Elvis: The Movie

January 20, 2011

I promise, this is the final absolute Elvis related blog… for the time being.

It’s mildly entertaining…


The Elvis Express rolls into town

January 13, 2011

In the afternoon of Day 2 of the Elvis Fest, the Elvis Express chugged into town all the way from Sydney’s Central Station.

About 1000 people turned out to meet the train, many of them Elvii of some sort or another. We met some ladies later that night who were on the train. They said it was madness getting off and had no idea there would be  a crazed crowd of Elvii and fans to greet them. And I must say, either did we, but we sure enjoyed the spectacle…

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Elvis Fest, YES! YES!

January 12, 2011

2011 Elvis Festival, Parkes: Day 1

I absolutely loved The 2011 Elvis Festival for so many reasons. What an incredible, amazing, ridiculous, hilarious, demented event!

We left Sydney after spending some time Elvisifying the car.

2011 Elvis Festival, Parkes

Elvis towel, soft Elvis latex mask and Las Vegas pillow set the mood

P.NElvis drives the V4 super car to Parkes as Elvis dangles

We arrived in Parkes on Thursday afternoon and checked into Tent City, our deluxe accommodation which consisted of a tent in an open field surrounded by about 60 other tents with 50cm between them, cot beds and very skanky mattresses.

I suddenly felt an affinity for people living in refugee camps

P.NElvis was a little aback by the luxury set-up and suggested we find a motel room which we did. Then we hit the town to see the sights! And what sights did we see!

My first true life encounter with an Elvis Tribute Artists was at the Parkes Bowling club with this fellow Rick Gattenhoff…

Rick Gattenhoff at Parkes Elvis Festival

I don't think a balloon sculpture was the most appropriate back drop for Rick

Rick was also my first photo for the festival WITH a real life ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist)…

Rick Gattenhoff at Parkes Elvis Festival

JamElvis and P.NElvis swarming Rick Gattenhoff

It was now late (after 9pm in a country town). The $10 All You Can Eat Buffet at the bowlo was as unappealing as the $10 carvery at the Parkes Services Club, so we wandered down the main drag of Parkes and found the local Chinese restaurant was open and absolutely jumping with people…

JamElvis in Parkes' chinese restaurant

Lonesome Tonight: JamElvis in Parkes's Chong Hing Chinese restaurant

After our sumptuous meal we meandered up Clarinda St to see the Elvis action in the Royal Hotel which was having Col’s Karaoke…

Col Memphis Karaoke at Royal Hotel, Parkes

Our karaoke host for the evening, Col Memphis

We sang a few tunes…

JamElvis rendering Burning Love, Col looks on

JamElvis rendering Burning Love, Col looks on bemused

P.Nelvis lures the Elvis impersonators onto the dance floor

P.Nelvis lures the Elvis impersonators onto the dance floor

New lifelong friends are made

New lifelong friends are made

A cluster of Elvis imperonators propping up the Royal's bar

A cluster of Elvis impersonators propping up the Royal's bar

Phew. After much drinking, carousing and karaoke we head home to our single night of comfort.

Day 4: Suit & Tie challenge

January 2, 2011

It’s a Sunday, but the news never stops! So I’m here at work and the challenge continues!

But it is Sunday and the office is always super casual, so I have gone with my pantSUIT as today’s fashion challenge choice.

Sydney has put on amazing weather for the beginning of a new year and my pantSUIT is not really made from most appropriate material for a perfect Sydney summer’s day. Luckily the office has icy air-con otherwise I would quite possibly be bringing in the new year with a nasty case of thrush.

Steaming in my polyester fake patchwork denim polyester suit

What Ken be Done?

July 15, 2010

Committing to wearing a particular fashion for a year is becoming increasingly popular it would seem.

While me wearing denim was my own personal endeavour with no greater outcome other than glory, this lady has bravely committed to wearing Australia’s premier fashion, tea towel, t-shirt, coasters, you-name-it-he’s designed-it designer Ken Done.

Yep. She’s gunna wear that shit every day for  year. Plus she’s doing it for charity! I’m not sure how but by joining her blog you support young refugees in Australia.

Check out her daily blog right here…. http://www.goodfashionforgood.com/

The gifts keep coming

May 13, 2010

The Year of Denim is now nearly 2 weeks in the past and sometimes it feels like it never happened at all, apart from the small matter of my daily struggle to NOT wear 3 pieces of denim.

And then something special happens, like today for instance.

A friend from many years ago and I have recently become reacquainted. She said to me a number of times “I have something very special to give you for the Year of Denim”.

I assumed it was some amazing denim wearable thing. But no! It is something way more incredible than that.

It’s this…

Year of Denim: Blue Jean baby

Blue Jean baby definitely make her blue jeans talk, but what are they saying?

Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s incredible! It’s handcrafted denim suit for one of those freaky dolls that drink and wee!

Check out the rear view. It’s almost sexy…

Baby Blue Jean is a little on the gimpy side from behind

Oh yeah! Baby Gimp strapped into a denim playsuit!

Helen McLean you are a true artist. How you could doubt it I do not know!

So even though YoD is over,  denim goes on and on and on…

Day 363: Monday 26 April 2010

April 26, 2010

Yes, it’s the final days of denim. I am going through my wardrobe and wearing some stuff I promise I’ll never wear again. Although there  are many items too beautiful or ugly to give up.

This morning I WAS wearing one of the most loved donations and, in fact, a top 5 favourite piece of denim here at YoD… the denim bomber jacket. But it was too hot. I got sweaty simply standing around so I changed into something I love and something I hate…

Monday morning happy face.. just for show

Top: LOVE Dragstar denim vest. She changed her mind and I can keep the vests! I HEART Dragstar!

Bottom: HATE Denim for Sportsgirl jeans, although they are sort of concealed in this particular photo. What is hateful about them? Dunno. Just hate ’em

Accessory: LOVE denim gym boots

Accessory 2: LOVE Flaps loaned many zippered denim bag