Day 356: Monday 19 April

April 19, 2010

What a relief to dress one’s self.

After a week of living under Flaps orders, yesterday the ‘girls’ dropped over for a bit of a photo shoot, a homage to various people, photographers and images. Sometime soon there will  be a special blog on the shoot with a guest blogger filling the denim hot seat.

As you can imagine I was bossed up the jacksy all afternoon.

It was strange to have my own agency back when I awoke this morning. I could choose whatever denim I wanted. Nobody to say no your legs look short in that, that’s not nice or those jeans are wrong, or simply getting you to wear combos you hadn’t considered before.

Not that I’ve let it go to my head. My look is understated, work-a-day double denim…

As with guns, shoot low, aim high

Top: Blue Asphalt dark shiny denim jacket

Bottom: Industrie jeans, they seem to have stolen my bum

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag

And a special thank you this morning to DHo for reigniting the bike riding. ep, I’m strapping on my denim helmet and pedal powering to work


Day 349: Tuesday 13 April

April 13, 2010

Flaps’ Choice: Day 2

What a beautiful morning. So beautiful I thought I would snap the photo today down by the glorious Cook River. It’s magnificent waters rolling could provide a beautiful backdrop for Flaps second day of dressing YoD.

However. I took Taxi the dog with me, forgetting how decrepit and silly she is as she approaches her 15th year. She ambled off, I scrambled after her. So the photo wasn’t quite as scenic as I would like, and being a bozo I didn’t check my images. I just assumed they were awesome and beautiful when in act they were strangely exposed and one set was completely out of focus.

Perhaps I’m getting sloppy as YoD winds up.

Posing with a casuarina, swamp looms behind

Top: Spunky Fresh Jive denim jacket from the House of Flaps

Bottom: Gap skinny jeans, YoD’s own

Accessory 1: Very cute zippered denim bag provided by Flaps

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots. Scrappy

Day 327: Monday 22 March

March 22, 2010

Today I bid farewell to the Week of Thigh Chafe. Whoops, I mean the Week of Skirt, Skort and Dress and thankfully, gratefully, return to a nice pair of legged, crotched jeans.

In other news I am also beginning to pack up for a mid North Coast holiday. Yep, I  will be pushing the boundaries of YoD’s telecommunications set up by blogging from the remote(ish) holiday destination of Hat Head.

I’ve bought a wireless modem, I’ve bought some credit and I’m hitting the road, but not until Wednesday. In an effort to be organised I am trying to pack early.

In the meantime I’m wearing this…

Year of Denim: Day 327

Toilet paper - check; cossie - check; denim shorts - check; gimp bear - uh no

Top: Streeetch denim shirt, rides up nicely to reveal the fat sitting on my hips

Bottom: JJs skinny leg jeans

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots, unworn for the past week

Accessory 2: Small denim shoulder bag by Mavi

And can SOMEONE do SOMETHING about my damn hair???

In a little diversion, I am pleased to note that even celebrities where jeggings. Not just aging denim bloggers like me. Check out Dannii Minogue rocking a jeggings + fluoro maternity top.

And compare that with me wearing jeggings here, here and here

Day 280: Wednesday 3 February

February 3, 2010

Gee whiz. People really don’t give a rats care about the blog! I have had phone calls and text messages galore (2) worrying that I had gone into some kind of allergic shock to the blue bottle kiss yesterday.

Where’s the blog, was the cry! Are you alright, was another cry! Are you dead? Hospitalised?

No. None of that. I have been busy polishing the House of YoD for it’s annual inspection and knew that I would be updating the blog for my evening wear so was intending to just do it all later. However I have responded to the audience’s demands and I am rushing a post through, which will then be updated in another hour or so when I dress for the meat eating fest I am going to in the early evening. Ribs anyone??!?

Here’s my cleaning lady outfit…

Due to popular demand here I am, wham bam, not glam

Top: Supre vest getting loaded with sweat

Bottom: Rusty chambre shorts, clean when  put ’em on, filthy now

Accessory: My denim wallet came with me when I took Taxi the dog for walk this morning

Eating out outfit…

Eating out at a gorge yourself meat-eating competition means I need to be thoughtful about what I wear.

If I wear super loose clothes will that encourage me to eat even more?

If  wear super tight clothes will that make me feel sick and force me to regurgitate when I inevitably over eat?

It’s a fine balance one has to achieve…

Do I wear maternity pants or super skinny jeans?

The choice was a hard one between maternity jeans on the left (the come highly recommended by DaHo for yum-cha) which re so comfy you feel naked, or super skinny jeans that act as a kind of tourniquet around you gut, a kind of non-surgical stomach band.

In the end I went for the super skinnys, because as you can see in the picture above, they don’t actually go over my gut, leaving it to expand comfortably as the feast trickles down my gullet all night long…

I am also wearing a tie coz I want to do what they do in American movies when they eat ribs… throw the tie over their shoulder!

