Day 328: Tuesday 23 March

March 23, 2010

What has shocked me most in wearing double/triple/quadruple denim every day for the past nearly 11 months is how little criticism I have received. I assumed there was heaps of hate out there for double denim, ala the rock’n’roll tracksuit or the Canadian tuxedo. That’s what you get for reading and believing fashionistas.

But honestly, the worst comment  have received was to my face where a work colleague said “That is the most revolting thing I have ever seen”. He was talking about this outfit worn way back in the early days of the Year of Denim in June 2009…

Stonewash 1980s style denim overalls, pretty pukey

Anyway, today it’s a first for me, and perhaps in the world??? White double denim!

It's good karmas to wear white double denim, pink Buddha says so

Top: White denim jacket, ready for some dirt

Bottom: White denim Spykar jeans, also waiting for something filthy

Accessory: Denim bag with fluoro decals to jazz up my monochrome look