Post Denim Party picture fest

May 2, 2010


Thanks for coming to my end of the Year of Denim Party. You all looked amazing, filling my house to over flowing with denim.

I got up this morning (shattered) to find every surface smeared with either bright blue icing or blue curacao. Everything sticky, and food EVERYWHERE! So much food! Too much food. Cakes all over the place everywhere, denim climbing the walls, bottles strewn around the place (inside and out) and me feeling not right. At all.

But what a night! I had a great time all because of YOU!

Special thanks to Schappylle Scragg for bringing her beautiful self all the way from Smellbourne (her word not mine).

Don’t think I am capable of writing much more today. On to the party picture fest…

Year of Denim cakes, after the party

This is what the cakes looked like today

Once again, I thank you all for your hard work eating and drinking etc last night. And FYI FiGi is a party ANIMAL!!!!


Day 182: Wednesday 28 October

October 28, 2009


Can you feel it? The excitement is building as we gallop towards the Year of Denim’s half way mark on Friday.

Join me in celebrating this incredible landmark of human endeavour.
Come to Echo Point Karaoke dive in the basement of 262 Pitt Street Sydney, just around the corner from Park St.
I’ll be there from 9pm -12, possibly alone, singing my husky heart out.

And in other news, today the sun is shining.

Year of Denim + sunshine = funshine

Green Lady and me admiring the sunshiney day

Top: Saba denim shirt. I wish my boobs weren’t so big then it wouldn’t flare out so strangely

Bottom: Cos they got wet before I documented me wearing them I thought I could ride the Amcos again. So soft, so velevety, so airy around the crutch because the zipper heads south at any opportunity

Accessory: Denim gym boots

Day 163: Friday 9 October

October 9, 2009

Stay tuned for afternoon denim fashion revelation… but then again.

Here’s a little piece of me…

Fletcher Jeans pocket detail... sweet

Fletcher Jeans pocket detail... sweet

Mid morning update

I’m back in Sydney very briefly, just to update the blog. That’s HOW dedicated I am to the Year of Denim. I’ll cut short a break so I can do the denim do. Dedication to an ideal, that’s what I’m all about.

It’s colder here in Sydney that it was at Mangrove Creek early this morning. Luckily I am home and can amend my outfit to make it cosier. So here I am…

Blog action shot from the couch

Blog action shot from the couch

Top: Benetton denim jacket

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, slowly getting grubby

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag, casually placed just so on the couch next to me

DAY FREEKIN’ 100!!!!: Friday 7 August 2009!!!

August 7, 2009
Can you believe it? I have just completed 100 days of wearing denim: a top, a bottom and an accessory. Every day since April 30. What a fool. I have 256 days to go! Arrgghhhh.
Here are your kind suggestions as to how I should mark, celebrate, commemorate 100 days of denim…

1. Have a Double Denim Party … I cannot be arsed organising a party, buying stuff, cleaning and tidying ( before AND after) the house, buying booze, blowing up balloons etc etc. I might feel different at the 200 day mark.

2. Spend the whole day eating TOOBS … This is something I CAN achieve, especially now I have discovered Marrickville train station vending machine stocks Toobs! You must remember Toobs. They are in a denim styled pack and the have the “BBQ Tang”. The other bonus is the way they completely demolish the lining of your mouth!

3. A denim posse descending on a local- in the Ville … Unfortunately the ‘Ville’s pub’s are uniformly skanky. I choose to spend NO time in them. EVER!! For now.

Late entry…   Have a ritual bonfire burning the worst of the denim so far … The suggestor has also suggested that I burn today’s jacket because it’s “disgusting”


Anyway. My 100th day has been anything but easy so far. I got up and planned to do a quick repair on some enticing denim, but then the dog vomited. I clean it up, and get out the sewing machine.

She vomits again. FCUK!!! I curse and clean it up. I start to sew. FCUK!!! The machine keeps locking up. The dog vomits yet AGAIN! Triple FCUK!!

I clean it up, and got back to fiddling with the Janome. But wait… it is completely FCUKED!!

Curses!!  I move to Plan B for my 100th day of denim. Off to the bedroom I go to choose another outfit. Oh no. The dog has vomited in the bedroom. I could weep.

Finally I get to take my photo, but it’s not quite as good as I hoped. It does, however, feature something quite special…

Butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Red ceramic butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Top: Here it is, the most sumptuous piece of stone washing I have seen since 1984, Network brand denim stone washed, bat winged, over sized shoulders, suit style lapelled jacket, courtesy of my Southern Highlands fashion advisor, SL

Bottom: Not my original choice, Industrie dark ‘n skinny denims

Accessory 1: Brand new, and of course I’ve bought them a size too small, denim gym boots. FCUK!

Accessory 2: FCUK denim bag, a kind and generous donation from an old acquaintance, HMc

Word has it that today is Jeans for Genes day. Strange serendipity. I guess I should make a donation somewhere to validate all my denim wearing. And I still have no plans for tonight on marking this momentous occasion. I await more suggestions. Otherwise I might get into some real trouble, especially in THAT jacket…

Day 26: Monday 25 May

May 25, 2009

I have dragged myself out of bed this morning, looked in the mirror and saw Medusa. Well, I thought to myself, that head is gunna need a hat today.

So here I am in all my Monday morning, post-Newcastle, failed prediction glory…

Crazy hair tamed by designer Target denim cap

Crazy hair tamed by designer Target denim cap

Top: It’s a classic all the way from Newcastle, a Levi’s jacket nicely aged by the previous owner, snapped up for $5 at the Adamstown market

Bottom: Amazing jeans witha similar shade of fade to the jacket giving the whole outfit that Double Denim look so hated by GenY

Accessory: Target denim cap, luckily not K-Mart’s Now brand which I have vowed not to wear in my year of denim

As well as being a Double Denim Day today is a double outfit day as I’ll be heading out to the shed a bit later, so there’ll be another filthy picture added a little later on.

A little later on…

I'm such a good lookin' woman

I'm such a good lookin' woman

Top: That oh-so nasty Jag overshirt

Bottom: massive Urban somethng or-other jeans

Accessory: denim beach hat to keep rain off

So here I am hard at work with a large lumpen piece of clay. The artist in their garret, the local artisan being ever so creative and yet over-looked ’til her death (not imminent I hope), the vanguard of gentrification altering slowly yet surely the interesting flavour of the ‘hood into something much more generic.