Day 288: Thursday 11 February

February 11, 2010

The other day at work I was bored. I know many of you will find that statement difficult to believe, but it is true.

In an effort to stave off this boredom I perused ebay to see what special denim items were up for sale.

I came across some beautiful denim shoes….

Wearing these boots means you don't have to wear jeans!

Bedazzled, bejewelled, rouched, studded, stone washed, distressed, crocodile skin… these boots have it all.

And so do these ones…

A darker shade of denim makes these boots the choice of more serious denim wearers

A little more buccanner in style, these particular boots adhere closer to the jeans leg look, but also manage to combine  number of different trimmings to really muttonise any look.

And these shoes are special just because they are….

Nasty photographic style almost conceals the heart of gold beating inside these wedgies

I particularly like the nicotine stained heels of the foot model. She’s just gunna get prettier the further up her body you go. And I DO think these shoes are quite practical for doing the cleaning, washing and baking in. Don’t you?

Now my own footwear today is very underwhelming. I have a bit of walking to do and unlike, Mariah Carey who claims to ONLY be able to wear super high shoes, I cannot really get around comfortably on anything more than a comfy low heel.

Having breakfast at the bar. Does this mean I'm an alcho'?

Top: Other smaller ill fitting Supre denim vest

Bottom: Denim culottes

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag with distressed edges

Accessory 2: Denim yoga bag, cos’ I’m going to yoga straight from the office


Day 252: Wednesday 6 January

January 6, 2010

Aaaah Sydney. Such a temperate clime. So moderate and pleasant.

What I really mean is ‘Hurrah! I can wear jeans again!’. In other good news Sydney’s high today of 25 degrees means I can wear a t-shirt and not a singlet, and a waistcoat without sweating like a football player. All of which means you passionate followers of YoD won’t have to look at my upper arms today at least.

The last 2 weeks away north have been a gruelling fashion event for YoD. The heat and humidity in Queensland and the north coast of NSW resulted in me being unable to wear over two thirds of the clothes I brought with me. So I apologise for my lack of foresight and limited clothing range for the past fortnight.

Hopefully I can rectify the past with some stunning new looks… maybe I’ll start tomorrow. Or the day after, or even the day after that…

Anyways, here I am with my charity shop holiday haul. Amongst this pile is something I have been in a desperate search for since time immemorial when the Year of Denim started on April 30 2009. Try to guess what it is…

Trash or treasure? I think of it as booty

Top: Dragstar vest, how I’ve missed you

Bottom: Very pleasant to wear JayJay’s lightweight jeans

Accessory: Go on have a guess…. what is my new longed for accessory that I can almost giurantee I will have on me at all times? Vote in the poll….

Another ‘thing (not denim) I was absolutely stoked (ancient surfer term meaning thrilled, excited, very very happy) to find was this…

People get ready for the Year of the Bottle Cutter

Yes! At last a K-Tel Bottle Cutter kit for the bargain price of 50c (I love Port Macquarie oppies). Unfortunately the most crucial piece seems to be missing, the blade that does the cutting! Of course I only realised this once I got home and excitedly got the Bottle Cutter out to fiddle with only to notice the missing element.

Back to my most needed mystery item. I hope you (all 7 of you) have voted in the poll. So here it is, that thing YoD needs most of all in YoD’s honest opinion…

The holy grail of denim accessories... the denim wallet

I sense some eye rolling out there. Well fuck tha lotta youse, I’m washing the dog and taking my NEW DENIIM BLUE JEANS WALLET to Woolies

Day 213: Saturday 28 November

November 28, 2009

With a busy busy boating schedule this morning I simply did not have time ’til now to blog the YoD.

I was too busy enjoying the delights of Sydney Harbour, choking on a rich blend of diesel and  prawn juice which I managed to spatter all over myself.

All in all I still managed to look real pretty and playful as today’s denim pic displays…

Playfully in my playsuit I scan the Manly skyline for playmates

Top & Bottom combo: Last scene stunning the crowds in Noosa, the deim playsuit makes it’s debut on Sydney’s play ground, the harbour

Accessory: Dragstar large denim sun hat, which my niece decided should not spend any time on my head. Rather it should be swum out to sea and dumped. I’m not sure if this was a fashion intervention on her behalf or simply sassiness


Day 208: Monday 23 November

November 23, 2009

Hurrah, a cool change has come through.

