Day 367: Friday 30 April 2010

April 30, 2010

The Official End of The Year of Denim

Special Edition…

Vale, Year of Denim:
as a gesture of farewell, we pay tribute to the pin-ups that lurk beneath Jane’s 367 everyday triple denim combinations.

Inspired by Helmut Newton’s androgynous fashion shoots, James Dean’s tough beauty, blaxploitation heroines like Pam Grier, and gender-bending burlesque, we have granted Jane licence to explore her glamorous alter-ego and tap into the popular cultural fantasies that drive much of her work as an artist.

These personae are not randomly chosen: they underline Jane’s interest in the borderlines between good and bad taste, queer and straight, masculinity and femininity, sexual allure and abjection. They also of course betray the fun of playing dress-ups, a playfulness that Jane shares with us as her friends, collaborators and audience.

It is a combination of courage — a dispassionate view of herself untainted by vanity; creativity — an ability to make raucous and astute references with the scantest of materials; and generosity — a desire to include others in her creative pursuits and explorations of self, that makes Jane so unique.

We congratulate her on having pursued, and now completed, the Year of Denim true to this spirit.

Cleopatra Jones: Year of Denim 2010

Cleopatra Jones - "The way I feel tonight, Muhammad Ali will have his hands full!"

Shaving: Year of Denim 2010

Doodlebug - "Hair's like a woman. You treat it good and it treats you good. Ain't that right honey? You hear what I'm saying? Yeah, you got to hold it, caress it, and love it. And if your hair gets out of line you take a scissor and say, "Hair I'm going to cut you.""

Helmut Newton homage: Year of Denim

Helmut Newton - "A woman does not live in front of white paper. She lives on the street, in a motor car, in a hotel room."

James Dean homage: Year of Denim

James Dean - "The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results."

Hair, make-up, camera, pinot noir: Beaver Dior
Concept, archival research, camera: HRH
Camera, prosecco, text: Jack
Everything else: Jambo

Over and Out

Thanks to all you readers, supporters, loaners and donaters of denim, commenators, rat bags, spammers, back stabbers, bitches and babes for an interesting Year of Denim. You know who you all are and I hope you all come along tomorrow night to celebrate the End of The Year of Denim.

Oh and today, as I gad about preparing for tomorrow night’s End of Denim function (if you’re reading this you’re invited) I am wearing this…

This image captures the Year of Denim perfectly. It's got it all: Tubes the denim snack, Taxi the dog, one of my fav denim itesm, the South Sea Bubbles bomber jacket, jeggings gifted exctly a year ago by AK, denim gym boots, studded denim cap donated by VOAK and a birthday cake from HRH

Top: South Sea Bubbles denim bomber jacket. I am so happy the weather turned so I got a chance to wear this on YoD one more time. Ta to the very generous donater of more than just the jacket, SLEE.

Bottom 1: Jeggings given to me on my birthday in 2009 at the very start of the Year of Denim

Bottom 2: JeasnWest denim skirt, bought in QLD for a song

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots gotten me through the hard times

Accessory 2: Denim bag with red piping slung over my shoulder

Accessory 3: Black denim, cap gifted

Accessory 4: Tubes, the self anointed denim snack

And don’t forget tomorrow night’s celebration of denim…


Day 352: Friday 16 April

April 16, 2010

Flaps fashions: Day 5

Check out my updated multi-media denim package

I must thank the awesome, talented, witty, charming and bolshie Vanessa Wagner for hosting her Unisex: Amateur Strip Night at the Oxford Hotel. Unfortunately last night was the final, which is very sad as it is a very funny adults only night, mid week too, meaning Oxford Street is a decent place to visit.

There’s a slight nudity warning on this video, nothing you wouldn’t see down at the beach, but a bit of boob action nonetheless. Extra massive thanks to Tx for his most excellent camera work too. So that’s my parental warning, here’s the vid!

The amazing suit in which I begin the ‘act’ comes from the Fashion House of Flaps. It is a spectacular example of high 1980s fashion: shoulder pads, pleated pants, narrow ankle, double breasted with a lace overprint to boot…

A tiny bit of watermelon flavoured lip gloss... that's why the lady is foxy

It’s also got an incredible lable…

Yes, this suit is GANGSTER!

I must point out the shoes too. They are denim, posted down by a very special lady in Brisbane…

There's nothing quite like a nice denim court shoe is there?

The only let down in the outfit, at this early stage, is my hair. I couldn’t decide which hideous old lady wig to wear so I wore none.

And I don’t think a revolting old ratted wig would have set off this particular item on which I spent days and days ‘studding’…

A big vat of of sizzling studded FAT!


nterim report… Check back later for a denim multi-media event


I have been grappling, wrestling, shouting at the dog to stop scratching (even though she is deaf and can’t hear a thing), yelling at my computer and generally raging against the (macbook) machine.

Why? I’ll tell you why! God-damn video!

As you all know (if you read this blog regularly) last night I stepped out of denim… literally. I stripped. I flashed. I wobbled. I grimaced and generally horrified a few people including myself once I viewed the video.

So this morning in an effort to move this blog into the realm of multi-media I thought I’ll just quickly edit that video and pop it up.

Harumph! Scream! Rage! Frustration!

But at last I succeeded.

Anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today…

I don't know whose wig I'm wearing this morning but I like it!

Top: That terrific Wrangler jacket I love so much. Thanks Flaps for letting me stink it up

Bottom: Levi’s flares with red stitching and nice crotch repairs

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag. It wasn’t in Flaps brief for this outfit, but I needed an accessory, and I needed a bag because I THOUGHT I’d be leaving the house early. Instead I have been sitting on the computer editing video for HOURS!

