Post Denim Party picture fest

May 2, 2010


Thanks for coming to my end of the Year of Denim Party. You all looked amazing, filling my house to over flowing with denim.

I got up this morning (shattered) to find every surface smeared with either bright blue icing or blue curacao. Everything sticky, and food EVERYWHERE! So much food! Too much food. Cakes all over the place everywhere, denim climbing the walls, bottles strewn around the place (inside and out) and me feeling not right. At all.

But what a night! I had a great time all because of YOU!

Special thanks to Schappylle Scragg for bringing her beautiful self all the way from Smellbourne (her word not mine).

Don’t think I am capable of writing much more today. On to the party picture fest…

Year of Denim cakes, after the party

This is what the cakes looked like today

Once again, I thank you all for your hard work eating and drinking etc last night. And FYI FiGi is a party ANIMAL!!!!


Day 351: Thursday 15 April

April 15, 2010

I promised I’d get something together for the end of the Year of Denim… And there it is.

Loaned by Flaps: Day 4

For some reason Flaps and I didn’t actually sort out a full week of outfits. However, luckily Flaps have given many loans and donations to YoD, so this morning  have thrown together a couple of Flaps items to create a whole new Flaptastic outfit…

Backyard cock rock stance

Top: Awesome Wrangler denim jacket. I wish it were mine FOREVER

Bottom: Freshly lent by Flaps, all the way from Japan, very convincing stone wash jeggings. They are thicker than your regular jegging but as a result there is a tendency, which if you look at the photo IS evident, for the crotch to head south

Accessory: Denim gym boots

And don’t forget, tonight I will be getting my gear off at Vanessa Wagner’s Unisex Amateur Strip Night at the Oxford at Taylors Square. Yeah yeah! This will WILL be part of  Flaps Choice, so don’t miss it!

Day 341: Monday 5 April 2010

April 5, 2010

I am bravely heading out in the world today wearing jeggings. No shirt, short or skort to cover up muffin, camel toe or arse issues.

In this final month of the Year of Denim I figure I must be fearless,.I must do all those denim looks I swore I would do or swore I wouldn’t do. Not that I remember swearing to show off my lower half in nothing but a bit of 2 way stretch.

Year of Denim

Jeggings from behind, courtesy of Supre's $5 rack

Year of Denim

Jeggings from the side, too scared to give the full frontal

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket, a keeper I think

Bottom: As I said, Supre pretend stone-wash jeggings, with printed stitching, pockets and a fly

Accessory: Denim bag in motion

Day 292: Monday 15 February

February 15, 2010

Another rainy Monday. I was supposed to help Dad paint his boat today but the wet weather has put the kybosh on that. I had my dirty work denims all ready to go. I had to rethink my get-up.

Here’s what I came up with…

Kitchen table pose down with shell art figurines

Top: The vest that Mum made

Bottom: The Xmas jeggings, which I have been using as yoga pants

Accessory 1: Denim cuff/ watchband

Accessory 2: Denim birkenstocks

Accessory 3: Denim shoulder bag with red piping

You know what? The weather is clearing. I may get to do some boat painting after all… Stay tuned for work clothes update, or not.

Day 279: Tuesday 2 February

February 2, 2010

Nobody has noticed how late today’s blog is. This means either nobody is reading it or nobody cares, or both!

The reason I am so late in blogging is my action packed day I, and I haven’t even made it into work yet!

So I got up super early to hit that 6am yoga class. Probably a little ambitious as I didn’t get back from work till well after midnight, but I made it! And I enjoyed it!

Covered with post-yoga slime I met up with Goffas and we made the early-ish trek down to Bondi for some surf ‘n snorkel.

I surfed , she swam. I got hit by a deadly wave of blue bottles, she didn’t. The sting itself wasn’t too bad. Stingy, a bit sharp, but manageable. It’s the aftermath that was horrible.

At first my leg got a little hot, then a ghastly achy pain made itself known in my groin (I needed a cold compress and a firm hand!). My whole leg was hot and I felt waves of heat running up my body. Then as we sat down to breakfast it felt as if I had the most excruciating hip, pelvis, back and groin injury. The Australian Winter Olympic team’s entire injury list was being made apparent on the right side of my lower body.

I felt sick with pain and had waves of nausea. I couldn’t sit still it was so uncomfortable. I writhed, grimaced, moaned yet somehow managed to still eat my toast.

About an hour later the muscle pain subsided and in another hour had completely vanished. So weird.

Of course after all that drama I was shattered and had to have a little lie down to recover…

Still haven't mastered new camera's exciting features such as focus

Top: Moji shirt from last night casually worn over a red singlet

Bottom: I have really taken to wearing these particular Xmas gifted jeggings to yoga. They actually cover my crack, a miracle in leggings!

Accessory: The bed is surrounded by denim. Strewn across the end of the bed, around the bed, on the floor, the hanging wardrobe is overloaded, bags everywhere. And to the beach I took a denim shoulder bag, denim wallet, denim yoga mat, blah blah blah

There was another outfit change after the bed wear, but being silly I forgot to photograph  me in my mow-the-lawn gear. I looked great. Honestly. I always do.

Off to work gear…

And now I have to rock into work with just the faintest burning sensation around my leg where the blue bottle draped itself.

Sometimes I think I'm headless. Now I know it's the truth because fancy new cameras don't lie

Top: Cute VG denim shirt. Yes, this new camera is taking some mastery. I keep forgetting to set the focus, set the aperture, set the self timer. By the end of YoD  should get some decent images

Bottom: Gap jean loaners or donators, I’m not sure

Accessory: Goffas given denim Japanese bag, red wine spillage completely invisible

Day 257: Monday 11 January

January 11, 2010

Would you believe it’s still 40+ degrees here in Adelaide? I am almost relieved to be heading back to Sydney today. Yes, it means the end of my summer holiday and back to the intellectual and physical stimulation of work. But it also means moderate temperatures in the high 20s where you are aren’t forced to go to the cinema to see Avatar to stay cool only to find it’s sold out because everyone else in Adelaide had the same idea.

So yesterday after being rejected by Hoyts we went to the beach again. Although Adelaide’s beaches are really just the same long flat hot stretch of sand yesterday we went to a section called Brighton. It was definitely more 3D than Avatar, and I bet Avatar hasn’t got a jetty.

Massive waves smashing into Brighton jetty, not

The beaches are so strange here. Absolutely no swell and you have to walk about 100m to get water above your knees. There are no headlands to look at just a vast expanse of sky and sea meeting with barely a ripple to tell you yes, this is the ocean.

And the architecture in Adelaide is interesting too, like this beauty at Brighton…

Giant cactus + blonde brick + no trees = beachside vernacular

On a more interesting note here’s today’s stunning sun and heat repelling outfit…

Puffy eyed Bush Boxer takes a walk in the scrub

Top: Supre heavy duty denim vest, pre-aged and super hot to wear. Why did I bring it into a heatwave? I don’t know

Bottom: Jeggings Christmas gift. When I wore them to Viv’s party on Friday I suspect the tightness of their ‘cuff’ caused me to get kankles, which I have never had before so I was horrified and thought I had deep vein thrombosis

Accessory: Little denim dilly bag, perfectly sized for a denim wallet, mobile phone, camera and glasses