sausage sandwiches, she finds football quite boring. She’d rather scratch her arse…

Day 80: Saturday 18 July

July 18, 2009

It’s that day of the week again, Girl Fight Club. I have my sports outfit on and horrifyingly I look like I could be playing rugby league… IN THE FRONT ROW!!!!!

But I’m not. I’m just punching stuff.

I mentally prepare myself to fight for the title of the "Biggest Legs in the Park"

I mentally prepare myself to fight for the title of the "Biggest Legs in the Park"

Top: It just look so good over a hoodie that I wear it to nearly every Girl Fight Cub Meet, MSK dark denim vest

Bottom 1: Faux denim leggings. But I’m pretending they are athletic “skins”

Bottom 2: A lovely light denim short (a donation from LC) should be good for summer if I am willing to reveal just HOW hairy my legs are

Accessory: Denim visor, excellent cooling properties out of the top, excellent athletic wear if you don’t have male pattern balding

Stay tuned for my next outfit. It’s got to be able to cope with a morning tea engagement, supporting the Newtown Jets football team and then sitting in front of a computer at the office. Hmmm. Not quite sure what combo of denim has ALL those properties…

Why am I ponting to my head? Coz I'm wearing the team hat... Go the Jets!

Why am I pointing to my head? Coz I'm wearing the team hat... Go the Jets!

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket, trim taught and terrific, unlike the body it’s encasing

Bottom: Levi’s contemporary flares, so now they are yesterday

Accessory: Mavi denim bag, small but just the right size