Day 48: Tuesday 16 June

June 16, 2009

A very tardy start to the blog today. I apologise.

News flash!!! Sydney’s Inner West Courier has printed  a story & picture about The Year of Denim. Unfortunately if you want to see it online you’ll have to go to page 25 of their “real view” version of the paper… InnerWest Courier. I’ll have to go on a hunt for a paper copy as it’s delivery here in Marrickville is intermittent.

I have spent all morning trying to keep my turn -ups UP! When the turn-ups are 30cm of carefully age softened Levis denim it becomes a real struggle. Perhaps I should have gone for the multi-fold turn-up rather than single mega turn-up. There’s something to  muse on… turn-ups, single roll, double or triple? Sounds like a poll to me!

Today's turn-ups inspired by yesterday's record covers

Today's turn-ups inspired by yesterday's record covers

Top: A cold day deserves a warm coat, Lois denim jacket with that fur lining

Bottom: Levis high waisted flares, so nicely soft and worn, but without the stiffness of new denim, turn-ups tend to collapse

Accessory: All those worn muted denim tones require an accessory with punch, the dark denim cap with bonus utopia badge. Not sure why I’m wearing a utopia badge, because Sydney is patently NOT utopia. Many say utopia is an impossibility. I’m not really sure what my version of utopia is, but I suspect that utopia would be boring. None of the rub up against difference that can make life both awful and incredible. Would there be stonewash dungarees in utopia? I’m sure many people would hope not.

Enough ranting. Today’s Levis are very long legged but because they are so ancient and such lovely old denim I can’t bear the thought of butchering them, so I have turned to yesteryear’s fashion response to long legged jeans… the turn-up. The turn-up ala the 1970’s is best matched with a stripey sock, which I did wear, but failed to turn up the turn-ups enough to make them visible. Shoulda gone the double fold… Here’s how my jeans should look…

The 1970's...  Bumper fashion years

The 1970's... Bumper fashion years

If you look closely at the Bumper record cover you’ll notice the picture has been cropped so the guy’s denim ‘package’ is just visible. I only noticed this for the first time today, and I was shocked. Do I want a knob to interfere with denim lines? Men in tight jeans… a blog for another day…

Vote here if you have a turn-up opinion:


Day 16: Friday 15 May

May 15, 2009

The lower and more private parts of my body are still recovering from the hours I spent yesterday sealed inside those ‘Wakee’ jeans. I had a pain in my muffin, alongside other parts, that is only now, after a good nights rest, showing signs of revcovery.

The dangers of wearing tight jeans are REAL! See today’s accessories pic if you don’t believe me.

Other news is that today a photographer from the local newspaper (and I DO mean local) is coming to take a snap of me. For some reason my Year of Denim has struck a chord in the local community’s media outlet. So as you can see I have been extra careful in regards to today’s outfit. I have gone for a serious yet frivolous fashion combination…

The evils of too-tight jeans are still with me

The evils of too-tight jeans are still with me

Top: Marcs jacket with silvery sheen through it

Bottom: Equinox denim knickerbockers

Accessory: cute denim cap sent all the way down from Cairns (thanks Soo!)

And yes I am clutching my side-muffin in pain. Those jeans from yesterday inspired me to dig through my record collection to rediscover the album I am clutching – Hard Knocks. This Hammond label vinyl beauty deftly shows what wearing tight jeans does to a girl… turns them into a sharpie!!  Be warned! Romper Stomper fashions are imminent on this blog!

The other record in this photo, Bumper, also features denim styles. It’s more of your 70s disco hits, while Hard Knocks focuses on Aussie rockin’ standards by The Angels, Billy Thorpe and that hard core sharpie band Sherbet.

New denim cap fits just right, while Hard Knocks reveals the depths to which a girl will sink to wearing too tight denim will force agirl

New denim cap fits just so, while Hard Knocks shows how low a girl will sink wearing too tight denim... knife carrying and ice skates