Day 265: Tuesday 19 January

January 19, 2010

I was given a gift last night. Something quite sensational and informative, sexy and educational, arty and crafty, denim and lace, country and rock’n’roll.

What is this incredible present? A book…

Somebody's Phd or just a denim fan? American Denim: A New Folk Art

Fattyboombsticks has been telling me, urging me to get into customising my denims. Get into it with a pair of scissors she says. Some of those jeans are horrible is another thing she says. After looking through this book I have been inspired. So many awesome approaches, although this book relies quite heavily on the appliqué/needle work styles.

Here’s a couple of examples that have inspired me at first read…

S'cuse the fingers, mind the bow-tie and the beard

Last year someone promised to make me a bow-tie. But did they? NO!!

A novel way to jazz up the interior of any denim jacket

Sexy lady cut-out looking sweet inside an appliquéd Levi’s jacket

Here’s one of my personal favorites, so inspirational…

Now THAT'S what I call a denim bikini

See HRH! This is what a denim bikini top SHOULD look like. I’m a gunna try and make me one. Off to the op shop I go…

And here’s today’s attire, especially modest after the spectacular images above…

Zombie style mango and yoghurt eating. Not sure I'm even alive in this photo

Top: Supre pale denim vest. Butchie dykie

Bottom: Spykar white jeans, wear’ em once and wash ’em

Accessory: To feminise this outfit I have chosen the Chanel handbag on loan all the way from Nettie in Melbourne. Nettie I never thanked you…


Day 126: Tuesday 2 September

September 2, 2009

Another day of magic-ness in Newcastle. It’s so beautiful with perfect weather. Still haven’t got to the surf tho’…

We got a lot done towards the exhibition yesterday so this morning we are having a bit of a break. First some shopping, with a dash of op-shopping. Then back to SilkHouse Art Projects to get it all done. Hopefully.

Here’s my early morning check-the-surf outfit. If you are getting a sense of deja-vu that’s because I wore exactly this on Monday. It IS a different hat tho’, cos I’m trying to mix it up.

Hopefully Newcastle op shopping will be a denim revelation and I can wear something else tomorrow. Hopefully Newcastle op shopping is better than Noosa…

Surf check with Bogey Hole in background

Surf check with Bogey Hole in background

Top: Levi’s denim jacket, bought in Newcastle a few months ago and built to last

Bottom: Love Your Denim denims, patched y your truley

Accessory: Denim cap from Peregian. It really needs a detail shot, but I’m too lazy to do it

And here’s what I have been wearing while making art…

Jelly wax and latex go together like icing on a cake

Jelly wax and latex go together like icing on a cake

Top: denim jacket outta sight

Bottom: Penny Thwaite’s donated and latex encrusted jeans… the filthy marks on the are the latex

Accessory: THAT most hated denim hat. Seemed a good work hat/ denim accessory

Day 113: Thursday 20 August

August 20, 2009

That’s it! I’ve had a gutful. I’m getting up and out. I don’t care if I spread germs. So there.

I feel a little perkier, apart from the fact it is very early. I have just watched the sun rise. Very pretty. One day I’ll organise myself to document in front of the colourful cloud action.

Here’s me, getting better, feeling better, but not really looking better.

The day beckons, I look on dumb-struck

The day beckons, I look on dumb-struck

Top: Much loved. oft donned, but the seasons are changing so I gotta wear it while I can, South Sea Bubbles Co. denim bomber jacket

Bottom: The Beautiful & the Damned pale blue denim bell bottoms. Thanks Mum

Accessory: Dragstar pale blue denim shoulder bag coz you gotta tie the outfit together

Day 82: Monday 20 July, 2009

July 20, 2009

It’s a glorious winter’s day, the perfect denim wearing temperature. I’m hitting the surf. I don’t care if it’s so flat it’s a lake at Bondi, the day is just too perfect to sit at home shivering. Don’t know about anyone else, but my house will be colder inside than out today, so why stay home? Also, it’s a good excuse to drop into one of Sydney’s best charity shops which just happens to be on the east side of town.

