Fashion when nobody’s watching

June 4, 2010

Due to all the demand (one comment) I thought I should refresh the blog.

As it was pointed out to me by many of you from YoD’s massive readership (one comment), do people REALLY want to see an infected zipper tattoo every time they look at the Year of Denim?

However, without the Year of Denim to give my shallow and empty life meaning and purpose I have nothing to say.

So I thought I’d show how bad fashion gets when there’s nobody watching…

Year of Denim: aftermath

No it's not Justin Bieber, just little me proving red and pink really stink even when there's booze to drink

So I got home from work, wet, cold, got changed, read the one hundreds of comment saying how I needed to update the blog and thought 2 things:

1. Show the seam marks embedded in my flesh from my too tight jeans (yes I wore jeans today)

2. It’s been confirmed by a professional (my physiotherapist) that I have no arse. Yes he really said that

From those 2 thoughts I then thought, nah, I’ll photograph what I’m wearing. My arse has now been deemed officially insignificant and will not be seen here again until it’s tattooed, or for some other really, really good reason.

Compare it to what I was wearing¬† a year ago… It’s hardly height of fashion!


Day 366: Thurday 29 April

April 29, 2010

YoD Picture Special

I’m back from the beach (glorious) and ready to up-date the second last day of the Year of Denim.

I have decided to wear all those clothes I DIDN’T wear through the year for various reasons. So here we go…

Baby beach hat + skirt. Why did I never wear these? Don't know, although the hat makes me look like a pinhead

I was hopeful when I bought these long legged, high waisted 70s jeans

They fit like a dream except in one crucial area...

I can't get close to doing them up

I have no idea why I never wore these super comfy high waisted, pleated, narrow ankled jeans. They are lovely and flattering

These jeans never made it into daily useage on YoD. I think the animal print details might have had something to do with that

Shirt over sized, white denim quite under sized

Cute cap but super hot, too tight shirt, way too big Fletcher Jeans all add up to quite a combination

Yowsah! Cute shorty black dungarees. Nothing wrong with these! Or is there...

Nothing wrong except a severe case of camel toe

Mum found this nice denim detailed jumper... in the middle of summer and even now it's still too hot to wear

And this is what I am wearing out and about today

Top: JeansWest lightweight denim jacket, pretend old style

Bottom: JJ’s jeans, shows off my package nicely

Accessories: Some items that never made it onto the blog cos’ I forgot to photograph them. On the right I am holding a gigantic denim print pencil case. Thanks Mum. And on the left is a lovely address book/pen/key ring gift set courtesy of AK. And o my head is that tiny beach hat gifted by my Auntie Cath

Early blog entry…

I CANNOT believe what a snobby place Sydney is.

I went to 4 bars last night, yes FOUR! And not a single one of them would or COULD serve me a blue cocktail of ANY description. One bar tender was down right hostile when I asked if I could have a blue drink.

So there has been, nor will there be, any blue cocktail taste test prior to Saturday night’s celebration of the end of The Year of Denim. In the poll so far its neck and neck between the non blue Bosom Caresser and the most definitely blue Blue Margarita.

So I’m putting the poll in again…. vote for the blue cocktail I should serve on Saturday night…

And I am not putting up a picture just yet as I have a sort of mini extravaganza of sorts planned for later on today. So stay tuned…

Day 347: Sunday 11 April

April 11, 2010

It’s HOT out today, which makes the denim selection that bit much harder. I am also off to my friend Jacqueline Millner’s launch for her book Conceptual Beauty today at Glebe Books so I can’t be too scrappy, although, honestly I do look pretty scrappy. But then denim can both¬† be smart and scrappy, and I hope I fall into the smart scrappy, not crappy scrappy category today…

Rocky scrappy crappy haired style

Top: Supre pre-distressed vest, freshly laundered so the collar is currently not yellow

Bottom: Jay Jay’s skinny Jeans also pre distressed, which takes all the stress out of aging your denim. I also have give this sideways perspective because front-on was simply too bulgy today

Accessory: Lightfoot Studio denim bag, awesome

Day 233: Friday 18 December

December 18, 2009

I am such a whore.

Every week the YoD blog entry that is the most popular is the “Am I too fat for skinny jeans” entry in June, see it here…

More than half the weekly visits are to that day. So today I am chasing that readership.

