Denim beginnings

March 31, 2009

From April 30, 2009 my aim is to wear denim every day for a year.

By denim I mean everything from the definition of denim fabric…. (You can read all about it on Wikipedia if you’re really keen: Denim) to fabric that emulates the look of denim… like this beautiful faux denim patchwork suit found on Digital Vintage.
Yours for a snap at only US$60!!

faux patchwork denim

faux patchwork denim







Every day I’ll post a picture of my outfit and give a description proving it’s denim-ness.
And by wearing denim I mean a denim bottom, a denim top and at least 1 denim accessory.
It’s gunna be tricky.
I better get on that internet web thing to look for clothes.
Like this incredible stroke of genius…
the bikini jean!!


Update: Monday 20, April

Music to wear denim too…
With my Year of Denim about to begin I have decided to do karaoke on my birthday.
And that naturally led me to thinking what song(s) can I sing that are about denim, mention denim or have denim in the title.
Of course I can’t go past the little Aussie ripper by local legend Marty Rhone…

Marty Rhone's Denim & Lace

Marty Rhone's Denim & Lace

If anyone out there has suggestions?
Let me know.








Latest update: Friday 24th April 2009

It’s hard to believe,as gorgeous as I am, that I was just a little too beautiful to squeeze into this sumptuous jumpsuit at the local St vincent de Pauls.
Maybe I should go on an all denim diet too!jumpsuit