Skinny jeans filled out by my fat, with more to come

Top: Stretch denim shirt

Bottom: JJs super skinny stone wash style jeans, zipper fixed so gaping is a thing of the past

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots

Accessory 2: I reckon my tie is kinda fake denim so I reckon it counts in the tally. It’s also got someone else’s name on it. Classy!

Mr Byrne why did you give up this tie? It's lovely

Day 264: Monday 18 January

January 18, 2010

The start of a new week, fresh beginnings, new horizons, silver linings, greener pastures blah blah blah.

Now that’s this week, but last night was a step back in time, a before Kylie sang about it kind-of-evening. Yes, it was the Circa 1979 bash at the… drum roll… Sando. Barely anyone there under the age of 30, no make that 40, so it was a mature crowd for people making mature post-punk (hence the circa 1979 tag) music.

I saw Scattered Order, who looked like they’d just left the nursing home but were pretty damn noisy, rockin’, electricky and a tad disco. They were followed by a band I missed as I was watching the legendary “My digits are my instruments” PeteNel eat his dinner.

I did make it back in time for No-V-Bleet who were brief but sure know how to play guitar…

No-V-Bleet head banging to the drum machine

And then it as time for the headline act, the very famous, handsome and pretty Wild West. In the first song the singer was inaudible, but things picked up after that and I could almost make out some lyrics, which have all slipped my mind now.

Wild West working their wiles on a willing audience

The young folk got into the swing of it and some of them even got up and started dancing. One lady looked like she had stepped right out of 1982. She was wearing one of Dad’s striped business shirts, had a very decent set of eyebrows, that bouffy on top short back ‘n sides hair so popular 25+ years ago, and even more incredibly she could do the post punk, pre-new-wave arm flailing dance that was all the rage back in 1980.

I think she was trying to catch the attention of Wild West’s gorgeous and legendary guitarist…

PeteNel lets his magic fingers do the talking

The show then ended up in a sort of super group showdown when the girls from Pel Mel stepped up to join Wild West for a finale of their awesome song “No word from China”.

Pel Mel hit the stage, PeteNel sits down with green guitar

Jude gives into the bullying and sings her heart out

And you know? They almost did sound like this…

So that was last night. Here’s today’s office wear. And I’m on my bike again today so the helmet will get a workout too…

Blue skies and old dogs

Top: Levi’s classic denim jacket

Bottom: Gap skinnyish leg jeans

Accessory: Denim gym boots, and in my pocket is my denim wallet

And in the news this week, jeans made in North Korea… I wonder when they’ll turn up in the local op-shop?


Day 254: Friday 8 January

January 8, 2010

Happy 40th Viv!!

Off to the exciting metropolis of Adelaide today to help Viv celebrate her milestone (millstone). But first I really do have to pull down some Christmas lights.

I packed away the crochet nativity scene the other day. Here are exciting photos of that activity…

Little baby Jesus safely wrapped up in denim swaddling

Mary without her denim veil but with a touch of Bethleham belly

As I was carefully packing the Holy Mother away I noticed an apparition on the back of her veil/hijab. Was it the face of God? Aaah, no. I think poor Mary has had the squirts. I didn’t wash her though, just put her in the plastic bag with all the others. Is that disrespectful?

Bearing gifts of frankinscense, denim and myhrrh

You will know him by his denim crown

Bored with all the craft? Well here’s my in-flight outfit, front and back view today just because…

Do I look like a model? Naah pose all you like, you're not model material

And from behind….

Lots of behind but not much arse

Top: I am really into the cheap denim now that I have discovered the Supre outlet store, nothing over $15! This pre-aged denim vest looks the works

Bottom: More cheap denim, both in price and label. JeansWest ‘Skinny’ jeans. What I like is how they sort of look like jeggings

Accessory: Lightfoot Studios loaner bag. High fashion not low. I have a funny story about Lightfoot Studios but I don’t think I should put it in writing…

See you all tomorrow with an exciting blog from Adelaide.

Day 224: Wednesday 9 December

December 9, 2009

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 3

It’s an early morning gurn in denim today.

The beach is calling me for a pre-work swim, which in some ways sucks, cos I’m tired. The gurning is taking it out of me. It’s an added stress on top of the daily denim decision. Now I have to decide what to wear AND what to gurn!

And I have lost my iPod.  So if you find it let me know. It’s very distinctive. It’s white with music on it.

Gurn Week: Day 3

Early morning gurn, or am I just yawning?

Top: Benetton dark denim jacket

Bottom: Gap skinny long legs

Accessory: Two tone Mambo denim bag

Gurn: Zombie yawn

Here’s a full frontal of that gurn…

Eye rolling + tongue waving = real pretty