Day 223: Tuesday 8 December

December 8, 2009

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 2

Sheez. You YoD readers are getting value for your non-payments.

There is so much to look at it’s mind blowing.

I have had quite a bit of feedback about the week of gurning.

If you have a suggested face you think I should pull send in a comment and I will attempt to pull that face this week.

And today you get two gurns, because I decided, after taking the photos, that I couldn’t really wear my preferred outfit today. In act I’m not really sure WHEN I can wear it or where. No doubt an opportunity will rise where this item is the appropriate garment and no doubt that day will appear right here.

Gurn Week: Day 2

Bonus back and front gurn shot + undie glimpses

Top & Bottom combo: One Teaspoon pinafore mini. So mini you can see my undies, which, as you all know, with me being such a modest person, I just could not bring myself to wear to Bunnings today

Gurn: I call this the Zombie

So it was back to the wardrobe to scrounge for another outfit AND another gurn…

Gurn Week: Day 2

Gurn steps up a notch to shades of the Elephant Man

Top: Mum’s denim vest

Bottom: Perfect match with the JeansWest denim black ‘n bleach mini

Accessory: Going for grey all over dark grey denim cap

Gurn: Angry toothless granny gurn

Want a close-up? To bad, you’re getting one…

Gurn Week: Day 2

Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, gurn


Day 184: Friday 30 October

October 29, 2009

Awesome early evening update

I’m coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
I’m coming out
I want the world to know
I got to let it show

Cough cough… Just a spot of karaoke rehearsal.


Ruffles + pouches + tranny heels = sexytacular

Here I am all joozed up to celebrate half way through the Year of Denim. Although it seems it doesn’t hold so much interest for other people as it’s only a select group joining me tonight. I wonder if the double denim scared everyone away?

Top: Moschino super tight super ruffled denim shirt

Bottom 1: Where would we be without Supre? Always delivering when it comes to high end street fashion signified in this bubble pouch skirt thing

Bottom 2: The denim leggings.  had to wear them. my bikini line is longer than that skirt!

Accessory: Current most fav shoes, tranny-esque no-name plastic fantastic heels. I hope  don’t ‘break a leg’ tonight

See you in the pits of Echo Point!

And this is what happened down in Echo Point…


Double denim female vocal power chords in full throttle


Siblings murdering music. Ouch, my ears hurt


Trix reveals his inner Karen Carpenter. Our ears bleed


Showy Summer Loving inversion working overtime


Siblings sitting out power singing session


Someone please explain the barbeque tongs sitting on the garbage bin...

184_October_30dFull double denim display post karaoke

I love karaoke. Until a real singer comes along, like  Miss Jane S, then I am simply ashamed at my poor musical ability. More bad singers next time, please, or I’ll ban it.

Bonus picture special…


People young and old embraced double denim to celebrate the half way point of the Year of Denim

I have had a special request for a full frontal of my Half Way Thru the Year of Denim  outfit.

Here it is…


Bonus cleavage, lipstick intact & F*ck Me shoes


Denim office wear for the half way point

Half way point. What a milestone! I can barely believe it myself.

Over the last few days I have been doing a denim inventory. Going through all my bits and pieces, wardrobe, miscellanea, deciding which is my favourite in each category, counting, documenting, wasting time. Check it all out here… Numbers, pictures, most favourite items. And that’s only at the half way point! Fingers crossed I can double the denim by the time April 30 2010 rolls around.

To honour the half way mark today I am wearing clothes and accessories that have attained Most Favourite status.

Check back late this afternoon to see the spectacular and sexy ensemble I will be donning to celebrate the half way point of the Year of Denim. If you care to join me I will be hitting Echo Point Karaoke slum from 9pm tonight, down stairs at 262 Pitt Street. Just remember to wear double denim.

Look for me on Sydney’s mean streets. I’ll be looking hot in quintuple denim. Yep, denim five ways.

You say double denim, I say quintuple!

You say double denim, I say quintuple!

Top 1: Dragstar cool as, so tight I’m getting armpit chafe, mid blue denim vest, a favourite right ow

Top 2: An oldie but a goodie, very vintage fake denim + bananas cowboy shirt, also my fav’ shirt right now

Bottom: Dragstar denim flares: high waist, high fashion, and also allowing the outfit to have that truly double denim touch, as well almost fulfilling my aspiration to own a denim suit

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots, wll concealed by the flares

Accessory 2: Did I say Chanel? I meant DENIM CHANEL handbag

Check back late this afternoon for my incredible karaoke denim wear. All I can say is BUSTY!!!

Day 156: Friday 2 October

October 2, 2009

I’m well! Apart from the minor inconvenience of a couple of cold sores.

It’s good to feel good I must say. I can swallow easily (always important for an orally fixated person like me), I can walk around, I can leave the house, in fact I am blogging after having done a variety of tasks this morning.

These tasks required me to get to Camperdown and then walk home along King St Newtown. What do you think I saw there? It was too early for the hipsters and too late for the commuters. Too early for the shops  and too late for breakfast. But what I DID see took my breath away.

A window display full of double denim. Yep. Double denim has hit the too cool for school, urban sophisticates of Newtown. And who was there, 5 months ago, leading the fashion from the front?


Blending into the window display on King St

Spot the difference ... me blending into a denim window display on King St

Top: Joe’s denim jacket

Bottom: Snug fit top to toe in Industrie jeans

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots

Accessory 2: Mavi denim bag

Once again special thanks to AK for today’s stellar photo

Day 105: Wednesday 12 August

August 12, 2009

Yesterday’s true blue through and through Dragstar combo was quite well received.

However I got the feeling from those around me that people thought I was wearing fancy dress.

Let me say emphatically NO!!! I was not playing dress ups, but playing for very high fashion stakes. Sometimes you have to take risks, and be ready to hear the critics. Armour yourself against the barbs, the arrows, the tongue lashings. So today I am flying under the radar, in a ‘costume’ that is all but invisible. I can guarantee I will not be noticed on the streets of Sydney in this take on double denim.

I puzzle over my handy work

I puzzle over my ceramic handy work

Top: One of my favs, Joes Jeans jacket, so fitted it nearly hurts

Bottom: Industrie jeans, so fitted there’s enough muffin for everyone

Accessory 1: Denim hat gifted at the beginning of YoD (Year of Denim)

Accessory 2: Denim  shoulder bag, no label, all style