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It’s going to be a long year  of denim. I am concerned my choices will become less and less interesting, not only to me, but to anyone out there who is bothering to read this.

To spice it up I am putting it out there that if any person (as opposed to business) wants to dress me for a day, supply all the necessary denim (a top, a bottom and an accessory, or individual pieces) I will wear WHATEVER is offered… if it fits.

If you are a business dealing in denim I am also willing to wear what you got.
Send me an email.
However as you have probably noticed I ain’t built like a supermodel, or even a plus size model!

The sponsor/ fashion guru/ fun poker will get name checked and all the glory of making me look hot, or all the glee when I look not hot.

So. Is there anyone out there with a top, a bottom and an accessory they KNOW I’ll look incredible in send an email to YearOfDenim@gmail.com

Have you got some Super Denim for me to wear?

Have you got some Super Denim for me to wear?


2 Responses to Sponsor me

  1. Hi, your site/year in denim has been passed onto me by Sophie Lee in Braidwood. I have a denim vest which I have styled and a denim bag I have made. I would like too send them to you.

    Love the idea and love denim.

    If you could give me your postal I’ll send them up.

    regards ann lightfoot

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