Has anyone got dead denim they don’t dress in anymore?

Give it to me!

Email me at

I’ll pick though your no-longer-desirable-denim. What fits and isn’t too offensive to my incredibly honed fashion sense ( see the daily blog to get the picture… actually I’ll wear nearly anything) I will keep for the year and wear it, thanking YOU personally for that special item every time I wear it.

If it doesn’t fit me, and you don’t want it back, I will deal with it responsibly by donating it to one of my local charity stores (there’s a few to choose  from).

At the end of the year of denim YOUR denim COULD be chosen to appear in the End of the Year of Denim Fashion Parade! Imagine! Your denim bikini on the catwalk!

So what have you got for me out there? Stonewash? Acid wash? A bodice? A denim wedding dress?

Has anyone out there get married in denim?

Has anyone out there get married in denim?


6 Responses to Donations

  1. Lonely Sheep says:

    ok, it’s not my website, but it does fit in with your theme, and perhaps they’d want to sponsor you?

    I saw a white van belonging to this company today. If you go to their website, be sure to turn your speakers WAY DOWN LOW first.

  2. Nazih says:

    Hi this is Nazih from Denim Street. Just letting you know a few details about us. We do specialise in big men sizes but Denim street is essentially available for all sizes. We have been in the Denim industry over 20 years in Australia and most importantly all our denim is 100% Australian made. We are always open to new ideas, our factory is located in Dulwich Hill all my contact details are on the website, feel free to call and enquire about your ideas and see if we can organise something for you.

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