I poo in blue

August 1, 2010

Thanks to the reader of YoD who pointed out this rather strange ad for Huggies. Really, it is most disturbing. From the adults ‘checking out’ the toddler to the very special lyrics, which include the title of this post “I poo in blue” (or is it that Americanism poop?) and “My diaper is full of chic”.

It’s a disturbing piece of poopie/ borderline pedo propaganda…

So whaddya think?

Will you be dressing your kids in the special edition denim diaper? Or yourself for that matter….


Stealing my thunder

June 30, 2010

What the hell’s going on out there in the big wide world?

There’s a rash of these billboards all around Sydney…

Year of Denim gets mad!

They are trying to steal my tattoed arse pocket idea! I better bloody well hurry up and get it done before the desire completely dissipates. Anyone want to hold my hand and watch my bum being brutalised?

Kicking the habit

June 13, 2010


It sure is hard to break that denim addiction.

Since the Year of Denim concluded I have fought a constant battle to NOT wear more than one piece of denim at a time. And I have failed frequently, with my denim cravings usually getting the better of me.

I not only struggle daily with my desire to WEAR double denim (and TRIPLE) the other day I made myself change after I put on jeans, a vest AND denim gym boots. I am wrestling daily with an over whelming urge to BUY denim.

Since YoD finished I have controlled my unnatural urges enough to have limited my denim purchasing to a pair of jeans, and a few days ago I splashed out and bought a coat.

While in the Salvation Army shop I convinced myself it wasn’t denim. On closer inspection by a third party I was forced to admit that, yes, it actually IS denim. But then I thought just a little taste of the jean fabric WASN’T giving into cravings. It was merely purchasing something awesome by anyone’s standards. Yes, anyone’s.

After some consideration I think I am deluding myself and may have to enter denim rehab, no no no…

Year of denim cravings

A good look at my hairy legs AND my new coat

So there it is, another (yes I already own that Levi’s denim trench coat) trench coat. This one is by Tigerlilly, and I’m shocked it fits cos’ anything vaguely label-like is usually waaay too tight for my buxomness. And I am still unconvinced it’s denim.

Anyways, here are the jeans I bought. I NEEDED them. I don’t own  pair of black skinny leg ‘painted denim’ style jeans. And now I do…

Window posing is all the rage in fashion shoots right now

After the shakey classiness of the Tigerlilly purchase these Dotti jeans are welcome return to cheap label denim. And I like the way the socks casually match the jumper. Unintentional I assure you.

So now I have some new denim I am still procastinating over the old denim currently STILL piled up on my bedroom floor.

Piles of denim making me guilty

I have pulled one or two pieces out o the pile (I have no idea why) over the past 6 weeks but really it’s not ben touched sine I dumped it all there after YoD’s party. I need to jam it all into a one of those op shop bins that lurk around the place. But that would mean action on my behalf and right now I’m all about inactivity.

Fashion when nobody’s watching

June 4, 2010

Due to all the demand (one comment) I thought I should refresh the blog.

As it was pointed out to me by many of you from YoD’s massive readership (one comment), do people REALLY want to see an infected zipper tattoo every time they look at the Year of Denim?

However, without the Year of Denim to give my shallow and empty life meaning and purpose I have nothing to say.

So I thought I’d show how bad fashion gets when there’s nobody watching…

Year of Denim: aftermath

No it's not Justin Bieber, just little me proving red and pink really stink even when there's booze to drink

So I got home from work, wet, cold, got changed, read the one hundreds of comment saying how I needed to update the blog and thought 2 things:

1. Show the seam marks embedded in my flesh from my too tight jeans (yes I wore jeans today)

2. It’s been confirmed by a professional (my physiotherapist) that I have no arse. Yes he really said that

From those 2 thoughts I then thought, nah, I’ll photograph what I’m wearing. My arse has now been deemed officially insignificant and will not be seen here again until it’s tattooed, or for some other really, really good reason.

Compare it to what I was wearing  a year ago… It’s hardly height of fashion!

Every day, now with a soundtrack!

May 24, 2010

You asked for it, so here it is.

Every outfit of every day of the Year of Denim now with matching and very appropriate soundtrack.

Special thanks to Marty Rhone’s “Mean Pair of Jeans” slightly butchered.

In case you missed it…

May 19, 2010

If you were feeling nostalgic for the Year of Denim, or you missed it all together THIS is the blog where you get to see very outfit I wore through the year. Well, every outfit that made it on to the blog that is.

Yes, there were  a few choice looks that I didn’t post. You are going to have to imagine what I was wearing in those mystery moments…

The gifts keep coming

May 13, 2010

The Year of Denim is now nearly 2 weeks in the past and sometimes it feels like it never happened at all, apart from the small matter of my daily struggle to NOT wear 3 pieces of denim.

And then something special happens, like today for instance.

A friend from many years ago and I have recently become reacquainted. She said to me a number of times “I have something very special to give you for the Year of Denim”.

I assumed it was some amazing denim wearable thing. But no! It is something way more incredible than that.

It’s this…

Year of Denim: Blue Jean baby

Blue Jean baby definitely make her blue jeans talk, but what are they saying?

Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s incredible! It’s handcrafted denim suit for one of those freaky dolls that drink and wee!

Check out the rear view. It’s almost sexy…

Baby Blue Jean is a little on the gimpy side from behind

Oh yeah! Baby Gimp strapped into a denim playsuit!

Helen McLean you are a true artist. How you could doubt it I do not know!

So even though YoD is over,  denim goes on and on and on…