Day 338: Good Friday 2 April

April 2, 2010

What a great Friday it has turned into here on my final full day in Hat Head. It’s also EXACTLY 4 weeks until the End of the Year of Denim.

This morning I got up, walked the dog and checked the surf. The sun is shining, but a small southerly wind is blowing keeping things cool. I ate breakfast, read for a bit. Then I hit the surf. And had a fantastic surf in perfect conditions for me. Lots of waves, a bit big but not too big, the water must be 23 degrees here, like a bath.

I had been surfing for at least an hour when there was a huge splash and a dolphin leapt into the air about 50m from where I was. A dolphin! After Wednesday’s rainbow it’s all a bit much!

After the life affirming dolphin/ surfing experience PN and I wandered down to the creek for a snorkel. Amazing clarity today, heaps of marine life, but none of the big ticket flashy types like turtles or rock cod. But it was lovely and I loved it and I can’t believe tomorrow morning I have to head back to Sydney.

Year of Denim

Poised artfully and denimfully on Ammaboolah's balcony

Top/ Bottom combo: Denim playsuit last worn in Noosa in June last year, and doesn’t it show off my tan line to excellent effect?

Accessory 1: Glittery denim hat with the brim folded trilby style

Accessory 2: Denim birkies. Comfy


Day 337: Thursday 1 April

April 1, 2010

It’s no joke, my holiday is about to end!

Only 2 more days of beauty, birds and bats, surf, sand and sunshine. I’ve got nothing in the April Fool’s bag so I’m playing the blog very straight.

After one day of rain and finally some surf yesterday, now it’s all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops and more surf.

This was the sight I saw walking onto the beach last night

The end of the rainbow is Hat Head Bowling club

The dogs loving the last of the light on the beach

Off to Crescent Head soon so I’m dressed like a retiree in old man’s denim shorts. They are virgin too!

Year of Denim

Me in old man pants outside Ammaboolah

Top: Chambre vest getting some heavy duty wear

Bottom: Top Gear by Crystal old man style denim shorts. Nice!

Accessory: Pale denim cap. Nasty

When I bought the pants the groovy tag was still on them…

Top Gear slacks style denim shorts

Day 336: Wednesday 31 March

March 31, 2010

A very very late blog today. That’s because I was surfing for hours, then I was exhausted, then I had to read, then it was raining, then I had lunch, then I read some more, then I realised bloody hell! I better get that stupid blog done!

So here I am

Very out of focus beach track photo, only the rain specks on the lens are sharp

Top: Black denim vest

Bottom: Junk jeans cut offs

Accessory: Unnecessary denim cap, no sun to hide from today

And here’s the full moon through the trees last night before the rain

Day 335: Tuesday 30 March

March 30, 2010

Another action packed day up here on the mid north coast of NSW.

Firstly I was woken up early by the birds, but really the bats through the night were nearly as noisy. But I’m glad I was woken up early because I got to see this…

Too much beauty makes me weep

Unfortunately I was spotted taking this photo in my undies by a middle aged couple doing their morning bike lap of the village. They said a cheery hello as they flew by.

I went back to bed for another 2 hours. After a slow start to the day we headed over to Hungry Beach to escape the howling nor’ easter blowing straight onto Hat Head beach.

And once again noted fashion photographer Pete Nel got me modelling…

Strangely sited street sign pointing nowhere

Spread eagled on a sand dune, that's the way u-huh u-huh I like it, I like it

Top: Chambre vest

Bottom: Rusty chambre shorts

Accessory 1: Ghastly pale denim cap

Accessory 2: Lovely Dragstar denim bag tops off pale denim ensemble

That beach stretches all the way down to Crescent Head. It’s long, but we hunkered down up the north corner out of the wind. I had a body surf, saw some Brahmini kites, beautiful, then headed back.

Walking up the road to the car I spotted this poor little thing…

Snake squashed by flying four wheel drive

Poor thing. Never had a chance against some gigantic sports utility vehicle full of fisherman. After this I saw death everywhere, including another tiny little skink smashed by a car.

But saddest were these two fatalities over night. They had been lured to town by the scent of melaluccas in bloom all over the place, not realising Hat Head is the big smoke…

Fruit bat meets it's fate in Hat Head

Fruit bat number 2 looking very dead as the ants have a taste

So who knows what tomorrow will hold for the Year of Denim? It’s supposed to rain and the wind is supposed to come up from the south which means one good thing… SURF!!!!

Day 298: Sunday 21 February

February 21, 2010

Yes, I know, I’m running late yet again!

What a week of blog lateness it’s been. My excuse today is twofold:

#1. Hungover and not pretty enough

#2. A beautiful beach day

After reviving at the beach with the liberal application of swimming, sun, hamburgers and warm coke I’m now both well enough AND, more importantly, pretty enough to face the blogasphere.

