Day 229: Monday 14 December

December 14, 2009


All that gurning is over and done with.

Now I can go back to being my regular sweet sexy thing.

I am on a mini road trip today. It’s a training run for my holiday starting next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog readily over the next few days. If I can’t. Oh well. I’ll be terribly upset and will have to go to the beach to get over it.

And another thing…

You are cordially invited to the Year of Denim’s official Christmas light launch

Where: YoD headquarters, 28 Leofrene Ave, Marrickville
When: 7pm Friday 18 December
Why: Because I like you
Light refreshments (beer ‘n nuts) may be provided

On to the day’s denim…

Reading: The Australian Atlas of Surfing. Eating: vegemite on toast. Drinking: nice cup of tea. Wearing: A whole lotta denim

Top: Dragstar denim vest

Bottom: JeansWest dagg jeans

Accessory: Dragstar denim bag casually slung over my seat


Day 228: Sunday 13 December

December 13, 2009

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 7

It’s the last day of a sensational week of face pulling, mugging, spazzing, gurning and being downright fugly.

There would be nothing wrong in thinking there was a special face I have been saving for the final day of gurning. But I haven’t. It’s just one of the many face I have pulled this week.

I like to think of today’s face as a Christmas Gurn. The gurn you pull when you have eaten too much. The gurn you make when Christmas become over whelming. The gurn you make when you have run out quality gurns. The fall back gurn, the go to gurn, bad gurn.

Gurn Week Day 7

Explosive gurn with handbag

Top: Mum’s denim vest, mixing up the colours today

Bottom: Topgirl denim long shorts

Accessory: Denim bum shaped handbag

Gurn: I’m holding my breath till I pass out gurn

God's gift to gurning? I don't think so

Day 227: Saturday 12 December

December 12, 2009

For someone who has had approximately 4 hours sleep I have been surprisingly active this morning.

Got up, walked, took dog for a walk, washed dog, watered garden, mulched garden, stole timber to assist in my Xmas spectacular, and now I’m blogging.

However I think I have peaked to soon, and now I need a little kip to keep me chipper, and get my brain right for the complex configuration of Christmas lights I am about to artfully install.

Garden + gurn+ gut = gorgeous

Top: Brand new, though it’s made to look old, Supre denim  vest, quite butch I think

Bottom: T-Plus jeans shorts. This outfit makes me look astoundingly similar to my brother. Maybe its the gurn

Accessory: I was wearing my denim visor and I have no idea why it’s not on my head here

Gurn: Pleased as punch Gardener Gurn

Year of Denim, Week of Gurn: Day 6

No zombie, just serious committed garden variety gurning

Me, my stomach, and my gurn are off to bed now for a little kip. I will possibly update this evening as I have to work, requiring an entire new outfit.

So later…..

Day 226: Friday 11 December

December 11, 2009

At last! My Christmas spectacular is complete. Almost.

I still have a 10m strip of blue rope light to position artfully and I have to ‘install’ my crocheted nativity scene somewhere.

This year I have incorporated something very special. And it’s all courtesy of a great suggestion from Fatty Boomsticks in Tokyo.

Kanga + jeans + rope light = art

Is that a giant pair of rope light jeans I hear the world ask. Why yes, I respond, it is. They are a little abstract but I believe on the level of a pictograph you’ll be able to figure it out.

On to today’s gurn and get-up.

Sunshiney gurn and everybody's laughing

Top: Not worn much lately, Joe’s Jeans jacket

Bottom: Vintage denim, Landlubber flares. Aaaahhhh lovely

Accessory: Nameless, brandless denim shoulder bag. Much loved

Gurn: Low key lip gurn

Here it is up close and horrible

Sunshine on my gurn makes me happy

Day 225: Thursday 10 December

December 10, 2009

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 4

I’m off to Yum Cha today. However, for some foolish reason, rather than wearing the maternity jeans given to me with the statement “They are great for yum cha” I have gone for super snug fit jeans with bonus visible muffin because of a short shirt.

What a fool?!? Oh well. Maybe tight pants will halt the usual super gorge fest YoD revels in. Doubtful, but you never know.

In other news I am still furiously working on my very special Christmas light display. But shit keeps getting in the way. I’ll never get it done! Aaarrgghhh!

Pretty pre-yum-cha gurn posture

Top: VG Jeans prettily press studded ladies shirt, cos I’m a little bit cuntry and I’m a  little bit western

Bottom: Miss Sixty oh so tight shorty jeans with gut spill

Accessory: Itty bitty denim thongs

Gurn: It seems to me that I can’t gurn unless my eyes are rolled back in my head, so once again it’s zombie style. I’m calling it the Pretentious Zombie

Gurn + string art = zombie sophistication

Day 224: Wednesday 9 December

December 9, 2009

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 3

It’s an early morning gurn in denim today.

The beach is calling me for a pre-work swim, which in some ways sucks, cos I’m tired. The gurning is taking it out of me. It’s an added stress on top of the daily denim decision. Now I have to decide what to wear AND what to gurn!

And I have lost my iPod.  So if you find it let me know. It’s very distinctive. It’s white with music on it.

Gurn Week: Day 3

Early morning gurn, or am I just yawning?

Top: Benetton dark denim jacket

Bottom: Gap skinny long legs

Accessory: Two tone Mambo denim bag

Gurn: Zombie yawn

Here’s a full frontal of that gurn…

Eye rolling + tongue waving = real pretty

Day 223: Tuesday 8 December

December 8, 2009

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 2

Sheez. You YoD readers are getting value for your non-payments.

There is so much to look at it’s mind blowing.

I have had quite a bit of feedback about the week of gurning.

If you have a suggested face you think I should pull send in a comment and I will attempt to pull that face this week.

And today you get two gurns, because I decided, after taking the photos, that I couldn’t really wear my preferred outfit today. In act I’m not really sure WHEN I can wear it or where. No doubt an opportunity will rise where this item is the appropriate garment and no doubt that day will appear right here.

Gurn Week: Day 2

Bonus back and front gurn shot + undie glimpses

Top & Bottom combo: One Teaspoon pinafore mini. So mini you can see my undies, which, as you all know, with me being such a modest person, I just could not bring myself to wear to Bunnings today

Gurn: I call this the Zombie

So it was back to the wardrobe to scrounge for another outfit AND another gurn…

Gurn Week: Day 2

Gurn steps up a notch to shades of the Elephant Man

Top: Mum’s denim vest

Bottom: Perfect match with the JeansWest denim black ‘n bleach mini

Accessory: Going for grey all over dark grey denim cap

Gurn: Angry toothless granny gurn

Want a close-up? To bad, you’re getting one…

Gurn Week: Day 2

Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, gurn