In order to give the people who are into the whole chubby girl tight jeans thing what they need, I have worn the second tightest pair of jeans currently in YoD’s stock. The tightest pair are just too damn crushing for a day in the office, and not emotionally.

In order to give you some insight into the miracle of photography I am putting up 2 versions of today’s entry. There are 2 reasons for that. One is to show the tight jeans off to their best advantage.

The other is that earlier this week I received another awesome denim care package, and I want to display part of the contents here today. Yes, ANOTHER care package, unsolicited, from a person I have never met who has amazingly generously hand crafted a vest and a bag to assist in YoD’s final months of denim splendour.

Here’s one for the chubby chasers….

fat girl, tight jeans

Gut busting over denim = plump magic

Compare and contrast with the proper pic for today’s blog…

fat girl skinny jeans

Glamour pose cunningly conceals muffin

Top: The first of 2 new items to grace YoD’s pages, Asphalt band made in the USA shiny denim jacket

Bottom: Oh so tight Sportsgirl jeans, every breath is felt, every mouthful of food visible

Accessory 1: From the Lightfoot studio, amazing denim bag with nasty cat screen print. Oh so NOW

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots, yeah yeah, we’ve seen it all before

And just a quick reminder that YoD’s Xmas Xtravaganza launches this evening from 7pm, 28 Leofrene Ave, Marrickville.

You’ll know it when you see it, even in the rain…

Day 195: Tuesday 10 November

November 10, 2009

It’s a beautiful early morning. Still, clean, clear, sunny.

I wish I was going to the beach rather than work, because of course then I could wear my denim bikini rather than the full length office attire warm-enough-to-stop-frostbite-in-the-chill-of-air-conditioning outfit that I AM wearing.

Let me make a pre-emptive apology this morning to my work colleagues.

My apologies if you happen to catch a glimpse of my coin slot, or as I like to call it, the crack of intellect.

Today’s jeans ride low and the t-shirt tides a bit high. There could be glimpses and I don’t mean of the ocean. So sorry in advance, but what’s a girl to do? There are rules to this denim thing and I’m simply following them.


Still life with green curtain

Top: Not worn for a while Ladakh pin striped jacket. I just noticed there’s a staple keeping the label on. Classy

Bottom: Sportsgirl denim snugfit low riders. Crack alert

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag with fluoro decals, carrying my tax



Day 172: Sunday 18 October

October 18, 2009

This is denim skirt wearing weather for sure.

When you read the words ‘denim skirt’ no doubt you think of an eensy little denim mini, perhaps made from a pair of jeans with the legs cut off.

Or perhaps you think of that quality Australian fashion label big in the eighties, Jag. Maybe your mind wanders to a skirt with just a smidgen more length. A skirt that perhaps reaches the knees, or even beyond.

When you read the words ‘denim skirt’ is the image conjured in your mind anything like the picture for today’s blog?

Jag denim skirt to the MAX!

Jag denim skirt to the MAX!

Now THAT’S a skirt… A denim MAXI length skirt.

I hear a whisper ‘But what about the bag?’ Oh the bag? You mean this DENIM CHANEL handbag?

Who ever knew Chanel came in denim?

Who ever knew Chanel came in denim?

Today’s special skirt and bag combo are recent donations and loans from Year of Denim readers. What can I say? Thanks just isn’t enough, because I ADORE both these items. Somehow, someday I’ll repay you my Special Southern Highlands fashion advisor. I don’t know how but it WILL happen!

And Netty! That bag is so spectacularly denim, and label queeny. I wish it were mine forever, but I know it’s so beautiful it must be leaving a gaping hole in your wardrobe. It’s only mine for a little while. I’m going to treat it right in the short time it’s in my possession, don’t you worry.

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket, adorably fake vintage

Bottom: Skirtus maximus. The most incredible Jag denim maxi skirt of all time

Accessory 1: Denim Chanel bag on loan all the way from Melbourne.

Accessory 2: Denim corky platforms, a bargain at $1

Day 171: Saturday 17 October

October 17, 2009

Yesterday was gardening, today is cleaning. A woman’s work is seriously NEVER done! I hate cleaning as you can tell from today’s picture. Oh well, better get on with it. The house won’t clean itself, as I well know. It’s still covered in red dust from the storm weeks ago.


Tribal knick knacks get a light dusting

Tribal knick knacks get a light dusting

Top: MSK denim vest, good work wear

Bottom: Miss Sixty super snug three quarter jeans

Aceessory: Denim Birkies