Day 357: Tuesday 20 April

April 20, 2010

Today is a significant date. There are only 10 days remaining in the Year of Denim. TEN DAYS!!!!

I need to be making the most of these last days. Wearing my most loved denims, or most hated. Because after next Friday I need never wear stone-wash jeggings, jackets or over-alls ever again. I can stop being concerned with my appearance as I won’t have to take a picture of me and blog it.

Although I could still if I wanted to. Do I want to? I don’t know.

A pensive pose as the Year of Denim grinds to a halt

Top: Knockout stretch denim suit style jacket. It’s too small!

Bottom: They were here decades before the Year of Denim and they’ll be here decades after, Landlubber flares from America, from the 1970s

Accessory: Little denim hand bag. Tiny


Day 262: Saturday 16 January

January 16, 2010

Change is hard I think the cliché goes, and don’t go changing is another. I’m stuck somewhere between these two greeting card homilies. Luckily I have denim to keep me on track, and watching flies fuck while I blog always passes the time.

Backyard sulk with football, tomatoes and passionfruit

Top: Black denim vest courtesy of mum

Bottom: Gap jeans, donated

Accessory: Forgot to carry it into the photo. Never fear I’ll use yesterday’s bag again

Day 201: Monday 16 November

November 16, 2009

Melancholy Monday.


Somewhere between The Green Lady and the Island Girl

Top: Supre vest getting a solid workout as the days heat up

Bottom: T Plus denim shorts

Accessory: Glamour Girl denim cap suppressing big time bed hair

Day 180: Monday 26 October 2009

October 26, 2009

There’s some serious weather around.

I think it might have killed this bird (a finch??) that Fifi found down the road and brought back to the House of Denim. It was alive when it got here last night, but this is what it looked like this morning…

It looked so sweet when it was alive, awfully dead now

It looked so sweet when it was alive, awfully dead now

I am still officially sick at home, so I am dressed to match that state. Shleppy. Although I am quite pleased it’s cold enough for me to strap on a beanie.

Nothing to do but prepare my tax. V boring

I contemplate the fragility of life and taxes

Top: Fletcher Jeans jacket. Somewhere I have the jeans to match that would fit like a dream if I was size 22

Bottom: Love your denim lounging jeans

Accessory: A gift from Tip Topp, a denim mobile phone ‘pouch’. I am also using it as a moneybag + key carrier. Want to see it up close?

'Animob' carry-all, as long as it's only tiny

'Animob' carry-all, as long as it's only tiny

Day 177: Friday 23 October

October 23, 2009

I tried valiantly to blog earlier today, but it was broken.

Now it’s fixed and I’ve been through three outfits already.

Why three? Let me tell you…

When I got up this morning I intended to go to work after a doctor’s appointment. However, it was clearly evident after being up, dressed, breakfasted and having taken my YOD picture that there was no way I could go to work.  I can barely talk. It was the return of the Super Husky Year of Denim.

Watch out Lois Armstrong, Kim Carne and more recently Mickey Rourke, coz now I’m in a semi-permanent state of huskiness.

So here’s my number one, ‘I’m going to work’ outfit…

Eyes hidden because the bags under them are bigger than the one on my shoulder

Eyes hidden behind sunnies as the bags under them are bigger than the bag on my shoulder

Top: Blockout stretch denim jacket. And that face is because I’m sucking on a medicinal butter menthol

Bottom: Super dooper high waisted flares from the house of Dragstar, who are having a garage sale tomorrow. Cheap awesome stuff for sale from Dragstar and their kiddie line, plus bonus vintage extras

Accessory: Dragstar pale denim bag denim

It was now around 9am, and I must say the weather was really hotting up. It was way too hot to be wearing a ployester body-shirt under a semi-synthetic denim jacket. As I was no longer going to work I decided to shrug off the above highly corporate look for my visit to the doctor.

So I changed into this…

Double Dragstar denim... Just do it!

Double Dragstar denim... Just do it!

Top: Too tight to button, button-up Dragstar vest, twinned with…

Bottom: Dragstar high-waisted extraordinarily gorgeous flares

Accessory: Denim birkenstocks. Gotta keep those feet healthy, especially as the rest of me is packing it in

Now it’s midday, and it is hot hot hot. So I’ve changed, for the third time into this outfit…

My position for next couple of days, doctor's orders

My position for next couple of days, doctor's orders

Top: That Dragstar vest, while truly amazing, is also so tight it chafes me under the arms. So I’ve dressed down onto the Supre version.  Less hot, definitely not as cool

Bottom: Jeans West denim skirt. And before anyone asks, no I am not doing Britney or Paris. I AM wearing undies, they just happen to be pink

Accessory: Still got healthy denim Birkenstock clad feet

Hopefully this is it for the time being. If a southerly change comes through the city I suppose I’ll be changing AGAIN!!!

Day 158: Sunday 4 October

October 4, 2009

Better, but not best. But I’m up, and I’m dressed. So that’s all a huge step forward.

Truth is I’m ready to head back to napsville, and might even do that shortly.

Sorry about yesterday’s no new photo. I really wasn’t capable.

I admire the rain

I admire the rain

Top: Fletcher Jeans jacket. After spending the last week under my denim doonah I have noticed that there is a piece of Fletcher jeans in the mix. Good to know Newcastle got the quality denim back in the day

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, almost a tradition for Sundays now

Accessory: Glamour Girl hat from Japan, because I feel just sooooo glamorous right now

Day 153: Tuesday 29 September

September 29, 2009

Sorry for the very late blog. I know there are 1000’s of people on the edge of their seats waiting to see what I’m wearing today.

Latest news is that I have a very sore throat and can barely talk. When I DO talk I sound like a cross between Tom Waits and Gollum.

Why does my blog voice sound so clear with such great projection? Going by my blog voice I’d assume I’d have a terrific singing voice. And it is terrific but more in the sense that terrific comes from ‘terrify’. You who have experienced my tuneless yet enthusiastic bellowing know what I mean.

If I tried singing today it would come out a very weird hoarse and husky whisper and would probably kill my vocal chords for good. ‘Good’ I hear you say Mr PN, however I’m hoping my voice returns to it’s usual lusty tuneless bellow by the time the Year of Denim meets it’s half way point, in exactly 1 month. Yes in 1 month I’ll have made it to the half way mark of The Year of Denim.

Here’s what I wore to the doctor. Can’t guarantee I’ll be in it all day. Tracksuit pants and bed are calling me…

I have my new Monthly to read in the sun

I have my new Monthly to read in the sun

Top: The Dragstar vest is as close as I’ll get to glamour today

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, scrappy

Accessory: Denim gm boots, sweaty

I’m off to take some antibiotics, followed by  handful of butter menthols. Yum