Day 307: Tuesday 2 March

March 2, 2010

I forgot to give my review of 13 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests that I went to on Sunday night in the Concert Hall at the Opera House. The exact same space I was nude in yesterday, although I sat in a different chair.

Here’s the trailer for the show…

It was pretty fantastic I must say, for something I knew nothing about. The band, Dean & Britta, created a kind of soundtrack to 13 of Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, which they chose from the more than 500 Screen Tests Warhol shot between 1964 and 1966.

Warhol got visitors to the Factory to do a screen test, in which the subject would sit in front of the camera for an entire roll of 16mm silent black & white film. And of course it’s an amazing compilation of the who’s who of 1960s counter and uber culture.

So the show was great. The screen tests were really mesmerising, but sometimes the music and musicians were distracting. I found my attention wandering to them rather than the film behind the band. I left the show wanting more. More screen tests, not more music.

I took blurry pictures of the Harbour Bridge as I waited for the train. They are pretty.

To add to a week of cultural experiences tonight I am off to see John Waters talking in the … Concert Hall at the Opera House. That’ll be three times in three days! I will be wearing clothes… I think.

Here’s the morning’s denim do. I’ll be cleaning eventually so I’m wearing my denim do-rag…

Year of Denim: Day 308

Toast, coffee, paper, luxury, pleasure

Top: Benetton denim jacket

Bottom: JeansWest slobby jeans

Accessory: Denim doo-rag/ head scarf

Afternoon update…

I am off to see John Waters now. Yes, the Pope of Trash, director of amazing films like Female Trouble, Polyester, Pink Flamingos, Serial Mum, Pecker, Hairspray

He should be pretty amusing and I ma feeling sycophantic so I am taking along a book in the hope he’ll be doings some signings.

Here’s what I’m wearing…

Year of Denim: Day 308

Seriously posing, don't know why

Top: Cooler weather means denim jackets again. Hurrah! Marcs shiny, tight suit jacket, denim

Bottom: Sportsgirl jeans, tight, too tight?

Accessory: Goffas supplied, Japanese denim pocketbook, as the Americans would call it

Day 198: Friday 13 November

November 13, 2009

No surf. It’s a pond in Manly. It’s nice for a swim apart from the weed.

So no surf for me. I might hit the op-shops instead. You know, research for the Year of Denim, cos you never know what you might find out there.

I was hoping to wear the new black denim vest Mum and I made yesterday. But I didn’t plan ahead and brought a black t-shirt with me so the spunky new look vest is invisible against it.

Maybe tomorrow, or even Sunday to mark 200 days of denim.


Rooftop denim vista

Top: Dragstar distressed vest

Bottom: Ben Sherman ever so slightly distressed jeans

Accessory: Not distressed in the least denim cap

Day 196: Wednesday 11 November

November 11, 2009

As Loverboy sang so poetically…

Everybody’s working for the weekend.

And today is my Friday. Hurrah! Drinks after work, sleeping in tomorrow, schlepping around the house. Oh wait. I do that every day.


I gaze stage right as E.T peeks over my shoulder

Top: Howard Showers ruffled shirt, smart, and who according to have ‘revamped their look for summer with an emphasis on youthful casual attire’. Hah

Bottom: Cheap as Jay Jay’s lightweight jeans

Accessory 1: Dragstar denim sack bag

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots

Afternoon celebrity denim spot

Gee some people are nice to me. So supportive of the Year of Denim. Out there spotting items in denim or the creative use of jeans.

Today at work DaHo delivered a denim care package containing an hilarious pair of denim slip ons and sundry items of white denim.

Office celebrity JMo thought they were so revolting gorgeous he simply HAD to model them off. He pranced all over the office, showing them off, which means when I wear them tomorrow they’ll be old news.


JMo models jeans slip-ons... the very latest in office wear

Day 188: Tuesday 3 November

November 3, 2009

The word on the street is that today, like me, is going to be hot hot hot.

I will be spending most of the day immersed in air conditioning set to an icy 22 degrees. I suppose I am lucky I have decided that it’s the Year of Denim rather than the Year of Chiffon or the Year of Polyester (although some might say I have lived many Years of Polyester).

But the hot weather does give me the chance to bust out a new short sleeved shirt. Nice


I pose just so, Taxi admires my shoes

Top: VG (Very Good?!?) denim press stud buttoned short sleve shirt. Who said summer is going to be tough??

Bottom: Gap loaners or donators? I can’t recall

Accessory: Mavi shoulder bag, just out of view

Day 174: Tuesday 20 October

October 20, 2009

Another day of denim dawns.

Only today is special as it’s the first time I have worn my denim Hannah Montana Multi sport glamour helmet. Yep. I decided to ride my bike to work after a lengthy hiatus which I blame on the Year of Denim.

Denim and bike riding are not a natural mix. For starters a girl gets hot on a bike and denim isn’t known for being a fabric that breaths. Riding in a denim jacket, well that’s just plain stinky.

Then there’s the problem of getting your jeans caught in the chain,  an issue for a frequent flare and bell bottom wearer like myself.  I have avoided this issue today by wearing denim pedal pushers!

Down up pedal, down up down, gotta get across to the otherside of town

Down up pedal, down up down, gotta get across to the otherside of town before the sun goes down

Top: The Letter brand denim shirt jacket. I guarantee I won’t be riding in it, but I promise I’ll wear it in the frosty environs of the office

Bottom: Equinox (cheap n nasty brand) pin stripe pedal pushers perfect for a day biking

Accessory 1: Those dangerous backless denim sneakers. Hopefully the downward pressure from pedal pushing will stop them flying off

Accessory 2: Denim shoulder bag, often seen on the blog

Accessory 3, yes THREE: My denim helmet. See it up close on my head, although the very useful side pocket is not really visible

Hey lady, nice helmet

'Hey lady, nice helmet' is not something you hear very often