Day 300!! Tuesday February 23

February 23, 2010

Red hot announcement

Today is my 300th day of denim…
Come join me for some cocktails and light refreshments
From 6pm at The Summit

To quote the website “A venue of international style”

Level 47, 264 George Street, down by Wynyard

300 days of denim… Today it feels like 300 degrees of denim and that’s heat not separation.

One would think I have a special outfit put aside to mark this moment in the Year of Denim. But I don’t. I DO have a sample of choice items yet to appear on YoD. But really, this weather, I’d rather be 100% nude than even contemplate jeans and a jacket.

Here’s hoping that cool change comes through by the time it’s time for me to make my grand denimy appearance at the Summit (did I tell you it rotates?!).

What would be even better is for a huge electrical storm to sweep across Sydney as I am slowly sipping a mock(or cock)-tail around 6.30, acting as a dramatic backdrop to the huge gathering of 3 people keen to celebrate 300 days of denim.

Fingers crossed I get excited with the 200 studs I bought yesterday and get bedazzling for tonight’s outfit.

Here’s what I am wearing in the meantime…

300 days of denim wearing

To mark 300 days of denim I wear same old same old

Top: Ivy chambre vest, the lightest one I own

Bottom: Junk cut-offs cos they were hanging off the end of the bed

Accessory: Denim birkies

Spinning evening update

I’ve been, I’ve spun, I saw Sydney slowly revealing herself beneath me. And of course my camera battery crapped out before I got  a chance to photograph myself AT The Summit.

Luckily I took a quick snap as I was preparing myself in the bedroom…

Me, my boobs and my stomach prepare for an outting

Top: First time even on YoD ‘Burcul’ brand ( Ihave no idea where it’s from, old or new, vintage or made in China) bolero style denim jacket with bonus plummeting neckline and extra bonus gut reveal. I ended up wearing a t-shirt underneath for modesty on the train and it was so cold at The Summit (it’s always cold at the top) I left it on

Bottom: A bolero top matched with my thick waist requires a high pant. So it was a toss up between the Dragstar high waisted flares and these Landlubbers. The Landlubbers won because I can get the button done up

Accessory 1: Denim wedgies. I cheated here too and wore thongs to Australia Square, changing into the wedgies at … The Summit. And didn’t my thongs look tawdry poking out the top of my bag

Accessory 2: Denim bustier style handbag, from the fashion House of Trix. Isn’t it awesome? Have a close up…

Bustier bag, back and front. Ace!

And yes, I really did make it to The Summit. Here’s un-Photoshopped proof…

Look carefully to see the bridge, the big boat and the Opera House

The Summit's glamorous interior, with YoD guests in mid table move

It was an intimate group of denim lovers who came together at The Summit for some canapes. I started with mock then moved to a cock-tail. Sydney wasn’t really at it’s best as the sun was cunningly concealed by a drab grey cloud cover, and we didn’t really witness any stunning sunset action or eletrcial storm light show.

However, I still love the Summit, even though at first I thought I wwas going to be cock/mocktailing (sorry I can’t stop saying and writing mock cocktail) on my own.

Special thanks to the select group who made the effort to climb to the 47th floor to help me mark 300 days of denim.