Day 332: Saturday 27 March

March 27, 2010

The holiday blog offerings are getting later and later, but not more and more exciting. It’s almost as if I am having a holiday from YoD. However I have been doing full the battery recharge meaning I have been doing very little.

I managed to get down to the Bowling Club last night to watch most of the footy. And this morning in micro conditions I managed to go for a surf. I have also managed a daily afternoon nap, several daily swims and not much attention paid to YoD.

I haven’t been on any walks. I have been on one short arse wrenching bike ride. I have drunk some beer and some wine each day.

You would think with the Year of Denim rushing to a halt in a month that I would be all business. Organising some kind of end of YoD event, contacting people to put a date in their diaries. Somehow this holiday has drained any sense of urgency out of me.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get all fired up or maybe YoD will peter out without even a whimper, a murmer, or a party.

Me post nap, Taxi still out, Buster waiting for the action

Top: Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: Looking at this photo you may think something is strange with my crotch. There’s nothing wrong with my crotch, however these One Teaspoon pooh catcher pants are very droopy downstairs

Accessory: Next to my hand lies the hat I wore to the beach. I also took a denim bag. Honestly