Last night was a shoju and beer drinking, Korean bbq eating, karoke screaming, song fest. I lay the blame of hangovers squarely at the feet of Korean beer. It ALWAYS gives me hangover, not the fact I drank 10 of them…

Hite (ryhmes with kite) Korean beer. I don't feel so cool and fresh now!

Much beer and shoju was drunk at the restaurant, while meat was cooking on the barbeque.

Then we wandered down the road to the karaoke joint formally known as Green Box, now known as Odyessy, if my memory is working correctly. It is a fancy place and it seems we were the only paying customers. Very strange atmosphere. Very. Atmosphere-less is perhaps a better way of describing it.

Anyways, we sang many a tuneful tune with the occasional 100 pointer scored seemingly at random.

A love duet or rock screamer? I can't recall but it was ear splitting

And we drank more beer…

DaHo nestled amongst the beer dregs

I can barely remember a song. Oh yes I can. Superstar. Awesome. I love Karen Carpenter, yes I do. However there was some bad karaoke etiquette last night. Lots of song stopping mid verse. Luckily my ego is big enough to take it.

The night was marred by my ‘Save the Planet’, to cheap to get a taxi, I’m getting a train, trip home. I was very drunk, the trains weren’t running correctly, I was confused, State Rail was confused and it took me over and hour to get home. Drunk, very drunk, swaying staggering drunk. I’m such a fool!

So of course I awoke with a hangover, not as bad as it could have been but still pretty awful. So I decided what I needed was a cleansing salt, surf and sand event. Which is why the blog is so late.

Here’s my outfit for the day…

Maroubra and me and a beach umbrella

Top: Supre vest (the bigger one that fits)

Bottom: Junk jeans cut offs, cut off by me

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag, perfect

Now that I am back at home the hangover is making itself apparent again. Better get some more soft drink with bubbles to ease the pain.

Day 287: Wednesday 10 February

February 10, 2010

I’m off to the beach for a surf because the day is so lovely.

Looking pensive, feeling sweaty

Top: Dragstar vest, in need o a good scrub around the neck

Bottom: Levi’s little denim skirt, tight, too tight

Accessory 1: Sportsgirl faux patchwork denim bucket hat

Accessory 2: Denim travel bag cos I got places to go. Yes really

Day 279: Tuesday 2 February

February 2, 2010

Nobody has noticed how late today’s blog is. This means either nobody is reading it or nobody cares, or both!

The reason I am so late in blogging is my action packed day I, and I haven’t even made it into work yet!

So I got up super early to hit that 6am yoga class. Probably a little ambitious as I didn’t get back from work till well after midnight, but I made it! And I enjoyed it!

Covered with post-yoga slime I met up with Goffas and we made the early-ish trek down to Bondi for some surf ‘n snorkel.

I surfed , she swam. I got hit by a deadly wave of blue bottles, she didn’t. The sting itself wasn’t too bad. Stingy, a bit sharp, but manageable. It’s the aftermath that was horrible.

At first my leg got a little hot, then a ghastly achy pain made itself known in my groin (I needed a cold compress and a firm hand!). My whole leg was hot and I felt waves of heat running up my body. Then as we sat down to breakfast it felt as if I had the most excruciating hip, pelvis, back and groin injury. The Australian Winter Olympic team’s entire injury list was being made apparent on the right side of my lower body.

I felt sick with pain and had waves of nausea. I couldn’t sit still it was so uncomfortable. I writhed, grimaced, moaned yet somehow managed to still eat my toast.

About an hour later the muscle pain subsided and in another hour had completely vanished. So weird.

Of course after all that drama I was shattered and had to have a little lie down to recover…

Still haven't mastered new camera's exciting features such as focus

Top: Moji shirt from last night casually worn over a red singlet

Bottom: I have really taken to wearing these particular Xmas gifted jeggings to yoga. They actually cover my crack, a miracle in leggings!

Accessory: The bed is surrounded by denim. Strewn across the end of the bed, around the bed, on the floor, the hanging wardrobe is overloaded, bags everywhere. And to the beach I took a denim shoulder bag, denim wallet, denim yoga mat, blah blah blah

There was another outfit change after the bed wear, but being silly I forgot to photograph  me in my mow-the-lawn gear. I looked great. Honestly. I always do.

Off to work gear…

And now I have to rock into work with just the faintest burning sensation around my leg where the blue bottle draped itself.

Sometimes I think I'm headless. Now I know it's the truth because fancy new cameras don't lie

Top: Cute VG denim shirt. Yes, this new camera is taking some mastery. I keep forgetting to set the focus, set the aperture, set the self timer. By the end of YoD  should get some decent images

Bottom: Gap jean loaners or donators, I’m not sure

Accessory: Goffas given denim Japanese bag, red wine spillage completely invisible