Day 309: Thursday 4 March

March 4, 2010

I’ve done everything and now this week there’s nothing left to do.

I miss going to the Opera House every day. I miss being nude in the Concert Hall. I miss John Waters, Andy Warhol’s Screen tests and I miss the view of the harbour bridge.

Luckily I have work to fill that void.

Here’s a good shot of yesterday’s photo shirt. It has cars on it! Broommmm! It’s like wearing a shower curtain!

Here’s what I’m wearing today. Casual, invisible commuter styles…

Year of Denim: Day 310

Me, piles of denim, t-shirts, leopard skin painting

Top: White denim jacket itching to get filthy

Bottom: Gap skinny legs

Accessory: Lightfoot Studios hand crafted denim bag loaner


Day 160: Tuesday 6 October

October 6, 2009

Well how do you do? Me? I’m doing pretty well. No toilet issues yesterday arvo. I ate some delicious steamed rice without consequence last night AND I’ve had breakfast this morning. So yes, I feel fine, finer than for days.

Now if the rain would abate for the rest of the week so I can enjoy the Hawkesbury that would be awesome.

I’ve thrown off yesterday’s casual public holiday look for smart office attire today. Swish!

Office poise for high performance corporate grovelling

Office poise for high performance corporate grovelling

Top: Marcs shiny metallic sheeny suit jacket. Sleek!

Bottom: Industrie slim fit jeans

Accessory: Dragstar pale blue denim bag, ties in nicely with pale blue body shirt

DAY FREEKIN’ 100!!!!: Friday 7 August 2009!!!

August 7, 2009
Can you believe it? I have just completed 100 days of wearing denim: a top, a bottom and an accessory. Every day since April 30. What a fool. I have 256 days to go! Arrgghhhh.
Here are your kind suggestions as to how I should mark, celebrate, commemorate 100 days of denim…

1. Have a Double Denim Party … I cannot be arsed organising a party, buying stuff, cleaning and tidying ( before AND after) the house, buying booze, blowing up balloons etc etc. I might feel different at the 200 day mark.

2. Spend the whole day eating TOOBS … This is something I CAN achieve, especially now I have discovered Marrickville train station vending machine stocks Toobs! You must remember Toobs. They are in a denim styled pack and the have the “BBQ Tang”. The other bonus is the way they completely demolish the lining of your mouth!

3. A denim posse descending on a local- in the Ville … Unfortunately the ‘Ville’s pub’s are uniformly skanky. I choose to spend NO time in them. EVER!! For now.

Late entry…   Have a ritual bonfire burning the worst of the denim so far … The suggestor has also suggested that I burn today’s jacket because it’s “disgusting”


Anyway. My 100th day has been anything but easy so far. I got up and planned to do a quick repair on some enticing denim, but then the dog vomited. I clean it up, and get out the sewing machine.

She vomits again. FCUK!!! I curse and clean it up. I start to sew. FCUK!!! The machine keeps locking up. The dog vomits yet AGAIN! Triple FCUK!!

I clean it up, and got back to fiddling with the Janome. But wait… it is completely FCUKED!!

Curses!!  I move to Plan B for my 100th day of denim. Off to the bedroom I go to choose another outfit. Oh no. The dog has vomited in the bedroom. I could weep.

Finally I get to take my photo, but it’s not quite as good as I hoped. It does, however, feature something quite special…

Butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Red ceramic butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Top: Here it is, the most sumptuous piece of stone washing I have seen since 1984, Network brand denim stone washed, bat winged, over sized shoulders, suit style lapelled jacket, courtesy of my Southern Highlands fashion advisor, SL

Bottom: Not my original choice, Industrie dark ‘n skinny denims

Accessory 1: Brand new, and of course I’ve bought them a size too small, denim gym boots. FCUK!

Accessory 2: FCUK denim bag, a kind and generous donation from an old acquaintance, HMc

Word has it that today is Jeans for Genes day. Strange serendipity. I guess I should make a donation somewhere to validate all my denim wearing. And I still have no plans for tonight on marking this momentous occasion. I await more suggestions. Otherwise I might get into some real trouble, especially in THAT jacket…

Day 45: Saturday 12 June

June 13, 2009

Busy busy busy.

Today it’s boxing, followed by a trip up to the Hawkesbury to set a fire. Then in the afternoon a jaunt up to Newcastle to see some art. It’s at least a two outfit day, that’s what I’m planning for at any rate.

So here’s my first outfit in fighting fitness  mode…

Fight club goes Feminazi

Fight club goes Feminazi... Green Lady and me have unfinished business

Top: Supre, yes you read it right, Supre denim vest chambray really) to give that Rocky feel to Girl Fight Club

Bottom: Faux denim ‘Fightin Foxes’ track suit pants,, coz we are foxes who fight

Accessory: it’s the go to garment when I’m in a tight corner and need back up with muscle, the denim beach hat

Now I’m packing up the car and heading up the F3. This is what I’ll be wearing today, tonight…

I can't tell wether I'm cross eyed or tired. Anyways, the eyes are doing something strange

I can't tell wether I'm cross eyed or tired. Anyways, the eyes are doing something strange

Top: I am going for dark shades of denim with a jacket from Benetton. Originally I planned on a Levi’s jacket but it was too double denim, even for me, but I have judiciously Marlboro the denims with the metal thread cowboy shirt (it’s Marlboro, really!)

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans once again I have put aside the flares for the straight legs. My reasoning is that it gets jolly cold at the Hawkesbury and the up-draft in flares is very difficult to control

Accessory: No name denim shoulder bag. I love it.