Day 352: Friday 16 April

April 16, 2010

Flaps fashions: Day 5

Check out my updated multi-media denim package

I must thank the awesome, talented, witty, charming and bolshie Vanessa Wagner for hosting her Unisex: Amateur Strip Night at the Oxford Hotel. Unfortunately last night was the final, which is very sad as it is a very funny adults only night, mid week too, meaning Oxford Street is a decent place to visit.

There’s a slight nudity warning on this video, nothing you wouldn’t see down at the beach, but a bit of boob action nonetheless. Extra massive thanks to Tx for his most excellent camera work too. So that’s my parental warning, here’s the vid!

The amazing suit in which I begin the ‘act’ comes from the Fashion House of Flaps. It is a spectacular example of high 1980s fashion: shoulder pads, pleated pants, narrow ankle, double breasted with a lace overprint to boot…

A tiny bit of watermelon flavoured lip gloss... that's why the lady is foxy

It’s also got an incredible lable…

Yes, this suit is GANGSTER!

I must point out the shoes too. They are denim, posted down by a very special lady in Brisbane…

There's nothing quite like a nice denim court shoe is there?

The only let down in the outfit, at this early stage, is my hair. I couldn’t decide which hideous old lady wig to wear so I wore none.

And I don’t think a revolting old ratted wig would have set off this particular item on which I spent days and days ‘studding’…

A big vat of of sizzling studded FAT!


nterim report… Check back later for a denim multi-media event


I have been grappling, wrestling, shouting at the dog to stop scratching (even though she is deaf and can’t hear a thing), yelling at my computer and generally raging against the (macbook) machine.

Why? I’ll tell you why! God-damn video!

As you all know (if you read this blog regularly) last night I stepped out of denim… literally. I stripped. I flashed. I wobbled. I grimaced and generally horrified a few people including myself once I viewed the video.

So this morning in an effort to move this blog into the realm of multi-media I thought I’ll just quickly edit that video and pop it up.

Harumph! Scream! Rage! Frustration!

But at last I succeeded.

Anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today…

I don't know whose wig I'm wearing this morning but I like it!

Top: That terrific Wrangler jacket I love so much. Thanks Flaps for letting me stink it up

Bottom: Levi’s flares with red stitching and nice crotch repairs

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag. It wasn’t in Flaps brief for this outfit, but I needed an accessory, and I needed a bag because I THOUGHT I’d be leaving the house early. Instead I have been sitting on the computer editing video for HOURS!


Day 306: Monday March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Today marks the beginning of the eleventh month of the Year of Denim.

To celebrate I shed ALL my clothes at the Spencer Tunich photo shoot down at the Opera House this morning. By morning I mean I got up at 3.15am to make it down there by 4am. Now I’m fucked, fagged, exhausted and thankfully reclothed.

It’s funny how Sydney has been So hot, SO humid and this morning was (relatively) cold. The one night I would love it to be 24 degrees and dripping with slimy sweatiness, it’s a southerly blowing, grey, overcast and cool.

Back to nudity.

Spencer Tunick was invited to Sydney by¬† Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to create a work at the Opera House.

The photo shoot was unexpectedly a very moving and beautiful experience, but also funny. All that massed flesh was a spectacle for sure, and being IN that mass of flesh was so, well, normal.

Many people were having a little performance anxiety at the beginning, but when half the crowd stripped and the other half clapped and cheered the carnival atmosphere took over and it was a joy to be naked.

The best part was being nude inside the Opera House’s concert hall, an experience it is VERY unlikely I’ll ever get to repeat. I can imagine, for instance, streaking up the Opera House steps. But unless I one day go totally insane, I cannot imagine ever again standing on a Concert Hall seat, nude, draped and looking down on a literal carpet of nude bodies on the stage.

There were a few annoying wags in the audience, cracking bad jokes, and one man did have to be evicted for being a bit revolting. Otherwise I only saw a single lone erection and people were very well behaved, but also kind, respectful and joyful.

I respected Spencer Tunick’s request for no photos once clothes were off, though I was in the minority, so I only have fully clad photos. If you want a voyeuristic view of the morning through mass media’s fully clothed eyes, click here…

Here’s my pic, but it sort of looks like a rock concert, smoke machine and all, on the Opera House Steps…

Year of Denim Day 306: Spencer Tunick photo shoot on Opera House steps

Gearing up to gear down

And so I admit I was in public without ANY denim or ANY clothes on at all. Arrest me if you like for breaking the Year of Denim rules, but I am glad to have experienced an amazing and sublime nude spectacle.

Year of Denim Day 306: Spencer Tunick photo shoot on Opera House steps

Photo taken by PJ before I got nude

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket. But I got cold and could have done with something more thermally inclined

Bottom: Cos I’m lazy and getting out of bed at 3.15am to make any fashion decisions is beyond me, same jeans as last night… Levi’s flares

Accessory: Denim holder bag, same as last night, too tired/busy/lazy to unpack and choose another

I will now spend some quality time recovering. Maybe in front of the tele (that’s TV not Daily Telegraph), maybe in or on bed, or perhaps an assortment of positions will be struck ala Spencer Tunick’s photo shoot this morning.