Day 352: Friday 16 April

April 16, 2010

Flaps fashions: Day 5

Check out my updated multi-media denim package

I must thank the awesome, talented, witty, charming and bolshie Vanessa Wagner for hosting her Unisex: Amateur Strip Night at the Oxford Hotel. Unfortunately last night was the final, which is very sad as it is a very funny adults only night, mid week too, meaning Oxford Street is a decent place to visit.

There’s a slight nudity warning on this video, nothing you wouldn’t see down at the beach, but a bit of boob action nonetheless. Extra massive thanks to Tx for his most excellent camera work too. So that’s my parental warning, here’s the vid!

The amazing suit in which I begin the ‘act’ comes from the Fashion House of Flaps. It is a spectacular example of high 1980s fashion: shoulder pads, pleated pants, narrow ankle, double breasted with a lace overprint to boot…

A tiny bit of watermelon flavoured lip gloss... that's why the lady is foxy

It’s also got an incredible lable…

Yes, this suit is GANGSTER!

I must point out the shoes too. They are denim, posted down by a very special lady in Brisbane…

There's nothing quite like a nice denim court shoe is there?

The only let down in the outfit, at this early stage, is my hair. I couldn’t decide which hideous old lady wig to wear so I wore none.

And I don’t think a revolting old ratted wig would have set off this particular item on which I spent days and days ‘studding’…

A big vat of of sizzling studded FAT!


nterim report… Check back later for a denim multi-media event


I have been grappling, wrestling, shouting at the dog to stop scratching (even though she is deaf and can’t hear a thing), yelling at my computer and generally raging against the (macbook) machine.

Why? I’ll tell you why! God-damn video!

As you all know (if you read this blog regularly) last night I stepped out of denim… literally. I stripped. I flashed. I wobbled. I grimaced and generally horrified a few people including myself once I viewed the video.

So this morning in an effort to move this blog into the realm of multi-media I thought I’ll just quickly edit that video and pop it up.

Harumph! Scream! Rage! Frustration!

But at last I succeeded.

Anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today…

I don't know whose wig I'm wearing this morning but I like it!

Top: That terrific Wrangler jacket I love so much. Thanks Flaps for letting me stink it up

Bottom: Levi’s flares with red stitching and nice crotch repairs

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag. It wasn’t in Flaps brief for this outfit, but I needed an accessory, and I needed a bag because I THOUGHT I’d be leaving the house early. Instead I have been sitting on the computer editing video for HOURS!


Day 324: Friday 19 March

March 19, 2010

Day 5: Week of Skirt, skort and dress

Today is all about rock ‘n’ roll.

It’s a battle of the bands. Not just any bands but girl bands.

In my mind The Runaways were truly awesome  and Joan Jett wrote one of the best rock chick songs of all time in Cherry Bomb.

Another thing that ensures the Runaways are now officially amazing is the bio-pic that’s come out in the USA starring those 2 legends of the silver screen Kristen ‘Twilight’ Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota ‘War of the Worlds’ Fanning as Cherie Curie.

Check out the original Runaways. Rockin’ teenage girls rule!!

This song caused some consternation with YoD when a friend of mine said it was quote SHIT unquote. She then went on to say that Heart were a waaaay better girl band.

Just by comparing those two images of The Runaways and Heart it is easy to tell which band is the most awesomest. What does that Heart album cover say to you? It says to me Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.

Now The Runaways picture up top is another matter. Joan and Cherie’s matching outfits and poses? Awesome. The hair-does? Awesome. The car? Awesome.

How does Heart respond? A carriage and a man in pantaloons???

Well strictly speaking Heart are NOT an all girl band, but granted when I think of Heart I think, like with The Runaways, of a blonde chick and a brunette chick.

So hears Heart doing Barracuda.

In keeping with the rock theme I have gone a little rock fashion with my look while I was digging through my records this morning.

Let me see what I can find in my record collection

I found Joan Jett and The Runaways but no Heart. Telling

Top: I’ve gone for a double denim look courtesy of Lightfoots Studios starting off with this rockingly crafted denim vest

Bottom 1: Levi’s denim mini skirt

Bottom 2: Fake stone wash jeans leggings, ie. jeggings

Accessory 1: Lightfoot Studios awesome screen printed denim bag

Accessory 2: Denim cuff

Now YOU decide. Who are the rockingest COOLEST girl band: The Runaways or Heart

Day 88: Sunday 26 July

July 26, 2009

Is there a song about grey Sundays?

There’s Blue Monday, Manic Monday, Monday Monday, Stormy Monday.
Thursday has Ruby Tuesday.
Wednesday is a bit light in but there is Wednesday Morning am.
Um nothing springs to mind for Thursday.
Friday has heaps: Friday on my Mind and Friday’s Child for example.
Saturday there’s quite a few songs like A Roller Skating Jam called Saturday, Saturday Night’s Alright fo Fighting, Saturday Night etc.
And back to Sunday, which has a few: Sunday Morning, Sunday Bloody Sunday. But no song I know, even with the help of Google, has the words Grey Sunday in the title.

Todays IS a grey Sunday, and I’m a bit shleppy, but you can’t always be¬† scaling the heights of fashion. Well I can’t…

Me and The Green Lady have business to conduct... serious business

Me and The Green Lady have business to conduct... serious business

Top: Wrangler loaner. Noice.

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans. Comfy

Accessory: Denim belt loaner

Here’s that belt, on loan from AK…

Be warned, I'm a quick draw

Be warned, I'm a quick draw