Attack of the Surf Feminazi

Attack of the Surf Feminazi

Top: Levi’s denim jacket. Can you believe it? I’m wearing a Levi’s twin set today, hold the pearls

Bottom: Pale blue Levi’s flares, only 30cm too long, hence the triple fold turn-up

Accessory 1: Denim beach hat, gotta head the look towards beach fashion somehow

Accessory 2: Dragstar (I love Dragstar) pale blue denim bag. It carries heaps: my towel, undies, wax, mobile…

Here’s a close-up of the groovy bag and my hand crafted with texta Feminazi t-shirt

Slouchy bag matched nicely with hand drawn t-shirt

Slouchy bag matched nicely with hand drawn t-shirt

Day 77: Wednesday 15 July

July 15, 2009

The day has finally arrived for The Good, The Bad, The Muddy. And of course I still have a few things to do. I have to make myself pretty for the big night of nights. I have to plan my night time outfit. And I have to make some dog poo out of clay. So all in all a busy schedule ahead of me.

In other exciting denim news I got back from my jaunt up the country to find a large parcel full of denim on my doorstep. Yes! Another unsolicited donation from a complete stranger! It was a mixed bag of horrifying acid wash, elastic waisted “jeans” (if you could call them that), a denim shirt dress and most spectacular of all…. a gorgeous denim bomber jacket! Which I HAD to wear straight away. Thanks Sophie. You are a Southern Highlands fashion legend.

Hanging tough with my pussy on the front porch

Hanging tough with my pussy on the front porch

Top: How incredible is this denim bomber jacket with red & blue elastic trim? Even the label is cool: South Seas Bubble Co Ltd! It’s a snug fit, but I don’t care

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, oft worn here

Accessory: Dark denim cap with re utpopia badge to match red trim on ace bomber jacket

I don’t think you have had a good look at that jacket, so here it is in technicolor…

Morning sun + denim = cool

Morning sun + denim = cool

Oh and it’s the final State of Origin fo 2009 tonight. But who cares? Come to my opening instead of watching the tele.

Evening attire:

Here’s what I’m in tonight. Don’t ask what’s on the plate, just come and see. And go the Blues, I s’pose…

Are you being served?

Are you being served?

Top: Marcs denim jacket with metallic sheen

Bottom: So you think you can dance style metallic stretch denim, no really

Accessory: Nothing special denim shoulder bag, coz I need to carry a bunch of stuff

Day 66: Saturday 4 July

July 4, 2009

I have a faint notion that today is an important day somewhere in the world…

Oh well, whatever, I have a blog to update.

For some reason I have invited people over for brunch. This is highly unusual, and I have some preparation to do, so no more prattling. Straight on to today’s important business… the wearing of denim.

Something borrowed, something blue, something donated

Today's attire: something borrowed, something blue, something donated

Top: Levi’s denim jacket, when all else fails, strap it on, it’ll never let you down

Bottom: They’re new! They’re donated! From the general public! Yes! Someone read about my Year of Denim and was so excited about the idea they contacted me and left a denim deposit on my doorstep: “I love denim” flares with artfully placed holes. Thanks Steph!

Accessory: posted from down from Cairns, cute denim cap

Day 65: Friday 3 July

July 3, 2009

Today’s entry comes to you all VERY early. It’s 6am denim time. Yikes. And I am rushing to get breakfast eaten, my photo taken, the Year of Denim updated and the animals fed. Those animals! They nag you if they don’t get their din-dins straight away!

I'm an on-the-go-go girl, too busy to sit and eat

I'm an on-the-go-go girl, too busy to sit and eat

Top: cool as pale blue vintage denim shirt with red piping ( I love piping on denim)

Bottom: Dragstar denim skirt ( I LOVE this skirt, although I was recently pressured about my lack of skirt wearing)

Accessory: Dark blue denim bag with… RED PIPING!!! Hurrah!

How awesome is that Dragstar skirt? I love every aspect of this skirt, especially the label…

Label queen!

Label queen!


How annoying! I forgot to mention that underneath my skirt I am wearing my fav (only) fake denim leggings. However, they have the unfortunate side effect of causing my skirt to ride up at the front as I’m walking in a sort of front wedgie action.

Very irritating. I have to walk and constantly tug at my skirt to keep the lines straight, not up my crotch.

And I have only just realised how many typos and grammatical boo-boos 6am blogging generates.