This is awesome in 2 ways:

1. I can wear jeans and not die of heat exhaustion

2. I can finally wear my brand new from the boutique de Pauls long alluded to denim trench coat.


P.I Jam is undercover and on the case


Top: So cool, so chic Levi’s denim trench coat

Bottom: Industrie skinny leg jeans

Accessory: denim shoulder bag with infamous red piping

Day 199: Saturday 14 November

November 14, 2009

It is amazing what you can achieve when you get up early, 6am early.

Strip bed of filthy sheets: check

Two loads of washing : check

Mow lawn, front and back: check

Turn compost : check

Sweep backyard path: check

Spread sheep poo around vegie patch: check

Pay some bills on that internet thing: check

Have shower: check

Wear vest Mum helped me make: check

Do blog: check

Go and have brunch: not quite there yet



Denim helmet at the ready as I prepare to cycle into the day

Top: This is Mum’s vest, but not a very good photo of it. Woops

Bottom: TopShop dyed blue denim shorts

Accessory 1: Mavi shoulder bag

Accessory 2: Denim bicycle helmet. Chic, hot, stylish





Day 174: Tuesday 20 October

October 20, 2009

Another day of denim dawns.

Only today is special as it’s the first time I have worn my denim Hannah Montana Multi sport glamour helmet. Yep. I decided to ride my bike to work after a lengthy hiatus which I blame on the Year of Denim.

Denim and bike riding are not a natural mix. For starters a girl gets hot on a bike and denim isn’t known for being a fabric that breaths. Riding in a denim jacket, well that’s just plain stinky.

Then there’s the problem of getting your jeans caught in the chain,  an issue for a frequent flare and bell bottom wearer like myself.  I have avoided this issue today by wearing denim pedal pushers!

Down up pedal, down up down, gotta get across to the otherside of town

Down up pedal, down up down, gotta get across to the otherside of town before the sun goes down

Top: The Letter brand denim shirt jacket. I guarantee I won’t be riding in it, but I promise I’ll wear it in the frosty environs of the office

Bottom: Equinox (cheap n nasty brand) pin stripe pedal pushers perfect for a day biking

Accessory 1: Those dangerous backless denim sneakers. Hopefully the downward pressure from pedal pushing will stop them flying off

Accessory 2: Denim shoulder bag, often seen on the blog

Accessory 3, yes THREE: My denim helmet. See it up close on my head, although the very useful side pocket is not really visible

Hey lady, nice helmet

'Hey lady, nice helmet' is not something you hear very often

Day 168: Wednesday 14 October

October 14, 2009

A very late blog today.

I got up late, cos I’m (once again) sick. Went to the park with the dog. Went to a cafe for a reviving and medicinal berry frappe. As I was very close to Marrickville metro I thought I’d just pop in to Kmart as there was something there I HAD to get. Something I need. Something denim. Something unexpected. Something spotted through the incredible research abilities of AK.

What is it, I hear the whole world asking. Have a look…

Me and my new Hannah Montana denim multi-sport glamour helmet

My new Hannah Montana denim multi-sport glamour helmet

Nobody knew that I was both a Miley Cyrus AND a Hannah Montana fan. I didn’t even know myself until today. Want a closer look at that amazing piece of sports equipment?

Awesome new head wear already losing sequins

Awesome new head wear losing sequins but still 'Ready to Rock'

So you can see I NEEDED it. The truth is I do need a new bicycle helmet as one I own must be over 20 years old and the ‘new’ one must be 10 years old.  Another truth is that if I received a head injury whilst cycling there’s no guarantee that I would still be able to blog. So this was a necessary purchase of safety equipment to ensure I can maintain, in safety, the continuation of the Year of Denim.

Oh I suppose a description of what I am wearing today is needed to…

Top: MSK denim vest

Bottom: Donated Gap jeans nice n short to show off the…

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots

Accessory 2: Dark grey denim cap, gifted right at the start

All  need to do now is get on my bike and take the Multi-Sport Glamour Helmet for a spin. Or I could, as the packaging suggests, wear it “pedal cycling, skateboarding, skiing and canoeing”. A whole world of new activities have been opened up to me.

Thanks Hannah Montana.