Day 264: Monday 18 January

January 18, 2010

The start of a new week, fresh beginnings, new horizons, silver linings, greener pastures blah blah blah.

Now that’s this week, but last night was a step back in time, a before Kylie sang about it kind-of-evening. Yes, it was the Circa 1979 bash at the… drum roll… Sando. Barely anyone there under the age of 30, no make that 40, so it was a mature crowd for people making mature post-punk (hence the circa 1979 tag) music.

I saw Scattered Order, who looked like they’d just left the nursing home but were pretty damn noisy, rockin’, electricky and a tad disco. They were followed by a band I missed as I was watching the legendary “My digits are my instruments” PeteNel eat his dinner.

I did make it back in time for No-V-Bleet who were brief but sure know how to play guitar…

No-V-Bleet head banging to the drum machine

And then it as time for the headline act, the very famous, handsome and pretty Wild West. In the first song the singer was inaudible, but things picked up after that and I could almost make out some lyrics, which have all slipped my mind now.

Wild West working their wiles on a willing audience

The young folk got into the swing of it and some of them even got up and started dancing. One lady looked like she had stepped right out of 1982. She was wearing one of Dad’s striped business shirts, had a very decent set of eyebrows, that bouffy on top short back ‘n sides hair so popular 25+ years ago, and even more incredibly she could do the post punk, pre-new-wave arm flailing dance that was all the rage back in 1980.

I think she was trying to catch the attention of Wild West’s gorgeous and legendary guitarist…

PeteNel lets his magic fingers do the talking

The show then ended up in a sort of super group showdown when the girls from Pel Mel stepped up to join Wild West for a finale of their awesome song “No word from China”.

Pel Mel hit the stage, PeteNel sits down with green guitar

Jude gives into the bullying and sings her heart out

And you know? They almost did sound like this…

So that was last night. Here’s today’s office wear. And I’m on my bike again today so the helmet will get a workout too…

Blue skies and old dogs

Top: Levi’s classic denim jacket

Bottom: Gap skinnyish leg jeans

Accessory: Denim gym boots, and in my pocket is my denim wallet

And in the news this week, jeans made in North Korea… I wonder when they’ll turn up in the local op-shop?